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(Sub)_normal trip from Alcóntar to the moon.

On the night of August 18, 2015 the trip to the moon will start with the blast-off in the town square of Alcóntar. Artists and astronauts/Alcóntar inhabitants will be doing interventions during this performative journey culminating with the landing of the aircraft and a Superparty.

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The Alcóntar space race has begun and we are ready to compete with the major world countries and explore the moon like never before had been following Venus and Cassiopeia .

After an arduous preparation for 8 years Alcóntar citizen are prepared to be astronauts, starting an adventurous trip to colonize the moon. A hydrogen explosion will put us at 11,000 km/h out of gravity and scare us shitless as or senses explode with artistic and musical interventions to finally land on the moon between craters and lunar dust.

"The break with all the great cosmic events is one of the causes of the dissociation of human societies"

Sylvie Vauclair, La chanson du soleil, Albin Michel, 2002

This year we have the honor to count in our spaceship with:


Ryan Rivadeneyra

Paco chanivet

Megan Michalak

Marta Fernández Calvo

Oscar Martín

Jose Begega

Consol Llupià


Antoni Hervàs

Ainara Elgoibar

Doble L DJ Padilla

Corte Moderno

El incuestionable apoyo intelectual de:

Sonia Fernández Pan

Beatriz Alonso

Juana Reche

Maribel López

Ana Blanque

Ana Herrerías

Искра Павлова

Лъчезар Карчев


Specifically this eighth edition of Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente is a “subnormal"* journey of 55 inhabitants (capacity of the rented spaceship) from Alcóntar to the MOON. On the night of August 18th , 2015 the trip will begin with the launch in the town square of Alcóntar. Artistic and cultural interventions related to the moon will follow the tip till the moon landing sharing the experiences and knowledge of the people of Alcóntar. The trip continues with a COSMIC party at the town square and a local short film festival. This space race is a festival of contemporary art too that is incorporated into the life routine to enjoy it and rethink reality with irony and many meteorites.

Alcóntar people knows that during the waning moon is time to plant growing in height vegetable as tomatoes, peas or beans and tubers as carrots and potatoes in crescent. The moon affects the ocean tides, in menstrual cycles, increased crime, suicides, birth passions and despite all this every time we have less regard to their influence.

Why we don't look at the stars?

** Has electricity eclipsed the cosmos? Who among us could say at what stage the moon is tonight ?. Nobody could imagine that the break with all the great cosmic events would cause dissociation of human society. Alcóntar, a small town of Almería begins a crusade to re-connect with the MOON. A trip between a dream and a nightmare that will bring us metaphysically to the MOON.**

Why is subnormal this trip?

The organization believes that this term in disuse for being politically incorrect is a critical tool that allows them to empower themselves as those members of society who are not yet considered normal but reveal other visions and glaze to reality. Elite astronauts on this mission are of any age range, gender, sexual orientation, race, social class, physical or mental conditions. These "subnormal" qualities are essentially their strength.

Classified files.

This information contains SPOILERS

This eighth edition of Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente involves opening the German-Spanish Astronomical Centre Calar Alto to Alcóntar inhabitants. A very special place because of its characteristics that allows us to experience our reality on earth and our relationship with space and the moon rather differently. This experience will grow in intensity during a bus trip for the participants. On the night of August 18th, 2015 the trip will begin with the launch in the town square of Alcóntar. Artistic and cultural interventions in relation with the moon will accompany the trip to the Astronomical Center. Once there we will moon land, and through one of the only eye telescopes of this size in the world the astronauts will appreciate the lunar surface as if they were in it. Then we continue the journey back to Alcóntar to arribe early the next day. The project continues with a party, a local festival of short films, conferences and events, oral transmission of the participants by telephone and a documentary without images of the event will be the way to document the event.

How we will allocate your contributions.

Travel to the moon is expensive, although in Alcóntar we make a stew with a papa we need to finish the construction of the space ship / bus and pay the rent of the lunar space / cosmic megatelescope. Not only we have these expenses but we need to bring artists from multiple locations, feed them and give them a place to sleep, a cosmic snack and spacesuits for the astronauts .

Also we will produce a fun superdocumental with the experiences of the participants and a contest of short sidereal films. Some of these costs are paid by the City of Alcóntar , the few local companies and we are organizing a raffle but still not cover expenses so we need you a lot, we will really appreciate it and will keep u in our heart and beyond.

About rewards

Future collaborators and supporters of our space race we wanna feast you for sharing this trip with us as the space race is in a global crisis. So we have prepared some Supergifts to be sent directly from the moon with a postal service we have specifically set up to reach your homes.

Dust and moonstones, space suits of our sexiest Astronauts,X files, cacophony from the moon and many other gifts will be a reliable document not only for you but for coming generations who will remember this trip and the historical importance for small villages.



-Negotiation With artists and guest officers.

-Collection Of funds.


-Follow Each artist project and activities with the inhabitants of Alcóntar to fully involve them in the project.

-Dissemination In the local media.

-Collection Of funds.



-1 To 16 August production.

16 and August 17 arrival of artists Granada and Almeria.

-Night August 18 start of the festival.

-19 Lluvia de Estrellas (Dentro de ti hay una estrella..si lo deseas..brillará!)

-20 Short film festival of the villagers, awards ceremony and festive farewell artists.

-Rest August, conclusions and documentary production and conferences in Almeria.


-Delivery of rewards.

-Dissemination Outside Almeria (this process is prolonged sporadically throughout the year).

-Production And dissemination of the documentary.

+ Info

The X Association is a cultural non-profit organization that develops for 8 years in Alcóntar (Almería ) the festival of contemporary art " campo de desconcentración polivalente “. This festival is a laboratory of ideas and knowledge sharing . It is a project of feedback between the villagers of Alcóntar and the entire region with guests, spaces and projects.

For this eighth edition of the team is made up of fireproof and alma mater of the project Consol Llupià and Jose Begega.

Campo de desconcentración polivalente:



Consol Llupià:


Jose Begega:



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