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1º Festival SIGMACIRCULO 2015: Músicas desnudas

SIGMA PROJECT is currently immersed in the production of MÚSICAS DESNUDAS, our new festival in collaboration with the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid. 4 concierts (music-poetry-plastic arts-scene) performed by the Sigma Project Quartet and guest artists in the afternoon and evening of 23 October.


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What is...Músicas desnudas

Músicas desnudas is the first edition of the musical creation's festival SIGMACIRCULO development by Sigma Project in complicity with the Círculo of Bellas Artes in Madrid.

Today we are starting a new artistic adventure for the city of Madrid, where our particular boat will cross new sound spaces from commitment, honesty and audacity of the participating artists, with those who share music, painting and poetry.

We are living in times of challenge, virtuality, disturbing reality, questions, and Músicas desnudas wants us to take a space of serenity and reflection, humanized, experienced, a playful space of synergies to be, to see and hear, to navigate –and not simply to survive–, at the present time.

From the sonority of the saxophone and its most energetic combination in the quartet, Sigma Project is aligned with the spirit of renewal of the harpsichord player Daniel Oyarzabal, the emerging Ensemble Huellas, the artist César Barrio, the reciter Egna Shandy and the set designer Javier Larreina, challenging our time together, offering new attitudes for the future of the creation and the sound.

The Festival SIGMACIRCULO will be developed over on Friday 23 October 2015 at the Sala de Columnas of Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, with four concerts at 18h, 19h, 20:30h y 21:30h, where we can hear musics by Luís de Pablo, Ramon Lazkano, José Luís Torá, Johan Jacob Froberger, José María Sánchez-Verdú, Alberto Posadas, Simone Movio y Bernhard Lang.

But… Who is SIGMA Project?

August 2008:under the name Sigma Project four renowned saxophone soloists, firmly committed to musical creation decided to revolutionize the landscape of Spanish chamber music… and enjoying themselves doing so. Formed by Andrés Gomis, Josetxo Silguero, Ángel Soria and Alberto Chaves, the commitment of SIGMA Project to renew the saxophone repertory, the space and the staging of concerts has aroused the interest of many composersde, whose close collaboration with SIGMA Project, have produced many premieres. In 2013, they celebrate their 5th anniversary, still emphasizing the thinking, study and research of sound, constantly seeking and implementing new technologies, and without ever despise a good conversation until dawn...

Sigma Project launches in 2013 his own record label, Sigma Records, editing and presenting in Madrid his CD UTOPIAS: *New Music for Saxophone Quartet, with 6 audio recording of the new saxophone quartets dedicated to the group, and composed by Jesús Torres, Germán Alonso, Ramon Lazkano, José Manuel López López, Félix Ibarrondo y Juan José Eslava.

It should also be noted the commission received from the Ernst von Siemens Foundation for Music, to record in Octubre 2014 the piece Zahir V by the Italian composer Simone Movio, for the austrian record label Col Legno.

These are some coments about SIGMA Project

«Asistir a un concierto del grupo Sigma Project es llevar a cabo una travesía musical en la que el gozo y el asombro son una constante.

Es, asimismo, participar en una suerte de celebración de un nuevo virtuosismo , entendiendo este término en su sentido original de “virtud” y de “virtuoso”, y no sólo como una mera ostentación circense de habilidades técnicas y corporales.» Mario Lavista (Premio Tomás Luis de Victoria de la Música Iberoamericana 2013)

«I would just like to express my thanks to Sigma Project for the excellent and unforgettable work they have done in the premiere of my piece [Simog-Civitella]. It is admirable the fineness and the precision with which each took up the study of every part, and the success in the form of research and decide the global sound corresponding to each situation...» José Manuel López López (National Music Award 2000)

«…I have had the opportunity to estimate directly the extraordinary quality of this quartet as such, a result of a serious, meticulous, constant and deep work that shows model interpretations, technically and expressively, always pledged to the composer. For me it has been a pleasure to be able to collaborate with them, and I hope it goes on…»

José Ramón Encinar (National Music Award 1998)

«If I had to summarize in two words the personality of the saxophone quartet SIGMA PROJECT, I would not hesitate: originality and perfection. [...] It is a pleasure, a joy to share music with them: they communicate it, give it life.» Luis De Pablo (National Music Award 1991)

Why this campaign?

