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The first video game 100% realistic from a historic point of view. It is also the most ambitious independent project created in Spain so far.

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Last update

We have got "green light" to release Prehistory (once the alpha version is finished) in the biggest platform of digital download of video game in the world (Steam)! And just in nine days!

Thank yoy very much!


What would happen if a historian designs a video game?

And if we add the fact that he has been playing video games since he was very little?

This is the result. A video game that is the union of two different kinds of games. In one hand, it is a Serious Game of Edutainment style (Educational Entertainment) with amazing realistic mechanics based on an accurate archaeological and historical information. On the other hand, it can be classify under the MMORPG genre (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in third person and with its mechanics focused on entertaining.

Everything will be located in the Prehistory, specifically in the Palaeolithic period.

The story will take place in a 3D virtual persistent world, which will have ecosystems composed of every tiny detail from the Upper Palaeolithic.

One of the main aims of the project is learning through entertainment, thanks to the great well-made realism.

  • PREHISTORY is the historic and survival video game in third person most realistic that anyone has ever made.

  • Genre: First union between MMORPG and Serious Game (Edutainment).

  • Development Phase: Pre-Alpha.

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.

  • El Confidencial (Teknautas). "These young people are going to do History". Link

  • Zehngames. "A serious and crucial bet for the union of two genres, video game and History".Link

  • Fase Extra Magazine. Link

  • Professional Archaeology Digital Magazine "La Linde". *"We think it's a quite

interesting idea to bring closer historical knowledge using the concept of video games"*. Link

  • GTM. "It's a breath of fresh air among the serious games genre, offering a funny and educative video game". Link

  • VadeJuegos. "One of the most interesting Spanish initiative in Serious gaming". Link


  • “Ciencia al Cubo” Radio 5 programme of RNE (Spanish National Radio). October 2nd, 2014. Link

  • "Ágora Historia" programme (Capital radio). January 31st, 2015. Link

  • "Esto me suena" RNE programme (Ciudadano García). April 17th, 2015. Link


  • ATB News programme (3rd edition).Bolivia national private channel. April 14th, 2015. Link

  • Youtube channel Puro Games. Link

  • Total Realism:: Ecosystems, flora, fauna, survival abilities, etc.

  • Meticulous Crafting (more than 500 objects with which you can interact).

  • Learning through entertainment (Edutainment)

  • To become a testing field for researches related to “virtual experimental Archaeology".

A "little" sample of the objects from the video game.

  • You could play the Closed Beta. Only people invited by the team could have access(specialised media, competitions, friends, etc.).

  • You would have access to exclusive content of the video game, which cannot be got in any other way (3D figure, Digital Art book, Original Soundtrack, The" Making of" video).

  • You would play a Neanderthal from the very beginning while the rest of the players would play a Homo Sapiens.

  • You could take part in the development of the video game in the following ways:

    • Designing a Boss.
    • Customising a character, with your face and a name you can choose.
    • Designing a new weapon (without forgetting the historic accuracy).
    • Choosing a Palaeolithic culture about which you want us to create an expansion.
  • Guided visit to Atapuerca and Burgos (Spain), accompanied by members of our team.

Concept art from the scene of the Steppe.


  • Scenes (6 different ecosystems from the Palaeolithic).

  • Fauna (45 animal species from those ecosystems).

  • Flora (60 different species).

  • Crafting and Resources (more than 500 objects).

  • Sociability (possibility to make contact with members of other clans).

  • Death (your character can die, but maybe your "lineage" not).

As the player progresses during the game, by making objects or interacting with the environment in a relevant way , notifications will appear in his interface (educative field).

These notifications will show there is complementary information related to his last action and they can provide important information to continue the game as well as to learn more things about Palaeolithic.

Besides, these notifications will be scalable:

  • A first information, after pressing over the notification, will contribute to the progress of the player's character.

  • In that same window, there will be an icon where you could have access to complementary information and in more detail.

  • There will be also an external link to a webpage where the player could go deeper in any information given (These links can be saved so the player do not have to stop playing).

There will be three different kinds of windows:

  • Texts with 2D pictures.

  • Texts with 3D objects.

  • Informative videos.

(Video del bifaz 3D)

  • And we have planned many more. That if all goes well, we will show in the updates of the campaign.

  • Depending on the pledge, the sponsor will have the honourable title of a kind of hominid besides the related reward.

It will be a "distinguishing sign" during the game as we want to create a virtual sign to be differentiated from other players that wouldn't have contributed to the campaign.

  • One year after we get the funding, we want to release the Alpha version of the video game. It will be release via Steam Early Access so people can play from the very beginning.

In future updates, we will be adding windows of the other sponsors.

