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A bordo del Beagle: a game about the evolution of species

I am making a videogame about the Charles Darwin's journey through South America and the Pacific Ocean, where he found his inspiration to create the theory of evolution. It is a turn-based game based on Pokemon and influenced by A link to the past.

Andrés Pinto Negreira

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Hello. I am making a videogame about the Charles Darwin's journey through South America and the Pacific Ocean, where he found his inspiration to create the theory of evolution. It is a turn-based game based on Pokemon and influenced by A link to the past.

It will be available for Windows, OS X and Linux. It will be free and you will be able to download it from the game's website.

I need 650 € (700 $) to complete my game. The development of a videogame is a hard work. This money will allow me to dedicate more time to the game during the next four months.

If I would obtain 800 € (874 $) I would create a special level: The island of doctor Moreau.

Demo and image gallery


Image galery


Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace attempt to prove the hypothesis of natural selection in the Royal Society. William Buckland and his followers reject this hypothesis. Darwin travels around the world looking for evidences that demonstrate the evolution. Along his way he meets Buckland's followers and a band of pirates.


Each time Darwin meets an opponent he fights in a turn-based combat with animals. Combat system is based on Pokemon. Darwin fights against wild animals too.

Fossils which are scattered all over the game are important evidences of the evolution of species.

In A bordo del Beagle each new species and fossil you discover gives you knowledge points. There are 100 species and 100 fossils. There are a total of 1,000 knowledge points in the game.

You need ten knowledge points to obtain a new Scientific conclusion. There are 100 conclusions (100 conclusions x 10 points = 1,000 points). Each conclusion is a short text explaining some aspect of the evolution theory.

The purpose is to prove the theory of evolution by natural selection. For this Darwin presents the results of his investigation in the Royal Society and debate with Buckland, his rival. You need the scientific conclusions to convince naturalists that living creatures evolve by natural selection.


Main levels relate the game's story. Extra levels relate short stories which have no relation with the main story. The six extra levels are reserved for backers who want to design his own level.

1.- London

2.- Canary Islands

3.- Cape Verde Islands

4.- Río de Janeiro

5.- Uruguay

6.- Buenos Aires

7.- Patagonia

8.- Falkland Islands

9.- Tierra del Fuego

10.- Chile

11.- Perú

12.- Galápagos Islands

13.- Australia

14.- Madagascar

15.- 1º extra level

16.- 2º extra level

17.- 3º extra level

18.- 4º extra level

19.- 5º extra level

20.- 6º extra level

The island of doctor Moreau

If I would obtain 800 € (874 $) I would create a level where the Beagle sinks and Darwin arrives at the island of doctor Moreau. There he faces up to beast-men and witness awful vivisection experiments.

In this level you must obtain many knowledge points in order to survive and return to civilization. Here Darwin does not fight for the science, he fights for his survival.


Main characters are Charles Darwin, Robert Fitz Roy, Robert McCormick, Alfred Russel Wallace, William Buckland and Olivier Misson.


Darwin is accompanied by four musical compositions creted by Raúl Palazón Arroyo.

About me

My name is Andrés Pinto Negreira. A bordo del Beagle is my first game. I began to develop it at the end of 2014 and now is a real game you can play. I have learned a lot during the last year.

One of my favourite games is A link to the past, the game that inspired me when I created the levels and characters for A bordo del Beagle. Other of my favourite games is Ages of Empires. I would like very much to develop a real time strategy game, but it is too dificult for me.


Game development: 510 € (552 $)

Taxes and fees: 80 € (86 $)

Rewards: 60 € (65 $)

TOTAL: 650 € (700 $)


In March, at the end of this crowdfunding campaign, I will deliver tortoise figures and wallpapers. I will complete the game in June, and then I will deliver digital copies of the special edition “Extinct animals” to backers. Beta tests will be done from March to June.

You will be able to download standard edition free of charge from the game's website. Two versions of the game (standard and special) will include the levels and characters designed by backers.

1.- Campaign begining: February

2.- Campaign ending: March

3.- Figures and wallpapers delivery: March

4.- Closed beta testing: March - June

5.- Special edition delivery: June


Each reward includes all previous rewards. For example, if you contribute 20 € your rewards will be: character design, beta testing, the special edition “Extinct animals“ (digital copy), three desktop wallpapers and your name in the credits.

