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What good is living in a perfect house if we don’t have a home? In CASA we live beside two lonesome people from completely different worlds, who inhabit the walls of a fancy and luxurious house. We'll understand that the most important thing isn’t having everything, but being able to share it.

Julián Galindo

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What is CASA?

CASA started being a small idea, a dream of a young director and a team who follow this idea. Now, we have the chance to make this dream come true. This is a final university short film by ESCAC, a short film with which an entire team that has worked together during four years will be able to end a cycle and go out to the real world. It’s a short film in the most professional level, and that is why we need everyone’s help to achieve the best result possible and that together we can make this collective dream a reality.

About CASA

This is the story of a house, CASA, and the two different people who live inside it. Julio has everything: he’s successful, attractive, and charismatic, and has this incredible house just for himself. In his forties, Julio is living his bachelor dream, filled with pleasures and excesses. He decides to celebrate this lifestyle throwing the most exclusive New Year’s party at his place. Sole, his maid and confidant, accompanies him during the night, helping him organize the party.

Throughout this night, Julio and Sole’s relationship will be pushed to the limit, putting their friendship to the test and forcing us to reflect on human relationships, power status and the loneliness that sets us little by little from other human beings.

Behind CASA

DIRECTION- Cristina Sánchez Salamanca

PRODUCTION- Julián Galindo


ART DIRECTION- Tania Gabrielli y Julieta Amador

EDITING- Ana Benzal

SOUND- Pol Plana


SCRIPT- Cristina Sánchez Salamanca, Manuel López y Francesc Estrada


The shooting will take place from the 12th to the 18th of June 2015. The short will premiere in early 2016.

Where do your donations go to?

We need everyone’s help to reach our goal. All the raised funds will go directly to shooting expenses such as material, transportation, food and shelter.

+ Info

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To learn more about the director, check out her Vimeo.



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