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HappyWeek, the best gift you can give your partner

Game for couples that consists of creating happy moments together that turn into unforgettable memories. There are lots of activities prepared for you that will bring that new-relationship spontaneity back into your lives. Surprise one another with secret dates that will break your routine.


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But you can buy a HappyWeek in: Happyweek.us

This is about a game for couples that consists of creating happy moments together that turn into unforgettable memories.

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1.- HappyWeek, the best game for couples EVER

2.- Why is HappyWeek the best game you can give your partner?

3.- What’s included & What are the rewards?

4.- Why is the design key?

5.- What is the HappyWeek timeline?

6.- What’s the history of HappyWeek?

7.- Why do we need your pledge?

8.- What kind of activities are there?

9.- When will my HappyWeek arrive at home?

10.- Shipping & Handling

11.- SO… Who are the crazy people who want to create Happy Moments?!

1.- HappyWeek, the best game for couples EVER

We are a group of six entrepreneurs that have been working together for over a year crafting the best game for couples EVER, HappyWeek. With HappyWeek, you create happy moments together that will turn into unforgettable memories.

We have carefully prepared 40 fun original activities that will help you and your partner surprise one another. Each one of the 40 fun activities, has its own set point value, so you and your partner - together - set objectives, that once met, allow you to reap the benefits TOGETHER.

Each activity comes with a special letterpressed HappyWeek Secret Clue that will be sure to arouse curiosity.

Like these:

Each HappyWeek Secret Clue can be hung from the vintage HappyWeek board using heart shaped blackboard clips. Here is where you can write the day and time of your secret surprise date. There is even a special area provided, the FOR US space, where you and your partner can leave personalized notes for one another.

Each date has been carefully planned and concocted by Mar, the most brilliant couple psychologist in the whole world. Thanks to her knowledge, years of experience, and over 50 couple interviews (conducted solely for HappyWeek)...she was able to create activities designed to strengthen the key areas for healthy relationships.

HappyWeek’s 40 surprise activities encourage and promote:

  • Communication

  • Sensuality

  • Passion

  • Trust

  • Entertainment

  • And above all, happy moments TOGETHER!

The activities are designed for all couples, and can be done anywhere in the world.

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2.- Why is HappyWeek the best game you can give your partner?

  • It is inexpensive

How many times can you take your partner to just another expensive restaurant? Surprise them with an exciting and original activity.

  • Its original design

Specially designed by Silvia Trull, made from top quality materials, and stamped on letterpress.

Each HappyWeek is HANDMADE.

  • It’s unique

There is nothing comparable to HappyWeek on the market.

  • It conveys a message that will CHARM YOUR PARTNER

What could thrill your partner more than a gift that sends the message: I want to spend unforgettable moments with you?

★ Not sure what gift to give your partner for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, their birthday, or just because? Well, here is a serious candidate ;)

And hey! Who says you need to have a “special” occasion or holiday to give your partner a gift!? Why not show how special you think they are by giving them a gift, just because! They will definitely appreciate it, and you will put a smile on their face!

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3.- What’s included & What are the rewards?

  • Complete HappyWeek Game

Thanks to this campaign, you have the chance to buy the HappyWeek at a reduced market price. Which price you pay, depends on how quick you are to act! ;)

  • 50 units available for 22€

  • 75 units available for 25€

  • 500 units available for 29€

The retail price in store will be over 35€ + tax, so hurry and take advantage of buying it while the crowdfunding campaign lasts!

  • One board game

The game board has been skillfully hand crafted using only the best materials and with letterpress printing.

Size DIN A5.

  • 40 Secret clues

The clues have been printed on top quality material using letterpress printing.

Measuring 5.5cm x 5.5cm

Each Secret Clue represents one of the 40 activities, 20 activities for her to schedule for him *; and **20 activities for *him to schedule for her. All the activities are on the web which you will access with a password.

  • 25 cards FOR US

Blank cards provided for the two of you to write your own special messages, and joint goals.

Measuring 8 x 5cm.