5 € (5,40 $) - You will appear in the game credits

I will send you three desktop wallpapers and a message of gratitude. You will appear in the game credits.

Delivery: March 2016

10 € (10,80 $) - Special edition “Extinct animals” (digital copy)

You will receive all previous rewards and... special edition “Extinct animals”. Special edition includes three exclusive levels inhabited by thirty species which is impossible to find in the standard version of the game, because this species are extinct.

The special edition “Extinct animals” is exclusive for backers. The standard version of the game will be free and you will be able to download it from the game's website. The special edition will not be available any more after the ending of this crowdfunding campaign, and therefore you will not be able to obtain the thirty extinct species. All of them will be really extinct!

I will not produce fisical copies of A bordo del Beagle. All copies will be digital.

Delivery: June 2016

15 € (16,20 $) - Beta tester

You will receive all previous rewards and... you will test the beta version of the game. Really there will be twenty betas, one per each level. Every time I complete a level I will send beta testers the corresponding beta. All you have to do is explore the game looking for bugs and tell me if you find something wrong.

Delivery: March - June 2016

20 € (21,70 $) - Character design

You will receive all previous rewards and... you will design your own character! You will choose his name, his look, the story of his life and his lines of dialogue. Your character must be a person and can not have supernatural powers (this is a scientific game). Your character can not be an animal nor a fantastic creature.

Delivery: June 2016

30 € (32,50 $) - Level design

You will receive all previous rewards and... you will design your own level! You will choose the name of the place, where in the world is this place, the level map, the characters and a short story.

Delivery: June 2016

40 € (43,30 $) - Giant tortoise figure

You will receive all previous rewards and... a hand painted plastic figure of a Geochelone gigantea giant tortoise (Schleich ref. 14601). It is not very large, you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

Delivery: March 2016


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#18 / Despedida

Hoy termina la campaña de financiación con 150 € recaudados, de un total de 650 €. Aunque no haya conseguido la financiación he aprendido mucho. He conseguido que varias publicaciones difundan la nota de prensa.

Agradezco el apoyo de los nueve mecenas que han querido ayudarme a terminar A bordo del Beagle. Continuaré el desarrollo aunque no haya conseguido la financiación. El juego será más pequeño y sencillo, y tardaré más en terminarlo, pero no me rindo.

Las primeras demos programadas con Java producen un molesto parpadeo en Linux, no responden bien a las acciones del usuario en Mac y no se pueden grabar en vídeo ni poner a pantalla completa. Con estas limitaciones no es sorprendente que no haya conseguido la financiación. Puede que el proyecto no estuviera lo banstante avanzado para presentarlo en público.

Después de… read more

#14 / No puedo grabar el vídeo

Esta campaña tiene un gran defecto, que no incluye un vídeo que enseñe cómo es el juego. No puedo grabar vídeos de la demo por un error de programación. Espero corregir este problema en la próxima demo.

#12 / ¡He llegado a 150 €! / 150 € goal achieved!

Hoy he llegado a 150 € (23%). Es casi la cuarta parte del objetivo de recaudación. Ya debería haber recaudado por lo menos 325 €, que es el doble de lo que tengo, pero aún hay esperanza.

Si conoces a alguien que pueda estar interesado hablale del juego. Cuanta más gente lo conozca más fácil será financiarlo. El lunes fue publicado otro artículo sobre el juego, esta vez en la revista DeVuego: http://devuego.es/blog/?p=7510


Today I raised 150 € (23%). It is nearly a quarter of the funding target. Today I should have 325 €, which is twice the amount I have raised, but there is still hope.

#11 / 18 % conseguido / 18 % goal achieved

Hoy he llegado al 18,5 % del objetivo de recaudación (120 €). Parece que hay interés en el proyecto, pero me cuesta darlo a conocer. Pienso terminar el juego aunque no consiga los 650 €. La pega es que tardaría mucho más tiempo y puede que hiciera menos niveles.


Today I raised 18.5 % of the funding target (120 €). It seems to me that there is interest in the project, but it is hard for me to make it known. I will finish the game even though I don't achieve the funding target, but it would take much longer, and perhaps I would not include all the 20 levels.

