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LA RIMA. HipHopFest Feminist Anti-racist

The 10th and 11th of october we'll make Noubarris (bcn) vibrate to the rhythm of boom clap. Sliding scale price (Give-what-you-can) ito entry: accessible to whoever that wants to come in, not only to the ones who can afford it.

La Rima Hip Hop Fest

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The festival

We are organizing a feminist and antiracist hiphop festival on the 10th and 11 of October, we want it as an intergalactic and intergenerational meeting of our creativities, where each one of us can express themself as they want and where we can enrich us from our diferencies

We are preparing skate, graffitis, stencil, videos, break, parkour, rhyme, writings, bikes tattos… workshops, and also a lot of live concerts of womyn, lesbians, and trans in all over the galaxy as:

Two intense days to enjoy and learn together in a neighborhood of Barcelona, Nou Barris, where there are many people creating networks and big projects for now years, and where we want to support the voices that rise against sexism and racism

Camisetas del festival

We will focus into two big axes that are feminism and anti-racism because we make the hiphop as a tool to combat oppression and power relationship and a way to shout our rage, our solidarity, our rebellion and above all to enjoy.

We all will create between us a space to exchange good energy .

Who are we?

We are a group of people and collectives, that want to give visibility and to answer what we are tired of: racist and sexist violence.

This violence grows in our neighborhoods and multiplies it with the increase of femicides, unwanted teenage pregnancies, poverty and all of that are particularly suffered by women; over-exploitation and lack of rights of migrants, political ofcontrol and criminalization helps to break solidarity and a myriad of reasons put us alert on the urgency of sharing tools and ideas to transform our reality.

The weapon of criticism can be varied, as ourselves. Our feminism comes from different stories and various struggles. So we are mestizo, disobedient, provocative, rebels, anti-colonial, foolish and crazy. We want to contribute to the culture of freedom and emancipation . We are committed to social change that is built from the base, collectively, and between all of us. Because we know that patriarchal capitalism must be destroyed in order to live in freedom.

Why Hip Hop festival with many concerts and workshops?

We want a festival that is a tool not an end, ithat will be intergenerational, feminist and anti-racist.

We believe that Hip Hop through the youngest, can be an instrument to break the generational barriers, subvert racist and sexist stereotypes. The festival is a space for creation and empowerment. The workshops will be the laboratory for sharing experiences, reflections, anger, need and desire to change. Through different languages and rhyme, video, tattoo, stencil, etc. We will tell the story we live and we want to live.

Creating this festival, we all are participating in diverses collectives, and also contributing in differents ways. Different collectives, will make this initiative posible for the diversity of the axes that they work on:

This festival aims to be a tool, a common thread to strengthen ties, join forces, sharing space and tools, and let open spaces for other views, other experiences. Because we want a live city, no street shutting up! Strengthen, disseminate and create tools for solidarity and mutual support.

For what we will destinate your aportations:

Thanks to your contributions, we will make posible the free Price for the entrance, means, that each of you can give according to its possibility. With the Verkami, it won’t be posible to cover all the expenses, but a good part yes.

rental of technical material and technicians of the Ateneu Popular of NouBarris (Saturday) 981,52+taxes=1187,64 €

Rental equipment, infrastructure, food for the skate park (Sunday) € 500

Flights and workshop groups that need it, coming from US via France, Euskal Herria etc € 4000

Workshop materials: sheets of printing inks, stencils, sprays, tattoo ... 500 €

Artwork : posters, shirts, bags, flyers, programs ... 1000 €

And if we overcome the basic objetive:

Not get into debt for the organization :-)


October 10th from 10:00h at the Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris and October 11th from 12:00h at Skate Park of Via Favència.

And the rewards will be given the same weekend except the CD of the concert fest.

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  • La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    almost 8 years

    Uy,perdón, llegue tarde a responderte.Hablamos en la rima y vemos como podemos solucionarlo!!!

  • tati


    almost 8 years


    el cd con la grabación del concierto va a estar para la venta fuera de verkami o sólo se puede comprar ahora? que si lo puedo comprar después, voy a escoger otra cosa aquí :)


  • La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    almost 8 years


    El Festival el mixto, solo hay algunos talleres que son no mixtos, pero esta especificado.

  • Quico


    almost 8 years

    Els nois no hi som benvinguts ?!

  • La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    about 8 years

    Hola Ana, en principio no se puede hacer porque puede generar lios a la hora de entregar las recompensas, pero haremos una excepcion. Yo me llamo Maria, y estare gestionando las entregas de las recompensas, asi que cuando vengas a por ello me lo dices y ya lo apañamos. Gracias por interesarte en nuestro proyecto. Un saludo

  • Ana


    about 8 years

    Hola. És possible aportar-ne 15 i obtenir el parxe i la bossa en lloc de la samarreta? Gràcies!

  • Ana


    about 8 years

    Hola. És possible aportar-ne 15 i obtenir el parxe i la bossa en lloc de la samarreta?

  • La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    La Rima Hip Hop Fest

    about 8 years

    Hola, si aixi es el preu de l entrada sera lliure pero de les 600 localitats ke hi ha nomes em posat 100 al verkami. Si vols participar i a mes a mes asegurarte la entrada pots fer-ho atraves del verkami. Moltas gracies.

  • Maribel


    about 8 years

    Hi ha una cosa que no entenc: dieu que l'entrada serà a preu lliure, cadascuna el que pugui, però al verkami només tens entrada si col·labores amb 20€, no?

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