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Book 'Revolutionary Road' by Luis Quiles

Revolutionary Road is a project for editing a book with a collection of the most controversial artwork by Luis Quiles, plus some exclusive unpublished works for editing this artbook. A unique opportunity to see some of his work together without any censorship.

Luis Quiles

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The project 'Revolutionary Road' will be a book compiling my most controversial and some unpublished artwork created especially for this edition. It will also include the prologues Josep Busquet and Leandro Taub.

After spending the last few years working on my own hundreds of illustrations with total freedom of creation, I decided it was time to do something of this work and edit my own book. Both you shall know my work as those who discover it now, this project will be a unique opportunity to see for the first time my work in conjunction with over a hundred illustrations without any censorship.

The submission of this book will be made anywhere in the world.

Revolutionary Road is edited by Verkami and it would be difficult to conceive a book with my original work and uncensored through conventional channels of sale and distribution.

Also mention that this project will be published as thank the people who have supported me throughout this time and to rub it in the face to all those haters who have tried again and again to denounce and criticize my work ... and they have not succeeded!

What will allocate your contributions

Printing 1,000 copies of the book 'Revolutionary Road' with approximately 100 pages printed in full color

Merchandising for rewards

Printing a limited number of copies of the sketchbook

Shipping and empaquetage

Taxes crowdfunding 5% + 21% VAT and bank taxes 1.35%

About the rewards

This is the shirt that you send if you choose the Guerrilla Pack, Pack All in, Pack Pack Portrait or Protagonist. Prior to shipment we will contact you for you to select your size.



Rewards limited to the first five who request it. Includes yours or the person you want in digital format portrait.


Attention !!! If you select this reward you will appear as a character actor and be recreated in one of the unpublished drawings shall be included in the book. Limited rewards!

Draft timetable

Once finished 40 days of Verkami, estimates about two months to finish the illustrations and layout. Another month for printing ... and finally the time to package and ship all your orders!

Approximately late spring early summer of 2015 will have all your rewards at home.

Information for shipments

When the rewards are finished, will be sent a questionnaire to all patrons by mail to ask for all the necessary data for shipments.

Send the packages to your address by regular mail, if you are not in the time of shipment will leave a note and you will have fifteen days to collect it at the nearest post office. After these fifteen days, if you have not gone to pick one, we will return the package. If you had to resend the packet, the patron would take over the additional shipping would have to pay again.

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  • Mariona Gràcia i Closa

    Mariona Gràcia i Closa

    almost 9 years

    Hola me llamo mariona i era porque me encantaria comprar tu libro, aun esta disponible eligiendo algun pack. Si la respuesta es si como lo ago? Des de esta misma página no me deja con el mobil. Enorabuena por el trabajo!!!! #catalunyaindependent!!!!!

  • crazy-monkeeey


    almost 9 years

    Hola Luís, estoy impaciente porque llegue el libro, ¿cuando van a comenzar los envíos?

  • Hamster-X


    about 9 years

    Quería aprovechar esta sección para decir que ya he recibido el libre y que es IMPRESIONANTE! Gran trabajo de un gran artista!

  • Antonio R-Canela

    Antonio R-Canela

    about 9 years

    Cuándo se envía el libro?

  • HBadial


    about 9 years

    Do I need to put anything under the "OBSERVATIONS/OBSERVACIONES" field when filling in my mailing address?

  • Luis Quiles

    Luis Quiles

    about 9 years


    For any questions you can write me at [email protected], it's more easy to answer you.

    Thanks a lot for your support!

  • JCH303


    about 9 years

    I pledged the international pack & completed my form for my name in the acknowledgements. I just received an email with a link to complete a form, but when I click the link I get an error message on the page. Is there something else to complete?

  • goyogoya


    about 9 years

    Hola Luis

    ¿Hay alguna previsión de cuando se enviarán los ejemplares del libro a los mecenas?

    Un saludo

  • Luis Quiles

    Luis Quiles

    over 9 years

    Hola Jorge! Puedes escribirme a [email protected]. Gracias

  • Jorge


    over 9 years


    Luis quisiera contactarte de alguna manera, no poseo facebook ni ninguna otra red por el estilo. quisiera conversar de un proyecto en el cual me encantaria que formaras parte gracias


Quedan solo unas horas para acabar la campaña y apunto de empezar todo el trabajo para que el libro esté listo en unos meses.

Buenas noticias para los mecenas! Avanzaros que como la campaña ha ido muy bien podré hacer una edición mejor del libro, más calidad en las impresiones e incluir más dibujos.

Muchas gracias a todos por hacerlo posible!

There are only few hours to finish the campaing and I'm ready to start all the work so the book will be ready after few months.

Good news for the patrons! In advance that the campaign has gone very well I can make a better edition of the book, more quality in prints and including more drawings.

Thanks a lot for making it possible!

#01 / 6000 after 24 Hours!!!!

Nearly 6000 euros in 24 hours! It starts with power!

Thank you all for your strong support to this project

You make it possible!

Soon I will be giving more news :-)

Cerca de 6000 euros en 24 horas! Empieza con fuerza!

Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro gran apoyo al proyecto.

Vosotros lo hacéis posible!

Pronto iré dando más noticias :-)

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