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Typographic Expression, a collaborative book.

Typographic Expression is a colective realization's project, where we will print a book with letterpress; nowadays considered as an artisan tecnic.


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Five decades ago, my grand-father Emilio started up the printing office Gráficas Marvel in Alcalá la Real, in the south of Spain. At the beginning it was a rustic serigraph workshop, but then it grew up to be a humble typography workshop, and later it started to be an offset printing. Twenty years ago, my father took the relief, and he added the digital printing.

All this time, Gráficas Marvel story has been connected with the new technologies development. However the first computer that came into the atelier facilitated the printing process, the same modernization has lowered the workload these days, making the task of printing less and less necessary (home printers, eBook ...).

Why do I come here telling you all this?

Because I am the third generation, with the label of Oficina Tipográfica Marvel.

And as first big project, I am going to print a book in letterpress, reviving my grandfather's way of printing.

Because that, I need your help.

Nowadays, new technologies offer many possibilities, but I want to bet on typography quality.

Typography is the movable-type printing press that was revolutionary in the Middle Ages with Gutenberg, who wasn't the inventor (against what we have always listened).

In this process, the computer is off. The agility of the fingers is demonstrated in the handling of letters, which are standing one by one to have the text that we want to express.

Typography can give added value impressions based on the senses. "Typographic expression" is not only a book to read; you can also smell it, feel with your fingers leave marks that letters leave on paper, will be rotated between hands with the curiosity of how it was done.

This book will be created thanks to the collaboration of more people.

This collaboration is organized on three levels:

  1. Artistic-literary Collaboration.

All books, whatever the kind, need something very important: the content.

We have opened, in our website, a micro-story, micro-poetry and micro-illustration contest. We have already 35 collaborations from 7 different countries.

We are still wondering, and because we want to give an opportunity for patrons who want to participate, we will reopen the contest.

The deadline for receipt of works coincide with the date of completion of patronage. We do not mark the limit of jobs that will come into the book, according to the success of this project, we will have to make a selection or can include all of them. Thus, anyone who ever wanted to see one of his works in a book, have a great opportunity.

Are you interested? Look at the contest rules.

  1. Economic Collaboration.

The lack of economic resources when trying to get an objective is something usual at the beginning. But do not need to panic, with this crowfunding we will get the fund and the book will come out.

  1. Technical Collaboration.

Letterpress entail handmade work and needs its own time, but if we also think that in the atelier we do not have many mechanical resources that means a lot of work. Because of that, we'll open the workshop doors to everyone who wants to learn how it is the process of printing a typographic book, and for those who want give a helping hand. Doors are also opened to those who know and want to teach. This is the start and, even if I have grown up between paper and ink, I still have many things to learn.
Here we will inform you the process steps and the dates for organize the collaborative hands.

What do you say, do you collaborate?

The objective of 1.300€ is the minimum budget to cover the cost of printing 250 books with 35 collaborations inside. We want to use a high quality paper, with the maximum amount of recylced fibers in combination with natural cotton fibers.

  • 25% for materials for the edition of Expresión Tipográfica.

  • 27% for materials and national delivery costs of the rewards.

  • 34% for management fees and taxes.

  • 14% for contingencies.

Our second ideal objective is 2.000€

With this money we will increase the number of books and also the collaborations inside.

NEW: With the 3€ collaboration, I will give you three numbers for the draw of a deLUXE Pack, valued at 160€, with all the rewards.

It is clear that one of the rewards will be Expresión Tipográfica, the book.

But also, we are making new bookmarks, cards and notebooks printed with letterpress, with an original design for the occasion.

We will also make t-shirts and totebags in serigraph, also with original designs.

We are still designing the different rewards, but we will keep you update with images from the process.

Some of the things that we have done until now are...

All rewards include free delivery costs within Spain. If you prefer that we send your reward abroad, you should also take the International Delivery Reward.

