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L'Espai de Ibiza: a free active school to play and grow

L'Espai de Ibiza is a space to play and grow aimed at children between 3 and 6 years old based on the principles of free education where children are the focus, adapting the space to them and their needs. We need to expand the area of ​​physical play area (psychomotor) with suitable outdoor material


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We reached our goal for the first phase of out crowd funding campaign!!!

Now we can expand our psychomotor play area and our library.

Many thanks to all of you who contributed. We are deeply grateful.

Now for Phase 2 of our project!!!

We now can raise funds to build an area to accommodate the younger sisters and brothers of our kids. We need to adapt certain parts of L'Espai and build a suitable area for children who are between one and a half to two years old. In this way we can assure the continuity of families in the project. For this second phase we want to build a wooden house completely adapted to the needs of small children.

Please continue to share our crowd funding project with your friends and family. Help us build the dream!

Play is the way children learn about themselves and their world. Therefore L'Espai de Ibiza is a great invitation to play.

We are fully confident in the ability of children to choose for themselves what interests them. Our aim is to provide the tools, material and emotional support they need so that they can develop their interests. For us, "how they learn" is as or more important than the "what is learned."

We need to expand the area of ​​physical play area (psychomotor) with suitable outdoor materials and we also want to expand our library.

For this we turn to a crowd funding campaign in which we offer a series of rewards ranging from stickers, cotton bags and T-shirts with the L'Espai logo, to handmade pastries prepared by the superb catering company Ibiza Sesame, through osteopathic massage by professional masseur Pablo Sahade that strengthens your health and well-being; a water massage, Aguahara, formed by various techniques designed to balance your body and your mind and performed by Martin Minghetti directly in the waters of the fantastic beaches of Ibiza; private dinners where a professional chef will come to your house to prepare nutritious and tasty dishes; handmade blankets made by mothers who are part of L'Espai; Felt letters to facilitate learning, playing and reading; great menus in the restaurant of Ibiza Can Miquelitus, photo collages of L'Espai and visits to L'Espai to see how it works and to receive a briefing on how we accompany children in Espai.

The project is currently located in a beautiful rural area of ​​the municipality of Sant Rafel de Sa Creu (Ibiza). It was created in 2013 by a group of families with common affinities. Among this group of families are Diana Albaladejo and Eugenia Alba, qualified in active education, who along with Toni Mesquida are responsible to bring the educational part of the project.

L'Espai is a project that is supported by the involvement of all the families, forming various committees that work directly on the needs of the space and the children (family support, group finance, maintenance, event creation, new materials, etc.). Overall project supervision is carried out by the Xell (Xarxa d'Educació Lliure). Currently the project has a capacity for 24 children and child ratio is 6 children for each adult.


From 3 to 6 years old is a stage in which we live intensely from a place of emotion. Therefore, it is vitally important to give emotional support. At L'Espai all emotions are respected and accompanied respectfully (rage, anger, sadness...) so that children feel free to express them without fear or feeling judged. A child who does not feel judged is able to listen, to know what they want, and empathize with others.


Far from many current trends that believe they have to encourage children, we think that life is already sufficiently stimulating in itself. So what we think is best to do is to harness the wealth of experiences on offer.

We want that each child to gradually realize their own needs and interests. Therefore, our approach is mainly inductive. What does this mean? It means that the proposals for activities that we make mainly depend on the wishes and concerns of children, that is we listen to them, feel them and trust them to transform their demands into their own proposals.

Proposals may be direct or indirect. Direct are those who verbally suggest participation in an activity such as a dance workshop. Indirect are those that refer to the environment such as hanging fabrics, play music, filling the trampoline with soft balls. All these proposals are voluntary, so the children are free to choose whether to participate or not. We believe that play is the most effective way to discover, learn and experience the world. Therefore for us play is vital and is the cornerstone of our methodology.

The project is open every morning Monday through Friday except for public holidays. We are closed during the Christmas holidays, summer and Easter.

Area of L'Espai de Ibiza

In order to ensure the autonomy and growth of children they have to be in a relaxed, safe and free environment where they can meet their real needs to play, talk, explore, move and experience.

