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Fillin Lamp

Objective achieved! CAMPAIGN STILL ACTIVE. YOU CAN GET A LAMP FOR A SPECIAL PRICE BEFORE IT IS SOLD IN STORES. I want to produce my own lighting project, an innovative table lamp. Its glass lampshade can be filled with different elements/materials to create your own, personalised light.

Ignasi Paré

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New target!

As the campaign has been a success and have come so soon to an end, we intend to reach a new target.


If we can reach € 8,000 we will raffle one Fillin Lamp among all patrons who have contributed € 145.

This lamp will be a special edition customized by our friends 40 Plumas, glass artisans. They will made a special edition engraved with the designer's signature.

Good Luck!

My project:

The easiest way to create or intensify ambience light in specific points at home is by placing a table lamp. There exists a huge variety of models in the market. However, it is often difficult to find the table lamp which best suits both, our taste and our space. The solution is Fillin Lamp, a table lamp which thanks to its glass lampshade, can be filled with different materials to create your own light.

I am an industrial designer and I would like to produce my own table lamp design project and set up my own brand of furniture and household equipment to design, produce and sell high-quality, functional and aesthetic objects. Directly from the designer to the consumer.

The aesthetic qualities and the type of light in a lamp depend, above all, on its lampshade, as this is the element that dims and brings forward the beauty of electrical light. That is why the shade is the main and most recognisable feature in the Filling Lamp. You can fill it with different materials and, using your imagination, the lamp will turn into a complex and distinctive light source.

I want to share the fascination and passion I feel for design. With Fillin Lamp you can imagine and design your own lamp. Be creative. Be a designer.

Fillin Lamp is a poetic lamp that can be personalized and adapted to different spaces simply by using different materials to fill the shade.

Experiment, imagine, innovate, design and create your own lamp. Fill it with your ideas.

Customize the lamp and adapt the intensity and colour of the light to the environment.

Sustainable design

Fillin Lamp Lamp is a product designed responsibly with the environment. Methods of traditional and local craftsmanship have been applied to manufacture the high-quality, natural materials used.

The turned legs are made of beech wood from controlled felling.

The lampshade is made of mouth blown glass, an environmentally friendly material and the bulb is a warm white LED light that helps save money and do your bit for the environment.

All your contributions are always welcome

Your contributions will help to manufacture:

  • A mold for the mouth blown glass made in Murano.

  • The mouth blown glass lampshades

  • The beech wood legs and base

And to buy:

  • Electrical components

  • LED bulb

  • Packaging

In short, your contribution will help to turn a project on the conceptualization and production of creative products into a reality.


You can have your own Fillin Lamp, including the LED bulb, for only 145 €. Remember that its price in stores is 200 €.

You can also have the Fillin candle holder made of beech wood for 15 €, or a set of four candle holders for 55 €.

You can have different accessories to fill in your lamp for only 10 €:

-folded parchment (off-white paper) for a contemporary ambience

-wood shaving for a natural ambience

-coloured felt for a colourful ambience


Manufacturing the mold for the shade takes 40 days. Then it is assembled, packed and sent. All in all, it takes up to 55 days to get your Fillin lamp. The candle holders take up to 25 days.

+ Info

web Fillin Lamp
Twitter @FillinLamp

Thank you very much for your support

Ignasi Paré


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  • fradejass


    about 9 years

    ok ya hice, mi aportacion (de Tenerife) [email protected]
    , necesitaras mi dni para el envio, asi como explicarme como te ingreso el cargo extra de envio a las islas.

  • Ignasi Paré

    Ignasi Paré

    about 9 years

    Hola fradejass,

    los portes para Canarias serían de 28€.

  • fradejass


    about 9 years

    estoy interesado, para Tenerife, cuanto serian los gastos adicionales?

  • Ignasi Paré

    Ignasi Paré

    about 9 years

    Hola Rubén, gracias por tu comentario. La pantalla de cristal es bastante resistente, como un florero de cristal. Pero si se rompe, dispondremos de pantallas sueltas para su venta individual.

  • Rubén


    about 9 years

    Duda de los más "patosos": puesto que la parte más frágil claramente es la pantalla, ¿tienes previsto disponer en un futuro "recambios" de ésta? ¿O sólo estará disponible el conjunto completo de la lámpara? Muchas gracias! Y enhorabuena por el diseño

  • Ignasi Paré

    Ignasi Paré

    about 9 years

    Hola Jose,

    La bombilla está situada en la base de madera y es una bombilla LED estándar de 6W fácil de encontrar. Tan solo tienes que levantar la pantalla de cristal y cambiarla.

  • jose


    about 9 years


    hola, en caso de que sea necesario un cambio de bombilla, ¿sería complicado de hacer?, y el recambio, ¿será fácil encontrarlo?

    gracias, saludo,



  • Ignasi Paré

    Ignasi Paré

    about 9 years

    Thank you Arudna,

    We will work whith an international transport companie to deliver the lamp with every guarantee.

    And the cost will be about €30 for France.