  • The "Tour to Atapuerca" will be when each person taking part in it can coincide in time and space. That's why we ask to the interested parties (members of the team included) as much flexibility as possible.

  • Now, we will explain in detail the best rewards of the campaign. We assure you some of these are rewards you have never seen before in a crowdfunding campaign. They are unique!

  • All the "deliveries of physical rewards" are fixed to the prices in Spain (Peninsula and Baleares), so the rewards delivered to any other different destination will have a supplement to pay. This supplement will be the existent difference between the shipping to Spain and to any other destination.

  • Survival and Crafting (making of objects). Players will have to provide their community with everything they need to the clan’s survival. So they will need to learn the different production abilities: how to make tools using stone, wood and bone; how to tan leather and make clothes; to gather wild fruits and plants, which will be useful to cook food as well as to heal illnesses. Player could also hunt animals by following a trail. In turn, animals will have very unpredictable and sophisticated IA.

Mammu, the little mamut will show us the educative content.

  • Innovate educative mechanics. As the player performs an action or makes objects that are important to the progress of the game or related to the educative field, notices will appear in his interface. They will be to notify them there is an “Educative Window” related to his last action and it can provide him valuable information to go on playing as well as to learn more about Palaeolithic.

You are just a hunter-gatherer . In front of you, a huge territory.

You must explore it to "gather" any product Mother Nature gives you.

Hunt any animal that helps to the survival of your community, being very careful and avoiding the dangerous predators that live in these wild lands.

So you should use the knowledge gained during the game. Also you will be able to “create any kinds of objects” using a variety of raw material.

You must spend most of your time “providing to your community” with all that is necessary to survive. You could also make symbolic “artwork” (magical ones) as well as physical ones though.

You are “a social person” and so you need to be in contact with people. It is one of the secrets of your magnificent evolution as a human being.


The player will have a character that can change his role depending on the situation; you will have to adapt to each situation’s needs, which gives a great flexibility to the development of the game.

Even so, there will be four different classes:

  • Hunter-gatherer

  • Shaman

  • Healer

  • Artisan

Generally, you will have the hunter-gatherer role as you have to confront a lot of animals and vermin.


It is the main class of the game and it is complementary with the other roles to get a group of players gathered in a balanced clan.

This is the strongest class in Prehistory. Strength: hunting and hand to hand combat.

The six clans that can be chosen in the same server.


This class is based on magic developed through the communication with the spirits. They make powerful concoctions and spell. They are not skillful at weapons, but they can use one if it is necessary.


As the shaman, this class is based on magic but through the knowledge of nature and Mother Earth. They also make powerful concoctions and heal other players.


They are skilled in making objects using the production abilities of Prehistory. They have a special gift to win the favour of kind spirits during the making of these objects (positive energy) to provide them with resistance, usefulness and power.


You can choose characters of the following species:

  • Homo sapiens

  • Homo neanderthalensis

  • Homo erectus presapiens

  • Homo floresiensis

The player will start in the Upper Palaeolithic, in the technological-cultural period called Solutrean, in the year 19.000 BP (before the present).

The weather marked by the so called “Laugerie” interstadial, being rainy and mild; it is a different climate break inside the long cold period called “Late Glacial”. The period is characteristic because of the progress and colonization of the “Homo Sapiens” gender of the major part of the northern areas after the North Pole’s ice mass warmed because of the rising temperatures.

The world is beginning to be controlled by men, who now have a “ well-advanced lithic technology”. This has allowed them to get a better hunting activity, more productive and effective. And the result, more free time to get in contact with other human beings and to make “art”. So the “social relationships” increase and its importance to the detriment of survival activities.

The player will be in a dangerous world, full of wild beasts and astronomical, atmospheric and geological phenomena that exceed his understanding, showing his extreme vulnerability.

This world is a huge territory to hunt, where the player needs to hunt and avoid to be hunted by predators.

That is why players have to pay attention when exploring different areas of the world, trying to avoid the beasts stronger than them or exploring in group.

A long-term objective is to improve the virtual world created, so it could be used by the “experimental virtual Archaeology” researches as a testing field. That is, to recreate mechanisms and processes made by man in the past, as well as the verification of hypothesis related to the hunters-gatherers lives (Social relationships, the study of available resources, climate changes, etc.)

It could be possible to recreate the situations needed to the research at minimum cost and without going to any physical place, saving money and time.

  • Coordinator (Design): Juan García.

  • 2D Art: Jesús Romero, Javier García.

  • 3D Art: Rayco González, Fran Retamero, J.R. Casals.

  • Programming: Roberto Lozano, Elena Blanes, J. Felipe Molina.