Because we need your complicity to start the project!

Because we believe in artistic creation as a cultural asset and we committed to carry forward whatever the cost.

We do not have any public subsidies or other resources beyond our effort and the illusion, that we want to share with you; but we have something much more important: the collaboration between artist and friends.

So far we are taking all this bureaucratic management framework between the four sigmatic .

And although we have the invaluable collaboration of all participants friends, we still have to face different costs, as the room rental, design and preparation of the programmes (Creatta.net), scenography for different concerts, transportation percussion instruments and the harpsichord, etc, etc...

So we uncover our war-cry ¡¡ CULTURAL RESISTANCE !! and we ask your collaboration to finance this first edition of the SIGMA-CIRCULO Festival.

For this reason, we want the collaboration of all those who love culture, the musical experimentation, poetry, painting, live music. We offer you nuestro our sincere work and our passion for music.

Would you help us...?

How and When can you help us?

From now on, we have 40 days to collect your contributions. It is very important that you spread the word about this initiative, so that we can get to the final goal. If we don´t reach it, this campaign would be cancel and the project would not even get the funds of those who already donated. The money will be charged when the campaign is finished, and only if it ends successfully.


Project completion is expected in 23 October 2015, so those who want to visit to the event may pick up their tickets and other rewards in the same place the concert, at the Sala de Columnas of Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. For everyone who contributed but who can not join us in the evening, we will get them their gifts during the following weeks, before the end of November.

At Last…

We just want to tell you how happy we are of sharing this project with you and how deeply we would love to achieve it with your priceless help!

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#05 / Los vídeos promo de la campaña

¡¡Queridos mecenas sigmáticos!!

Os dejamos aquí, para vuestro conocimiento, el listado de los vídeos que se han utilizado para la campaña de marketing del Verkami SIGMA CÍRCULO:

Vídeo promo festival:


Vídeo promo CÉSAR BARRIO (artista plástico):


Vídeo promo EGNA SHANDY (poesía):


Vídeo promo LUÍS DE PABLO (compositor, Premio Nacional de Música 1991):


Vídeo promo JOSÉ MARÍA SÁNCHEZ-VERDÚ (compositor, Premio Nacional de Música 2003):


Vídeo promo SIMONE MOVIO (compositor, Italia):


¡¡Abrazos sigmáticos!!

#04 / Primeras fotos del desembarco Sigma en el Círculo

Pues sí, hace tres escasas horas que ya empezó la frenética actividad para adecuar la Sala de Columnas para nuestro querido festival, con la descarga de la percusión recien llegada de Salamanca; el precioso clave de Daniel Oyarzabal y la adecuación del diseño de luces y escenografía a cargo de Javier Larreina.

¡¡ Y mañana más !!!

#03 / Lujazo de cartel SIGMA CÍRCULO !!

Sí!!!! Después de dos años de duro trabajo el Festival ya es toda una realizada.

¡¡ Qué hermosura de cartel luce la fantástica fachada del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid !!



Hola a toda la familia sigmática!!

Ya se acerca el día !!

Con mucha ilusión de poner ya en marcha este festival que lo estamos mimando con esmero!!.

Por el momento os dejamos con la web del Festival, donde hemos volcado toda la información respecto a obras, compositores, poemas, una breve historia de la sede del festival, los invitados, los bocetos escénicos de Javier Larreina...

Todo ello lo podéis ver aquí:


Seguimos en contacto !!

Abrazos sigmáticos!!

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