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Underwater Archaeology Project: Phoenician Mazarrón

During this September will carry out a campaign of study and underwater exploration along the coast of Mazarrón (Murcia, Spain) so we need your support to carry out studies of prospecting and survey of the area.


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The project study area is around the coastal area between Cala Leño and the harbor of Mazarrón (Murcia, Spain). This location has plenty of archaeological sites namely on the ground or underwater, among which are La Grua, Isla de Lobos Cueva, El Castellar, Los Gavilanes, Punta de Nares, Playa de la Isla or Isla de Adentro. Our specific study area is specifically the last one.

In recent years we have seen how some studies have provided detailed data about the Phoenician-Punic commercial contact with the East coast of Spain, a clear example of this are the remains of La Fonteta and El Cabezo Pequeño del Estaño in Guardamar del Segura, or the archaeological sites of Los Gavilanes, the ancient wrecks of Bajo de la Campana and the so called Mazarron's Phoenician ship.

Despite previous works, most of the area and its historical meaning remain unknown. The project has therefore the study of the Phoenician trading contact with native populations as a goal, as in the study of the territory either on the ground or underwater surveys, that allows a better understanding of those contacts and cultural exchanges in ancient times.

Accordingly, with the study of the ancient populations of the coast and the analysis of underwater survey reports that this project propose, we expect to delve into the history of the area and its Phoenician contact, trying to go beyond the known data and expand the field of study of the Phoenicians in the Mazarrón's area.

What are we going to do

We will carry out underwater surveys in the area of ​​Isla de Adentro, where the Mazarrón's Phoenician ship was found that has not been completely examined , so it will certainly give important new findings in light of the pottery remains found in the area.

The team

* From left to right: Juan Pinedo, Jose Lajara, Jesus Cremades, Jose J. Martinez and Celso M. Sanchez *

Juan Pinedo Reyes

Degree in Philosophy at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 2nd professional diver. Great experience in underwater archeology since 1987. He has took part in conferences and congresses and has published several research monographs about underwater archeology.

José Lajara

Degree in History at Universidad de Alicante. Master in Mediterranean Nautical Archaeology at the UB. Professional Diver 2nd Restricted. Ship captain. Underwater archaeologist since 2002. He has participated in projects such as the Bajo de la Campana or Ampurias Roman port. He has several publications on underwater archeology.

Jesus Cremades

1st class professional diver. National diving instructor. Versatile coastal Skipper. Ship captain. Yacht master.

Jose Javier Garcia Martinez

Degree in History from the Universidad de Murcia. BA in Anthropology at Universidad Católica de Murcia. PhD courses: Urban life and urban development in the Mediterranean area. GIS Master, Master in Applied Archeology, Master of teacher training. He has participated as a director on several rescue excavations and is currently involved in various internacionesles projects like Oxyrhynchus (Egypt) or Herakleopolis (Egypt), Project "Modular"and national projects as Carteia, Baelo Claudia, Coimbra Barrancho Anco, Roman Baths of Fortuna Villaricos, Begastri and Phoenician Mazarrón.

Celso Miguel Sanchez Mondejar

Degree in History at the Universidad de Murcia. Stay at the Freie Universität Berlin as visiting scholar and Master in Proffesional Archaeology at the University of Alicante. He has took part in numerous excavations in and out of Spain. He collaborates with CEPOAT and participates in the South Plain of Akko' Project as supervisor and researcher at the site of Tel Regev (Israel). He is currently developing his Phd project.

What we will allocate your contributions

Mainly to the payment of rental costs underwater equipment, air tanks, diving jackets, boat, etc. to perform surveys during the campaign.

On the rewards

  • Show in the project's website as sponsor: you will appear on the web as a sponsor to Collaborating Entities

  • T-shirt of the project : we will send you a T-shirt of the project.

  • Explanatory talk of the project, guided visit and explaining the "Interpretation Center of the Phoenician ship from Mazarrón", the site of "The Roman salting factory" and the site of "Los Gavilanes": we will give for your support an explanatory talk and also a guided tour around the different fields related to the work. This reward can be made on the day of completion of the project or subsequently in a day previously arranged.

  • Assistance to the work tasks, documentation and underwater exploration during a working day during the campaign: during the season you can come one day and work with us, to see first hand what is underwater archeology and help us this day in the different tasks.

  • First dive with underwater walk around the study area: during the season of study you can come one day and take a your first dive. We will walk around the study area and also you will collaborate with us that day research and know first hand what it is the underwater archeology and will help us that day in the different tasks.


The studio work will take place from September 13 to September 27, 2015.

Rewards 100 € and 150 € will be awarded in those periods in Mazarrón. (After the campaign, we will contact you to specify the day.)

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