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¡¡Sovengar Metal March!!

We are Sovengar, an Epic heavy metal band. We have a first disc called "Vindicta et Gloria" and now we need your help to finish our second disc and film our fourth videoclip. We show you with it our second job complete at all.


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Who we are:

We are Sovengar an Epic heavy metal band borned of the ilusion and sacrifice that carry the heavy metal world in this darknest ages, we have our first disc called Vindicta et Gloria and an extensed tour around all the nation.

You can to recognize us about our wearings, the pasion that we put in sceneary and the emotion of still playing our own music. We have created this proyect to finish our second disc. After the launch of our demo we need our help to finish it and film an amazing videoclip that you will can enjoy so much and feel the viking spirit.

Cover EP Warlords of Metal

Why we choose this proyect:

After the launch of our demo we need our help to all of you. It´s to expensive to make a CD,recording,production, promotion, merchandising, prepare a presentation tour,etc. We need your colaboration to finish the second disc and make our fourth videoclip, that you will enjoy so much like us.

It will help a lot that everybody participate and share this proyect, and then, you can enjoy our music.

Portada Vindicta Et Gloria

What we use yours contributions

The biggest past it will be for pay all the expenses that cost our second disc. The other part it will be to film our fourth videoclip. It will cost so much and we need to can make our presentation tour of*Metal March* with news.

About rewards

As you can see there are a lot of rewards. From the cheapest like anticipated downloads to the*Pack King* that it has our first disc, Vindicta et Gloria to our second disc, Metal March. Then, there are so many rewards of a high price. With them you´ll can enjoy our first concert that we made of your area.

The last reward is a contratation for a electric concert y and some articles of merchandising. If you want to give this reward, contact with us and we make the conditions.

At last, every single collaborator to our campaing will be apears in our fourth videoclip credits.

Sovengar T-shirt:

Sovengar picks:

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are incluyed within the peninsula. For another destiny like can be(Canarias, Baleares or the rest of Europe), the shipping costs will be by the recipient, we will be in contact with us to comunicate you the exact price.


The disc will be apears in March of 2016 and the rewards we will send them aproximatly a mounth from the finish of financing with the anticipated disc to the people that help us.

Contact us:

Facebook Oficial
Official Web
Twitter Oficial
Instagram Oficial

Sovengar videos:

Listen us ¡¡We are Sovengar!!

Videoclip: Sovengar Song
Videpclip: Call to the Battle

Sovengar - Sons of Thor

Listen us through Bandcamp:


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  1. Raise your Sword

  2. Sons of Thor

  3. Warlords of Metal

  4. Immortal Warriors

  5. We're the Gods of Metal

  6. Divine Beast

  7. Eternal Destiny

  8. Hammer of the Gods

  9. Final Victory

  10. Metal March

  11. You are Metal

  12. Call to the Battle II

  13. Fight or Die II

  14. Battle of Asgard II


Ahora podéis aprovecharos y elegir entre una amplia variedad de recompensas para ayudarnos a conseguir el proyecto!! como el PACKBERSERKER que incluye un cuerno vikingo, camiseta de Sovengar, Cd Metal March una púa y una camiseta!! y ahora tenéis la oportunidad de llevaros una guitarra jackson edición Sovengar y más cosicas!! aprovechad!!

#01 / Púas Sovengar

Nuevos tipos de recompensas. Tenéis la oportunidad de ayudarnos y recibir el single de nuestro próximo disco y un pack de nuestros nuevos modelos de púas y también tenéis la oportunidad de recibir esta nueva recompensa donde incluimos el CD METAL MARCH, camiseta de Sovengar y el Pack de Sovengar!

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