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Zafarana - new CD of Carola Zafarana

Recording once again!! New versions of mantras and songs. Thank you very much all of you that want to join me in this new adventure!!!

Carola Zafarana

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I'm so excited about this new álbum, that I don´t know where to start! A CD with mantras and songs, music for everybody, for those who practise yoga and meditation, but also for those who like to cook, for gardeners, for children, pregnant women, the man who I meet every morning at the bakery downstairs, Reading his paper, my family in The Netherlands and my soul family that lives around the globe, but especially here in Barcelona and Valencia.

In September 2014, I decided to record some mantras, just me and my guitar, very basic. With no hurry, in studio The Room BCN with Jordi Navarro. Just for fun, for the love of it. I used my savings and I thought that I would finish this project in a few days BUT new melodies came to me and new lyrics, new songs...and they come whenever they feel like coming, so I decided to continue and let this flow by itself.

listen to Lalalilalala

There will be about 5 mantra´s and 5 songs. Most of them entirely acoustic (voice and acoustic guitar) and some with bass guitar (Roger Horta) and small percussions (Isis Alegría). In El Eterno Sol Jordi Navarro plays the acoustic guitar. In the new Guru Ram Das my dear friend, Ken Aiso, will come from the UK to record the violin part.

Short clip where you can listen to a fragment of the recording of the Guru Ram Das mantra with Ken Aiso:

Why participate (again) and what do I need to finance?

To support something that beautiful and magical that is music! And to have the new CD in your hands before it goes into sales.

I need to return to the recording studio to finish recording and the final mix. Other important part of the project is the printing of the CD, booklet and cover. It will a paper print again (like the first álbum), but this time it will have no plastic part inside.

And there are other costs: photography, grafic design, artistic design, author rights....

The plan is to have it all finished in October or, with a little luck and if everything works out, in September!!

How does the "paying part" work exactly?

You can pay via credit card or PayPal. However your money will only be taken off your account if the project is succesful! This means that I need to reach the goal within the 40 requiered days! Let me know if you have doubts/questions!

What happens if the goal of 3000 is exceeded?

There are a lot of costs involved and I would love to pay everybody what they deserve. Everybody is wonderful and charge me very little or nothing at all! Musicians, photographer, designers, Bene who generously came to Barcelona to record a day in the studio on video and is editing the material which is a huge load of work! I dream of being able to live doing what I love and I wish the same for everybody in this project.




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  • Carola Zafarana

    Carola Zafarana

    about 6 years

    Hola Julia!! Pues mándame tu correo electrónico y te explico cómo lo puedes hacer!! Muchas gracias!!!!!!

  • julia


    about 6 years

    Hola buenas tardes. Me podrías pasar un número de cuenta par hacerte un ingreso. Haces una music preciosa

#04 / Conseguido!!!!! Het is gelukt!!! Goal achieved!!!!

Estoy muy emocionada y agradecida, gracias a todos por el cariño y el apoyo!!!

Hemos llegadoa 120% del objetivo, es una pasada!!!

Hacer un disco de cualidad cuesta mínimo 6000 euros y yo quería hacer la mitad con Verkami para poder hacerlo YA y mira que pasó!!! Con ese 20% extra podré ampliar el presupuesto del formato del disco y grabar un día extra!!!

Muchas gracias!!! Y os contactaré por mail en unos días para contaros más cositas!

Het is gelukt!!!!!! Iedereen super bedankt, 120% is echt fantastisch!!!!

Een CD maken kost minimaal 6000 euro en ik wilde de helft daarvan crowd funden, dat is nu dus gelukt en met 20% extra kan ik een dag extra naar de studio en het betekent ook nog meer kwaliteit van de lay out van de cd, het boekje, de fotos, etc.!

Heel erg bedankt iedereen!!! Over een paar dagen komt er een mail van mij persoonlijk over de volgende stappen en om jullie op de hoogte te houden!

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#03 / Quedan 10 días! 10 more days to go!

Impresionante como vuela el tiempo, ya es julio y en 10 días termina mi proyecto! Estoy tranquila, confiando pero a la vez un poco nerviosa, claro!

Espero de todo corazón que saldrá el proyecto, iré subiendo nuevos vídeos a partir del lunes y intentaré no comerme todas las uñas :)

Gracias muchas gracias!! Y si queréis ayudarme compartiendo el link en vuestro facebook/email, me encantaría!!!

Un abrazo,


Time has passed incredibly fast, its already July and in about 10 days the project will be finished! I'm calm, keeping faith but at the same time a little nervous, yes!

I hope from the bottom of my heart that I will make it, as of Monday I will be uploading sime new video's to promote the project and in the meantime I will try not to eat all my nails :)

Thank you all again, very much!! And if you can, please share the link (once again) on your facebook/e-mail, I would love that!!!

Lots of love from Barcelona,


#02 / Dos semanas en Verkami - two weeks Verkami

Ya estoy a 35%, cada día va subiendo, gracias muchas gracias!!!!

Mientras tanto sigo con las nuevas canciones y he quedado de nuevo en el estudio, de 20 a 25 de julio vuelvo ahí!!!!

Already at 35%, every day it goes up a little bit, thank you so much!!!!

In the meantime I am working on new songs and set new dates to record, I'm going back to the studio in July!!!!

#01 / Una semana en Verkami - a week of Verkami

Estoy entre nervios y pura alegría, es un tiempo excitante, grabar un nuevo disco, pasar tiempo en el estudio, muchas risas, mucho cansancio, pero qué bonito es dedicar tu tiempo a lo que amas!

Una semana en Verkami, quién lo hubiera pensado? Yo no! Pero aquí esto de nuevo, con mucha ilusión!

Y también sé muy bien que no hay garantías, es posible que no lograré el objetivo y entonces tardaré un poco más, pero no me va a impedir seguir y esto me da mucha paz.

Gracias a todo vosotros que me estáis apoyando in muchas maneras distintas, significa muchísimo para mi y me emociona!!!!!!

I am between feeling very nervous and feeling very excited!! Because these are exciting times, record a new CD, spend time in the recording studio, lots of laughs, a lot of fatigue, but absolutely love to be able to dedícate my time to something I love doing the most!

One week with Verkami, who would have thought? I certainly didn´t! But here I am once again, happy!

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