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These are a few of my favorite songs

Double Bass and Voice! Recording 2 original songs and some of my favorite ones (maybe yours as well) arranged for this special set. Only 2 instruments that create ambiance, sound layers, percussion, noise and silence. Only with your help i’ll be able to create this beautiful project. Thank you!

Jorge da Rocha

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Recording my first solo album

Hello, my name is Jorge da Rocha, I am a Portuguese musician living in Barcelona where I play with different music groups. I am a bass player and little by little i'm singing and researching with looping. Now is the time to start a solo project!

With this crowdfunding I hope to raise enough funds for recording in studio (Whatabout Music), mixing, mastering, for artwork design and cd copies!

It will mostly be a cover album of some of my own favorite songs (and maybe yours as well). It will also include two originals songs created while I was working and researching on it. The album will only include the bass and voice... It is possible to hear other elements such as sounds, percussion, harmony and melody but above all, I want to preserve and explore this unusual set, including only two instruments.


The album can be seen as a research of new techniques of playing this very special instrument, and the discovery of another one completely new to me, the voice. A curious blend of styles and versions from Bob Marley to Bjork or Radiohead, from Massive Attack to White Stripes.

A personal research with many paths but with the same old destination: the heart and soul of the listener!

How can you help?

With your contribution I will be able to accomplish my dream and start a different project. It’s an unusual set (voice and bass) but that’s why it has a special value. I am asking 2.222 euros. It is probable that I will need a bigger amount but it sounded to be the most interesting and number closest to the value that I need to accomplish it. I would love to overcome this amount, and if with your help I do it, I will invest it on a video and a few more hours on the studio. I feel like I will need more time to research the different possibilities of sound and I would like to do it without any rush, looking for the best possible creative techniques for recording.

Your rewards

Besides my appreciation, I have a few rewards for your contribution. Don’t see it at as a simple donation, you are acquiring a product and you become an important part of the whole process! Without your support I won’t be able to accomplish it.

A download of the album, a physical copy of it with a special thanks signed just for you and your friends/family, concerts invitations, music lessons (instrument, combo, jam, loop), or even a concert at your house, even your favorite song played by me and a “tapas” hangout and a jam in Barcelona...


This whole story started a while ago. It’s an ongoing research, but now it is time to take action. New year, new project! :)

On 25 of January I’ll be recording in studio. If everything goes well, on 5 of February recordings should be finished. If everything goes even better then what I expected, then I’ll stay a couple more days, which means we overcame our 2.222!

Then it will be time to master the album and doing the copies. Everything should be finished by 22 of March, when I will finish this whole process with a presentation concert at Barcelona, where I hope to see you and personally deliver the album and thank you.

More Information

If you would like to know more about me or other projects of mine, you can visit my web page

You can also visit my Facebook page and give it a like

If you want to watch some of my videos, you can visit my YouTube channel where you will be able to subscribe and be one of the very first to hear about my projects!

I can only express my thanks for your interest and support! Feel free to share this crowdfunding with someone you would like and help me accomplish this dream.

Kisses, hugs and I hope to see you soon!

Jorge da Rocha


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