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Pannonica Quartet "Danzarín" Debut CD

"Danzarín" brings the essence of Tango through the tubes of 4 saxophones.

Pannonica Quartet

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Pannonica Quartet is a saxophone quartet born in Amsterdam during the rainy summer of 2011, that specialises in Argentine music.

For the past 2 years we have been researching, experimenting and arranging music from the Golden Era of Tango, finding the elements that make the music suitable and enjoyable for both dancers and listeners. We have been working with tango masters, musicians and dancers such as Gustavo Beytelmann, Yerpun Castro and Roberto Zuccarino, among others. We present you the result of this journey into this CD we named "Danzarín" that includes 14 tracks of tangos and milongas, so you can enjoy either dancing it at a milonga or by listening to it while drinking a mate at home.

Production of the CD "Danzarín"

What will your contributions be used for?

We will use your donations to pay for the studio room, the sound engineers (recording, mixing and mastering), the art work and the first 500 copies of "Danzarín".

In exchange of your generosity we offer you different rewards: you can get our music in your computer, the CD at your mail box, free tickets to our coming concerts and even a magic complete Tango experience with live music from the Pannonica Quartet, tango workshop, and all sort of Argentine food delicatessen at your house/venue. By supporting this project you're not just purchasing a CD but actually making all this possible.

The music was recorded last August and the mixing process has already started. We expect to have the CD ready by the end of 2015.

When do you get your rewards?

The rewards concerning the digital download and the CD's will be delivered by the end of December 2015. The rewards concerning live music will take place from April 2016 on.

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