  • 3 pins

Two heart shaped chalkboard pins to write the time and day of your surprise activity and hold your secret clue cards.

Third vintage pin to hold your personalized FOR US messages and joint goals onto the HappyWeek board.

  • Canvas bag

This is the packaging for the HappyWeek game embossed with the enchanting message of the game imprinted on the front - I want to spend time with you & create Happy Moments.

  • Limited Edition

Make this HappyWeek gift even more special by acquiring one of the first 50 special editions. This is the perfect edition for those of you who prefer the real touch and feel of books to the modern day ebook.

This limited edition will include two hardcover HappyWeek booklets in full color (one for the him and one for her), in which all the activities will be explained in full detail, without having to enter the webpage. The books will be only edited in Spanish.

  • Retail Edition

This is an edition specifically tailored for retailers. Receive a total of 10 complete HappyWeek games with special packaging designed specifically for retail purposes. This packaging allows customers in your stores to know exactly what they are getting when purchasing a HappyWeek from your store.

Para cualquier duda

  • Deluxe Edition

Enjoy an authentic personalized HappyWeek experience where it was first created - in the great city of Barcelona. We will prepare a special romantic journey full of secrets and surprises, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Get to know the whole HappyWeek team over a wonderful meal at our favorite Barcelona restaurant. There, we will let you in on all the sweet secrets of HappyWeek.


Verkami will not charge your credit card until the end of the campaign on January 26th

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4.- Why is the design key?

The design is key; that is the very reason why we have chosen to go with letterpress, and top quality materials. We know how very special this gift will be for you, and your partner, which is why we didn't cut costs when it came to the design.

Although these decisions impacted the price of fabrication, we believe the end result to be well worth it. We wanted to ensure that the look and the feel of the physical game matched the sentiment behind HappyWeek.

We have also taken great care in the packaging for the HappyWeek game. You will receive all the magic of the game carefully tucked away into a minimalistic cotton bag with the enchanting message imprinted on the front - I want to spend time with you & create Happy Moments!

It is so important for us that from the very first moment you touch HappyWeek it is a magical experience.

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5.- What is the HappyWeek timeline?

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6.- What’s the history of HappyWeek?

Pilar and Tito have been together for more than 5 years, 6 months, and 8 days to be exact (and counting).

At the beginning they were making all kinds of exciting plans together, and going on dates regularly. However, as time passed and routine set in, they began going on less and less dates… They went from trying anything new and exciting, to settling for comfy nights at home, and sweatpants. Until one day they decided to break this long-term relationship cycle. They came up with an idea to break up the monotony: “Let’s share our calendars and set up secret dates and activities for each other!”

Just like that they started making plans again - like at the very beginning. Taking the time to spend energy on planning secret dates for one another brought that new-relationship spark back into their lives. Each mysterious date brought that wonderful magic feeling from when they first met and when sweatpants only came out on Sunday nights.

They weren’t the only ones who noticed a change… Everyone they let in on about their new ‘game’ loved the idea and was thrilled by the concept, and more importantly, were excited about trying the same activities with their own partners.

One day they mentioned their idea to an old friend from school (that just happened to be working as couple therapist), and she thought this was more than just an interesting concept. She told them that there was nothing quite like it, in the market for couples, and that they could really create something wonderful for all couples. This could be the start of a new fun way to help couples live lots of unique happy moments TOGETHER and break those long-term relationship blues.

That day HappyWeek was born!

Won’t you help us through the crowd funding campaign to help spread more Happiness? ;)

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7.- Why do we need your pledge?

The cost to fabricate HappyWeek has been allocated as follows:

  • Prototypes

  • HappyWeek’s webpage

  • Design

  • HappyWeek APP development

  • Other services

The cost of the product is about 18€, therefore our profit margin for the crowd funding campaign is very small.

If we reach our goal, we will have recovered the initial investment without benefiting from any financial gains. Our main objective is to be able to fund this project that from its inception has been tugging at our heartstrings!

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8.- What kind of activities are there?

