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"AMADEUS 1791" - Camerata Impromptu and Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia

Show created around the last year of intense and mysterious life of Mozart, with his Requiem as a main theme. Mozart himself personifies the stage to explain in person the facts that surrounded their composition, in monologue and dialogue with performers and audience.

From 3.500€
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We are now extending the amount to 4500€. Would you help us reach it?

**Thanks a lot to all the patrons who have collaborated in our project.

We have reached our initial goal.**

These extra 1000€ will pay part of:

  • The rental of a big auditory or theater for the premier of our show to take place.

  • The rental of a hall for the oficial presentation of "AMADEUS 1791" to take place.

If we obtain more than this second goal (4500€), the extra money will be destined to improve the publicity of our project.

Many thanks for helpìng us make a dream come true.

What do we wish?

We would like you to help us materialize an idea that was born while we were planning to prepare Mozart’s Requiem. As we started gathering information on the background of this great work we realized how interesting and mysterious was the last year of Mozart’s life. And then, we had an idea...

  • Would it be possible to make a show out of it rather than just a concert?

  • Would it be possible to link totally different compositions that Mozart wrote during the last year of his life?

  • Could we not only enjoy his music but learn as well interesting details on the life and work of this great master?

  • Could Mozart himself appear on the stage?

“Amadeus 1791” makes those possibilities a fact. We will be grateful to you if you help us making it possible.

"Amadeus 1791", the idea

Mozart cannot wait any longer... 220 years is too long to remain in a tomb without the possibility of witnessing any performances of his last work, not knowing if it was successful.

Without previous notice, his spirit materializes and joins the soloists, the orchestra, the choir and the conductor who are ready to start playing the Rèquiem.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in person, just arrived from "hereafter" especially for the occasion, will be our guide to the real facts that where the background of this composition.

From the stage, Mozart will talk to us in a dialog with the conductor, the musicians and the audience.

Mozart’s life is extensively documented. Including many surprising details. We will recreate the character based on historical documents such as his abundant correspondence, underlining this universal genius’s unique personality. We will observe his most intimate thoughts and feelings. What were Mozart’s thoughts on the death of his loved ones in the critical moments of his own life? We will be able to laugh, cry and be touched by his emotions.

The various parts of the Rèquiem performed by soloists, choir and orchestra will be linked with Mozart‘s performance. The music will be the sound-track of what he will be telling us, so that music and words alternatively convey us the message of the performance.

That is why the show includes other fragments of suitable works by Mozart, besides his Requiem.

The Rèquiem en Re minor is an exceptional masterpiece, intense and dramatic; specially considering the actual circumstances in which Mozart wrote it.

Who are we?

Camerata Impromptu (CI) is a choir belonging to Associació Impromptu pel Foment de la Música. Its goal is the on-going education of its singers and a serious musical work.

The choir was awarded the 3rd prize at the XXXIX Certamen Coral de Ejea de los Caballeros and the 2nd price at the 5th Festival Internacional de Cors de Malgrat de Mar.

It organizes and acts as stage choir at the conducting course Curs de Direcció Coral Camerata Impromptu.

It has performed in prestigious Catalan concert halls: l’Auditori de Barcelona, Teatre Kursaal de Manresa, l'Auditori Caixa Fòrum, Teatre Monumental de Mataró, Sala Barts de Barcelona, etc.

L'Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia (OBF) was founded in 2004. Its members are professional musicians and talented young graduates. From its beginning it has been managed by the musicians themselves.

The orchestra has performed at important local concert halls such as l'Auditori de Barcelona, Palau de la Música Catalana, Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat, Kursaal de Manresa, etc. It has also performed in Germany, Switzerland, the Check Republic and Italy, with repertoires including Chamber music, Symphonic works and opera from authors of all times, with special attention to Catalan composers.

The choir and orchestra are both conducted by Daniel Antolí i Plaza

CI i OBF regularly cooperate, as was the case of the productions Mozart - 250 years; Òpera SORT!; Quatre Segles d’Òpera; Haendel’s Messiah and De l'Òpera al Cinema.

How will your donations be spent?

They will cover part of the cost of performing on the stage the production "Amadeus 1791" so that it reaches the best possible result. Some details:

Artistic staff (109 people):

  • Orchestra: 40 musicians

  • Choir: 60 singers

  • 4 Singing soloists

  • 1 Actor

  • 1 Stage director

  • 1 Musical director

  • Technicians: 2 (sound & video, lights).

Technical needs:

  • 1 Projector i 1 Screen

  • Sound devices (speakers,mixers,microphones)

  • Chairs for choir and orchestra

  • Music stands for the orchestra and the conductor, with lights

  • 1 stool for the conductor, platforms in two levels for the choir

  • One extra technitian

  • Large rehearsal rooms, etc.

But raising funds is not our only motivation. We see this promotion as an excellent way to make you interested and wanting to be part of a cultural project with Music as the main character. For us it is most interesting and exciting!

The rewards

To thank you for your donations, we have established a number of rewards directly related to the project so that you may feel part of it.

We have named the rewards with the names the great Mozart gave to his opera characters.

Pick a character and be part of this adventure, surely you will find the one that suits you specially.


  • Early 2015: start of rehearsals for al participants, separately.

  • Spring 2015: presentation event in Barcelona.

  • Early Summer: start of joint rehearsals.

  • Early July: premiere in Barcelona (theatre to be confirmed).

The rewards will be delivered on occasion of the various activities. We will inform you by email about the specific dates and times when you will be able to pick them up.

Further information

For further information on the project or on the regular activities of the choir and the orchestra please visit our respectiv





If you need additional information of clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us on the emai: espectacle.amadeus1791@gmail.com

Many thanks for helpìng us make a dream come true.


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