If you want and can take your reward during the presentation party, you will have an extra surprise in exchange for saving us the delivery costs.

Once we have the security of overcoming the first objective, we will start to prepare the typographic mold.

We think that the book could be finished in one month, but it all depends of the technical collaboration that we will have.

We are afraid the book will not be ready for Christmas. Anyway, we can give you a gift certificate meanwhile.

You can visit our website and find us in facebook.

Collaborate and, if you like the idea, spread among your friends.

More people, more fun.


Bea Lizana for [xperimentando.com](http://www.xperimentando.com/)

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  • Oficina Tipográfica Marvel

    Oficina Tipográfica Marvel

    about 8 years

    Buenos días, de acuerdo con tu propuesta acabo de colgar un post en el blog del proyecto donde podéis ver cómo va el proceso de impresión del libro.

    Procuraré colgar las novedades a la misma vez que actualizo las otras redes para que no os lo perdáis :)

  • webposible


    about 8 years

    Buenos días.

    Me gustaría saber cómo va el proyecto, y también que publiquéis las novedades correspondientes dentro de verkami. Eso de mirar en un blog externo para saber qué se está haciendo, no me parece la mejor idea ;)

  • webposible


    about 8 years

    Hola muy buenas. Cómo va el proyecto, ¿alguna novedad que comentar?

    Espero que sí :)

    Desde el 1 de febrero no tenemos ninguna noticia, y creo que es bueno que vayamos sabiendo qué tal va todo. Un correo cada semana o dos semanas se agradecería ;)

#03 / Presentación libro "Expresión Tipográfica"

Hola a todos los mecenas de "Expresión Tipográfica".

Como algunos sabéis, esta aventura tipográfica está a punto de terminar, y la próxima semana empezaré a realizar los envíos.

Por lo pronto, os quiero invitar, a los que podáis venir, a la presentación que realizaré este próximo sábado día 28 de mayo. Ésta será en el Café-Bar Casablanca, en Alcalá la Real, a las 18.30 de la tarde. Si sois futboleros, no tenéis escusa, para cuando empiece el partido de la final de la Champions ya habremos terminado. ;)

Allí repartiré las recompensas que correspondan.

Para los que no podéis venir, agradeceros vuestra aportación. Pronto tendréis vuestras recompensas en casa.

Al final, he decidido que los gastos de envío corren por mi cuenta, tanto para los envíos nacionales como para los internacionales. Estamos que tiramos la casa por la ventana!

Y para ir abriendo boca, os dejo en primicia la portada de "Expresión Tipográfica", recién salida de la máquina.

Hi everyone,

read more

#02 / Estamos trabajando.

Buenos días,

lo primero de todo, me gustaría disculparme por la ausencia on-line.

Desde principios de febrero estoy liada con la impresión del libro, el cual se está atrasando un poco más de lo que esperaba, pues es un trabajo lento y del cual estoy aprendiendo mucho. Pero no paramos.

Para que veáis parte del proceso en el que estamos, os incluyo una serie de fotos, con los amigos que se están acercando al taller para aprender cómo va eso de la impresión tipográfica.

¡Gracias por la paciencia!

#01 / Expresión Tipográfica sigue en movimiento.

Buenos días a todos los mecenas de Expresión Tipográfica.

Lo primero de todo es agradeceros vuestra aportación y seguimiento de este proyecto.

Hemos empezado el año con energía y los medios de comunicación locales han hecho eco. Os dejo los link para que accedáis a estas noticias:

También os recuerdo que estamos en la segunda mitad de la campaña.

La difusión sigue siendo lo más importante y me gustaría que me ayudárais.

26 personas pueden llegar a más gente que una sola.

Si no sabes muy bien como hacerlo, aquí he preparado algunas sugerencias.

Seguimos en contacto, y de nuevo: muchas gracias muchas. :)

Tara Vega.

Oficina Tipográfica Marvel.

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