  • Sound: Manuel Pérez.

  • Translation: Gloria R. García.

If you want to know more about our team, please visit the next link.

List collaborating entities

List of people who have collaborated


Expected calendar

A year after we get fundings, we want to release the “Alpha version” of the video game, which will be via “Steam Early Access” so it can be played from the very beginning. We will also offer it free to educative institutions.

The reason why we use “Steam” is to get a secondary way of funding to go on with the development of the game until the “Beta phase”.

Most of the rewards will be digital, so they will be almost immediate. The physical rewards will be ready in about three months after the campaign.

Risks and Challenges

  • For part of our tea, this is their first experience creating a professional video game, so we have faced with problems we didn’t foresee.

  • We will have to hire two expert developers to face those possible difficulties with certain guarantee.

  • It is not 100% sure Steam will accept our project, but if we take a look to the level of several projects that are given the green light, it is perfectly possible.

Hypothetically, If we could not have access to the platform we would release it in any of the other digital platforms offering similar systems. These are less famous than Steam, though.

  • The Alpha will not be a final version, that is why it can have some errors; it is also possible the way of playing is not what you would expect or the appearance of some limitations.

Afterwards, we will release the Beta version where lots of these problems will be solved, but not all of them.

When we think we have solved all the errors the player faced with, we will release the final version of the video game. Never, before one year and a half after the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

  • If in these breaks we get complementary funding, we could be able to speed the deadlines up.

Additional Information

We have show our project in the following academic institutions and conferences:

  • McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (University of Cambridge, UK). May 2014. Link

  • 4º International Conference of Experimental Archaeology (Burgos, Spain). May, 2014. Link

  • 5º Market of Animation and 3D WIRE video games (Segovia, Spain). October, 2013. Link

  • Zinc Shower 2015 (Madrid, Spain). May, 2015. As one of the 80 best enterprising projects in an international level. With the start-up Games 2 Learn. Link

There are several podcast programmes about video games that want to interview us and we are waiting to fix a date (Gameffect, VaDeJuego, Como se hace un videojuego, etc.).

We also have pending a social gathering via streaming in the scientific website Naukas (scientific dissemination), together with the expert journalist in science Luis Quevedo.


  • We remind you that if we don’t get the amount of money we ask for, the pledges won't be charged.


There are none published yet.

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  • Games 2 Learn

    Games 2 Learn

    almost 7 years


    Ante todo, muchas gracias por tus palabras.

    Seguramente realizaremos otro crowdfunding más adelante, salvo que se produzca un "milagro" de última hora.

    Hemos estado tres meses preparando esta campaña, y los cuarenta días han sido muy exigentes.

    Pero el proyecto no se cancela. Durante el verano queremos terminar la demo que dejamos aparcada durante esta (pre)campaña.

    Hay muchos colegios e institutos interesados en probarla, y ese va a ser nuestro principal objetivo a corto plazo.

    Saludos prehistóricos =====<>

  • lauprp2


    almost 7 years

    Hola equipo. Soy una entusiasta y esperanzada mecenas de vuestro proyecto, en caso de no conseguir este objetivo, ¿os planteáis conseguir la financiación con un nuevo crowfunding? me encantaría que este videojuego saliera adelante. Un abrazo y suerte

  • Games 2 Learn

    Games 2 Learn

    almost 7 years


    El sistema de combate será muy parecido al existente en los MMORPGs actuales aunque con modificaciones importantes. Por ejemplo, las heridas graves dejarán secuelas permanentes (no temporales) y no existirán las pócimas instantáneas de curación. Para curarse una herida se necesitarán, al menos, unos segundos.

    Sí que es cierto que será necesaria cierta habilidad con los controles, aunque nuestra intención es crear una interfaz sencilla e intuitiva que facilite el control del personaje.

    Desde el principio haremos hincapié en la importancia de explorar en grupo, ya que hay muchos depredadores poderosos y se tendrán más posibilidades de supervivencia en encuentros fortuitos.

    Sabemos que será difícil, pero vamos, como lo era la vida en aquella época ;-)

    ¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por los ánimos!

  • Iracê


    almost 7 years

    Desde el grado de Arqueología en la UAB, ¡ánimo!

    Un aspecto importante que me interesa es el sistema de combate: visto lo genial que queréis enfatizar de cara a la vulnerabilidad real en Estado Natural, ¿será intenso, habilidoso, y tan difícil? :33

  • Games 2 Learn

    Games 2 Learn

    about 7 years

    Hola Ana!

    En Prehistory se podrán elegir personajes femeninos y masculinos en las cuatro "clases" de personajes. Así que perfectamente podremos tener una cazadora-recolectora ;-)

    Adjunto un enlace a una publicación antigua de nuestra página web donde lo explicamos más detenidamente.

    ¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario!

  • Ana


    about 7 years

    Querría saber si los pj van a poseer roles de género que tradicionalmente se dan en la historiografía, cosas ya superadas: hombres cazadores y mujeres dedicadas a la cría, etc. Pinta muy bien, pero sería un fallo en mi opinión, ¡ánimo y saludos!

  • Games 2 Learn

    Games 2 Learn

    about 7 years

    Hola Matt! Lo tendremos en cuenta. Muchas gracias por tu comentario ;-)

  • Matt O'Haira

    Matt O'Haira

    about 7 years

    Me ha parecido superinteresante lo que estáis haciendo. Soy compositor y diseñador de audio para videojuegos y cine y comentaros que si en algún momento necesitáis ayuda, podéis contactar conmigo. https://soundcloud.com/matt-ohaira ¡Saludos y suerte!

  • Games 2 Learn

    Games 2 Learn

    about 7 years

    ¡Hola Yolanda! Nos anotamos tus datos y veremos con detalle tu página web. Con tu perfil, seguro que puedes ayudarnos a desarrollar el videojuego.

    Y aunque seguro que ya lo has hecho, ¡no te olvides de difundir la campaña entre tus amigos!

    ¡Un abrazo!

  • Yolanda


    about 7 years

    Soy paleoartista con amplia experiencia, trabajo tradicional y digital recostruyendo escenas prehistóricas, especializada en Pleistoceno, neandertales, fauna y paisajes. Le dejo mi web por si necesitara ilustradores: www.yolilustracion.com. Un saludo

#03 / ¡Queremos batir un récord nacional!

A falta de poco más de una semana, ya podemos decir que no vamos a conseguir el importe solicitado. No obstante, nos hemos marcado otro objetivo importante.

Convertirnos en el crowdfunding de un videojuego español realizado en nuestro país, que logra obtener la mayor recaudación hasta la fecha. Aún no teniendo éxito durante su campaña.

Según nos han comentado en Verkami, en su plataforma esa cifra estaría en 4.500 €. Ahora mismo llevamos 4061 €. Estamos muy cerca.

Así que os pedimos que hagáis un último esfuerzo y nos ayudéis a difundir la campaña durante la semana que nos queda por delante. Finaliza el miércoles 23 a las 11.00 horas.

Si conseguimos este nuevo objetivo, al menos, nos iríamos con la cabeza bien alta XD

¡Muchas gracias!

#02 / ¡Steam GreenLight: Conseguido! + Artículos publicados + Imágenes

Steam GreenLight: ¡Conseguido!

Steam es la plataforma más famosa para la descarga digital de videojuegos para ordenadores.

Mediante su sistema GreenLight, los equipos indies como nosotros pueden presentar sus proyectos de videojuegos, y los que consigan más votos, podrás distribuirse en su plataforma.

Nosotros, en apenas nueve días nos hemos plantado en el puesto número 19 de todo el mundo. De un total de 1540 videojuegos internacionales.

Y hemos obtenido "luz verde" para publicar el videojuego en esta plataforma, una vez tengamos la versión Alpha.

¡Toda una sorpresa!

El problema es que los usuarios extranjeros de esa plataforma no conocen la web de Verkami y casi no aportan al crowdfunding. Suelen hacerlo para sitios que les son mas conocidos como KickStarter o Indie GoGo.

Por eso, seguimos necesitando vuestra ayuda para difundir el videojuego.

Sería maravilloso poder sacar adelante un proyecto tan ambicioso desde España.

¡Ayudarnos! ¡Aún queda mucho tiempo!

read more

#01 / # Nueva recompensa + Artículos publicados + Ilustraciones

¡Necesitamos vuestra ayuda!

En las primeras 24 horas conseguimos más de 2.000 €. Pero llegó el fin de semana y se enfriaron las aportaciones.

Por eso os pedimos que sigáis ayudándonos. Para que este inicio de semana sea el gran impulso que necesitamos para lograr el éxito de la campaña y realizar el videojuego.

Noticias publicadas

En apenas unos días, varios medios digitales ya se han hecho eco de nuestra campaña. Algo verán, ¿no? ;-)

¡Nueva recompensa!

Con una aportación de 250€: Homo antecessor



Mención en créditos
+ Gratitud eterna
+ Libro digital de arte oficial de Prehistory
+ Cinco copias de Steam Early Access (Alpha)
+ Banda sonora original de Prehistory
+ Making of (Video)
+ Poder jugar con un Hombre de Neandertal ( tres jugadores )

+ Aparecer como entidad colaboradoraread more

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