#10 / Demo en inglés / English version

Acabo de publicar la versión inglesa de la demo 0.4 “Primeros pasos”. Ya se puede jugar tanto en inglés como en español.

Demo en español
Demo en inglés

También he corregido un error de programación. El juego se atascaba al entrar en uno de los menús, pero ya funciona bien.


The English version of the demo 0.4 “First steps” is now available for download. The demo is fully translated into English.

English version
Spanish version

#08 / ¡14% conseguido! / 14% goal achieved!

Hoy he alcanzado el 14,6% del objetivo de recaudación (95 €). La media diaria de recaudación es de 13.60 €/día. El número de visitas ha aumentado respecto a los días anteriores, pero todavía no es suficiente.


Today I raised 14.6% of the funding target (95 €). The daily average is 13.60 €/day. There has been an increase in the number of page views, but this is still not enough.

#07 / Promoción / advertising

Llevo tres días sin recibir nuevas aportaciones porque la página de proyecto recibe pocas visitas. Creo que conseguiré más visitas para este fin de semana.


I have not received any contributions during the last three days because the project page have received few visits. I think I will receive more attention this weekend.

#06 / A bordo del Beagle en la prensa

Varias revistas especializadas han escrito sobre A bordo del Beagle informando sobre el juego y la campaña de financiación en Verkami.

Nivel Oculto publicó una breve reseña a finales de diciembre.

Abandon Pixel publicó una reseña a mediados de enero y ha informado del comienzo de la campaña en Verkami.

Gamedustria también ha informado del comienzo de la campaña.

Presura publica un artículo sobre A bordo del Beagle en su número XI.

#05 / ¡10% conseguido! / 10% goal achieved!

Hoy he alcanzado el 10,8% del objetivo de recaudación. La media diaria de recaudación es de 17,50 €/día. De seguir así la campaña será un éxito.

Todavía no he traducido la demo al inglés. Lo haré a lo largo de la semana.


Today I raised 10.8% of the funding target. The daily average is 17.50 €/day. If this trend continues the campaign will be a success.

I will translate the demo into English throughout the week.

#04 / He conseguido 50 €

Hoy he llegado a 50 € (7,7%). Esta mañada me di cuenta de que en la demo era muy difícil capturar a los animales. He ajustado el algoritmo de captura para que se dejen capturar con más facilidad.


I have already raised 50 € (7.7%). This morning I realised there was very difficult to catch the animals in the demo. I have adjusted the catch algorithm so it is easier to catch them.

#03 / Demo 0.4 “Primeros pasos”

Hoy he terminado la demo 0.4 “Primeros pasos”. Es mucho mejor que las demos anteriores porque tiene música, fósiles, puntos de conocimiento y conclusiones científicas. Es la primera demo con música y el sistema de juego completo.

Ayer descubrí que la música no sonaba por un error de programación. Afortunadamente ya lo he resuelto y suena bien. Puedes descargar la demo desde el blog del juego.


I have released today the Spanish version of demo 0.4 “Firs steps”. I will translate it into English, but I don't know how much time I will need to complete the translation.

#02 / Primer día / first day

Hoy he conseguido el 6% del objetivo de recaudación (40 € de 650 €). Es un buen comienzo. También he publicado la demo 0.4 “Primeros pasos” en español. Tardaré un par de días más en terminar la demo en inglés.

Today I raised 6% of the funding target. it's a good start. I have released demo 0.4 “First steps”, in Spanish. I will release the English version of the demo soon.

#01 / ¡Empezamos!

Empiezo esta campaña después de un año de desarrollo. El juego ya funciona, pero aún me queda mucho por hacer. Seguiré publicando nuevas demos a lo largo de la campaña, con nuevos contenidos y mejoras en el sistema de combate.

Espero que disculpéis mi torpeza. Han aparecido errores importantes en algunas demos, no siempre he cumplido la fecha de publicación anunciada, y todavía no he publicado ningún vídeo. Aprendo sobre la marcha porque es la primera vez que hago esto.

Tengo mucha ilusión y ganas de terminarlo. Lo único que me falta es un poco de dinero para poder decicarle tiempo y terminarlo esta primavera.

¡La aventura de Darwin acaba de comenzar!

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