Bearing in mind the needs and the development for children between 3 and 6 years of age, L'Espai de Ibiza has different areas of interest.

PSYCHOMOTRICITY AREA: The area of ​​motor skills is one of the objectives of our Crowd funding.

It is an outdoor area where the trampoline, swings, wheels, intended as an area for free and voluntary movement. In this area the children run, climb, jump experiencing her body, others, space and objects. Through this experiment, the child is developing control over her body, moving, forming patterns and structures (body, space and time) and she gets to know herself and the world around her. This area is not yet complete, as we would like to expand with more psychomotor elements.

THE LITTLE WOOD HOUSE: This is a quiet space dedicated to building sets, symbolic play, reading and relaxing. In it there is a play market, a play kitchen, a small theatre, puppets, costumes and our library.

WET WORKSHOP: The workshop is for crafts, artistic expression and experimentation with materials such as clay, plaster, paints and other recycled materials.

TENT: This is the place for symbolic play. The space has mats and cushions. Here the children are free to imagine it as any space they desire. It has been used as a pretend house, dog home, space ship and other places.

THE SANDBOX: The place to experiment and play with natural materials.

THE MUSIC CORNER: Built from recycled materials, where the star tool is the drum kit. There is also xylophones, shakers and other instruments.

THE FOREST: The forest is a wide and fenced area where children can explore, experiment and enjoy nature.


L'Espai de Ibiza is a project created by two educators and a group of seven families, and is the result of joint work of this group of people. Throughout the process of creating the project, the two educators and families have had biweekly meetings to discuss, agree and establish common ground on how to continue. These families of the project called "founding families".

The project has three permanent educators every day and two volunteer companions from the group of families that have more than one year at L'Espai.

Parents of non-accompanying family members of the project can be with their children in L'Espai whenever they want. At this point, it is important to mention that L'Espai is a place by and for children. It is they who we have to listen to, it is for them is where we put all our attention, so the presence of the adult should be silent and without chatter unless it is something essential.

The project has a capacity for 24 children. The ratio of children per accompanist is 6.

Monthly meetings between all adult members of the project are held in order to share, discuss, propose and decide on the various issues arising throughout the project.

In order that the adults continue to grow and develop in our work to accompany respectfully, L'Espai organizes workshops and talks in different fields of free education and child development.


They will go entirely to the purchase of weather proof material for the area of ​​physical play and to expanding library with books on topics that the children currently interested.


All materials will be purchased at the same time getting financing.

The delivery of the purchases is around 15 to 25 days.

The rewards will be delivered in time to ensure the success of the campaign, with deliveries by hand or via regular mail.

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  • salvados


    about 9 years

    Hola Zoe!! Muchas gracias por tu aportación, es genial. La verdad es que hay algunas cosas que nos interesarían, como tienda de campaña, malabares, frisbees (los niños les encanta) y balones. Hasta la bici es interesante, pero no imaginamos como traerlo para aqui.

    tal vez lo mejor seria que nos enviaras unas fotos para ver de que se trata y de enviar por correo ordinarios con portes a pagar a aquí en Ibiza, en caso de que nos cuadre lo que nos das. Es fantástico que hayas pensado en nosotros para donar todo eso. si quieres mi email personal es [email protected]. Lo que no se es cómo hacer para que en caso de que estemos interesados no tengas que ir hasta correos con todo eso. Bueno, vamos hablando y gracias otra vez!!!! un saludo

  • zoe


    about 9 years

    Soy Zoe de Madrid, tengo cosas como una bici, una guitarra, balones, pelotas de tenis, bastones de trekin, tiendas de campaña malabares, frisbees, que podria daros pero no se si os sirven y como hacer llegar???? Gracias, un saludo

#01 / ¡¡¡Muchas Gracias a todos!!!!

Estamos contentísimos de la respuesta que ha tenido nuestro campaña. Muchas gracias a todos los que habéis colaborado de una manera u otra en hacer realidad la cifra que pedíamos.

¡¡¡Os estamos profundamente agradecidos!!!!

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