  • arudna tyan

    arudna tyan

    about 9 years

    Hello, i funded the project, very nice and interesting work. How will it be shipped in foreign countries (for me france)? Any idea of prices of shipping? By the way, i love this work!

  • marina


    about 9 years

    How are you going to ship it to the US and how much is this going to cost additionally? thank you :-)!

#12 / Delivery

Ya hemos entregado las primeras Fillin Lamps. Gracias por venir a la fiesta y recoger vuestra lámpara.

Empezamos a enviarlas!

Ja hem lliurat les primeres Fillin Lamps. Gràcies per venir a la festa i recollir el vostre llum.

Comencem a enviar-les!

We have already delivered the first Fillin Lamps. Thank you for coming to the party and pick your lamp.

We start sending!


Ya falta poco!

Para agradecer a todos los mecenas, organizamos una fiesta y así podréis conocer al diseñador y llevaros vuestra fillin lamp.

Estais todos invitados el próximo Domingo 24 de mayo a las 6 de la tarde en C. Bruc, 144, S.A. 1ª de Barcelona.

Es necesario confirmar.

Ja falta menys!

Per agrair a tots els mecenes, organitzem una festa i així podreu conèixer el dissenyador i portar-vos la vostra fillin lamp.

Esteu tots convidats el proper diumenge 24 de maig a les 18h al C. Bruc, 144 S.A.1ª de Barcelona.

Cal confirmar.

Almost there!

To thank all the patrons, we are organising a party so you can meet the designer and take away your fillin lamp.

You are all invited next Sunday May 24th at 6 p.m. at C.Bruc, 144 S.A.1ª in Barcelona.

Please confirm.

#10 / Manufacturing!

Base de fusta

Ja tenim la base amb les potes de fusta de faig.

Base de madera

Ya tenemos la base con las patas de madera de haya.

Wood base

We now have the beech wood legs and base.

#09 / SORTEO

Hem fet el sorteig d'una Fillin Lamp firmada i el guanyador es...

Hemos hecho el sorteo de una Fillin Lamp firmada y el ganador es...

Our draw of the signed Fillin Lamp has been made and the winner is...



Pots veure el resultat / Puedes ver el resultado / You can see the result at:


Estem fabricant el teu llum. Ja falta menys!

Estamos fabricando vuestra lámpara. Ya falta menos!

We are producing your lamp. Not long to go!

#08 / Good luck

Com que hem arrivat al segón objectiu, d'aquí a pocs dies farem el sorteig d'una Fillin Lamp personalitzada entre tots els mecenes..


Como hemos alcanzado el segundo objetivo, en pocos días haremos el sorteo de una Fillin Lamp personalizada entre todos los mecenas.


#07 / We have succeded!

Gràcies a tots, ho hem aconseguit!

Ben aviat em posaré en contacte amb tots vosaltres per demanar-vos les vostres dades d'enviament.

La vostra Fillin Lamp ja s'ha començat a fabricar i en un mes us arribarà a casa vostra.

¡Gracias a todos, lo hemos conseguido!

Pronto me pondré en contacto con todos vosotros para pediros vuestros datos de envío.

Vuestra Fillin Lamp ya se ha empezado a fabricar y en un mes llegará a vuestra casa.

Thanks to everyone, we have achieved it!

I'll get in touch with you soon to gather information about your shipping details.

Your Fillin Lamp has already started to be produced. I expect you will receive it at home within a month.

#06 / Ya hemos empezado con la fabricación!

Quedan pocos días para que acabe la campaña pero aún estáis a tiempo de conseguir una Fillin Lamp.

Hemos empezado con del proyecto. En Murano ya están fabricando el molde para poder realizar la pantalla de cristal soplado.

We have started the project. The mold is now being manufactured in Murano to make the lampshade of blown glass.

A mediados de abril ya podremos empezar a montar las lámparas y en pocos días las enviaremos.

In mid-April we can start to mount the lamps and in a few days we would ship the lamps.

#05 / 20 days

There are still 20 days left to get a Fillin Lamp.

Aún quedan 20 días para conseguir una Fillin Lamp.

Ignasi Paré

#04 / New target!

Como la campaña está siendo un éxito y hemos llegado tan pronto al objetivo, nos proponemos llegar a un nuevo objetivo.

Si conseguimos llegar a 8.000€ sortearemos una Fillin Lamp entre todos los mecenas que han aportado 145€.

Esta lámpara será una edición especial personalizada por nuestros amigos Dani y Bianca de 40 plumas, artesanos del vidrio. Realizarán un grabado en la pantalla de cristal con la firma y fecha.

Regala una Fillin Lamp 'first edition'.


#02 / In one week!

En una semana ya hemos conseguido el 89% de la campaña para poder fabricar los moldes y empezar con la producción.

Seguid con las aportaciones. Fabricaremos mas lámparas.

In one week we have already achieved 89% of the campaign to manufacture molds and start production.

Go on with the contributions. We will produce more lamps.

Gracias a todos!

Thanks to everybody!

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