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Getting There

India, Nepal, Burma and China. Different countries with similar social conflicts. Four women and their respective stories will narrate the inequality and gender vulnerability in their own countries.


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¿What is Getting There?

It's a documentary project about social and human right's struggle.

Through various supporter organisations helping give a "voice" to women under different socio-economical and geo-political environments, we will pay special attention to four women from different ages and social condition. Intending to show the reality in their countries through their own eyes by getting a closer look at arisen conflicts and situations ignored by the governments and the international community.


We are listening everyday people quoting about "Gender Equality" but the reality we find out if we scratch the surface is totally different.

Deepen in this subject matter when talking about women rights it is still a taboo topic in media platforms which Europe an the contemporary world in general scratch it but don't go beyond the positive positioning towards equality.

Are we aware at least one in every three woman is a survivor of some form of gender-based violence, most often by some one in her own family?

Are we aware girls between 13 and 18 years of age constitute the largest group in the sex industry and around 500,000 girls below 18 are victims of trafficking each year?

Are we aware in some cultures there is a preference for boy children results in pre-natal sex selection and infanticide of girls?

Are we aware more than 80 per cent of the world's 35 million refugees and displaced people are women and children?

Are we aware armed conflicts and natural disasters put women and children at risk of extreme sexual violence and abuse?

Understanding the social reality of each individual country isn't easy, communities that share the same living space already have estructures defined by values, religion and tradition; facts, barriers and stereotypes that have affected women and way of life.

Organisations involved

Mumbai Smiles

Empowerment and professional training projects for the women from the Slums in Mumbai.

The nest India Foundation

Offering a home, medical assistance and education to orphans and families without resources.

Chhahari Nepal

Offering a home, medical assistance and education to orphans and families without resources.

Shakti Samuha

Social and emotional rehabilitation from women rescued from de human trafficking nets and prevention from girls in risk on getting into these nets.

Koshish Nepal

Medical care and treatment to women and mothers with mental disorders.

"Colabora Birmania"

1 from every 3 burmese kids living in Mae Sot (Thailand) isn't attending to school. Colabora Birmania is an organisation that offers education and feed burmese children displaced within the Thai-Burmese border.

Nowadays there are 160.000 recognised refugees on the camps along the border between Thailand and Burma.

The Human Rights situation in Burma has been dramatic for a long time. According to the UN’s special observer, the Burmese army has confiscated properties illegally, forcing locals to forced labor and has used its power (torture, violation and murder) to repress social protests, which caused for years to come the runaway of thousands of burmese residents to countries on the border.

Nowadays there are 160.000 recognised refugees on the camps along the border between Thailand and Burma.

Who are we?

On the road:

Jun Trenco - Direction. Photography. Production. Script.

Film-maker specialised in International Relations and humanitarian aid

Elisabet Navarro - Direction Assist. Script.

Social worker specialised in human rights and development cooperation

Pau Xandri - Head of sound.

Static crew:

Adela Bértolo - Journalist specialised in society and culture

Ferran Masip - Journalist, screen writer and producer

Daniel Piera - Media communicator and content analyst

Omar Bermúdez - Editor

Valentina Correa - Marketing and graphics


What will we be doing with your donations?

We will be filming in 4 different countries and and we would like to be able to express our project’s intention in the best quality possible. It won’t be easy but isn’t a movie that only involves the crew but also all the women who have been afflicted by psychological and physical abuse in different contexts. The NGO's fighting actively everyday for human rights and gender equality, are also playing a relevant role in this project. We want to give them voice and we want to do it well.

The shooting has already started, we are facing cultural and technical difficulties as well as logistical and mobility problems within conflict areas where the visa obtention, entry permits to hostil zones and the relentlessly bribes' negotiation, cause mental and economic struggle.

We need your HELP to make this project to happen and give a concrete form to this subject matter.

We are addressing a percentage from your rewards to all those organisations we will be collaborating with along the film. They are our platform to understand the different situations we will show in the documentary and we believe their social projects will manage to achieve a turnaround, even if the changes are coming in a small doses or takes time to materialise them.

Refugee camp in the Kachin State, Northern Burma

The rewards

*The rewards, as we will be getting most of them during the journey, will be delivered once finished the shooting.

Here you can have a look to some of the tablet covers' designs, women from Mumbai Smiles' SEED project are creating to give us a hand!


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