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Fuentes de vida

O-Live works for sustainable development and nature conservation in Sierra de Grazalema. Fuentes de Vida is its new initiative, which seeks to rehabilitate and adapt a network of fountains and natural ponds to conserve and enhance populations of amphibians, one of the most threatened animal groups

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The Sources of Life project aims to rehabilitate the network of water points in the Sierra de Grazalema, with the direct objective of conserving amphibian fauna in the Natural Park.

Amphibians are one of the most endangered animal groups in the world, with the destruction of their natural habitat one of the main causes. These wetlands ,vital for amphibians, are also critical for other species of insects, birds, reptiles and mammals, therefore the recovery of these oases of life is essential.

Photo: Rodrigo López Sandín

Over centuries traditional farming methods have made use of mountain water points by building fountains and water troughs to store resources which are so scarce in the summer. However, the abandonment of these farming traditions and rural exodus have led to a deterioration of these structures and, therefore, the disappearance of these centres of biodiversity.

O-Live seeks to recover and restore these stores of water, as well as some natural ponds, so these points can become a source of life again.

What we do:

Currently we are planning the recovery and adaptation of approximately sixty water points with technicians of Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. However we lack the financial support to achieve these goals and that is why we have decided to create this crowdfunding campaign. In this way we make the conservation of the natural environment both by and for the people.

To what we will allocate your contributions

The money from your contributions will go to the following different projects:

Restoration and adaptation of fountains, troughs and basins: simple actions like repairing and waterproofing the walls, construction of access structures for wildlife and creating shelters in the vicinity, turn these water points into suitable habitats for amphibian life.

Restoration of ponds: by smoothing slopes for easy access, cleaning excess vegetation and organic matter and the creation of shelters recover the natural ecosystem of amphibians.

Outreach and awareness initiatives: undertake activities with volunteers, installation of informative signs and educational workshops to involve local people in the conservation of these ecosystems.

If we reach the sum of 500 € we will be able to rehabilitate and adapt six points of water.

If we reach the sum of 1000 € we will be able to rehabilitate and adapt twelve points of water.


The estimated start date would be November 2015, so we will be able to prepare both sources and ponds for early spring 2016, coinciding with the breeding season of amphibians.

More information

If you´d like to know more about our projects regarding conservation and sustainable development, O-Live offers the following links:

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