Now, we can’t give away all our secrets because we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you or your partner. But we will give you some important information.

  • For over a year, we have been carefully crafting these 40 activities word for word

  • The activities were planned by our HappyWeek’s couple psychologist and the collaboration of other prominent professionals in the sector

  • Each activity can be modified or adapted to better fit the individuality of each couple

  • Each activity consists of the following:

    ★ A full and detailed description of the activity + ideas on how to plan it
    ★ A COOL TIP and a NAUGHTY TIP for the opportunity to earn extra points
    ★ A professional commentary (by Mar our psychologist) to explain the importance of each activity
    ★ Special section with: links + photos + extra info

  • Demographic Location & age do not affect the game or activities

And now a little taste… ;)

Some activities have to do with beauty of nature and require venturing into the great outdoors for some activities such as hiking, star gazing, or watching the the sky light up with colors as the sun sinks into the horizon… Other activities can be done from the comfort of your own home… You also have the option of including friends or family to any of these special occasions.

However, no matter what the activity may be, what makes them so magical are all the little details we have added to make each activity completely original, unique, and FUN!

Sensuality, intimacy, and communication are just some of the key factors considered when designing of each of these activities.

All the activities can be found via web in both English and Spanish.

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9.- When will my HappyWeek arrive at home?

27th of January finalization of the campaign

5th of February we send you your HappyWeek

10-13th of February your HappyWeek arrives at your door!

In case you couldn't wait until the end of the crowdfunding campaign to gift HappyWeek to your sweetheart, we have the perfect solution for you!

Our talented designer has prepared an incredible printable HappyWeek certificate & coupon to present your partner. This way, you can gift your partner not only one of the very first HappyWeek’s to be fabricated, but also the message of the project. A project which aspires to create and spread happy moments for couples! :)

Also, you can show our video so they can see the project and fully understand that with your gift they are helping to support the HappyWeek message.

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10.- Shipping & Handling

We ship WORLDWIDE and offer FREE shipping to those who are residing in Spain!

However, no matter where in the world you are…you will receive your HappyWeek before Valentine’s Day! Your very own HappyWeek is scheduled to arrive at your door between February the 10-13th.

Don’t procrastinate this year, order it now and you can relax knowing you have ordered the perfect gift for you and your partner! ;)

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11.- So… Who are the crazy people who want to create Happy Moments?!

If anything is still not clear or you have any questions, please write us! We are HAPPY to answer any and all questions. Thanks so much for your support, and be sure to have a HappyWeek! :)

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  • Andrea hg

    Andrea hg

    about 9 years

    hola!!! me parece super buena idea vuestro proyecto, solo tengo una duda como he leido esta hecho a mano, en cuando tiempo me llegaria mas o menos... Gracias!!!

  • Andrea H

    Andrea H

    about 9 years

    hola!!! me parece super buena idea vuestro proyecto, solo tengo una duda como he leido esta hecho a mano, en cuando tiempo me llegaria mas o menos... Gracias!!!

  • HappyWeek


    about 9 years

    Hola Andrea,

    Tardamos como máximo una semana en enviártelo y una vez enviado te llega en un par de días.

    Lo puedes comprar en esta página:


    Gracias por tu interés y HappyWeek :)

  • Andrea


    about 9 years

    Hola! me ha encantado vuestra idea, y quiero compartir este juego con mi pareja!

    Solo tengo una pregunta... si lo compro hoy en cuanto tiempo lo recibiré, semanas, meses.. como explicais esta hecho a mano y se que requiere un tiempo.

    Muchas gracias!

  • silviaO


    about 9 years


    Felicitats pel triomf!

    Encara no he rebut el meu Happy week, i no tinc manera d'ingressar els 7€ perque les dades que em vau donar no son completes.

    Si us plau, em podeu respondre?

    Moltes gràcies.


  • alba


    over 9 years

    Hola, tendría q llegar el juego el 13 de febrero y no hay rastro de él. Q ha pasado?

  • inevitable


    over 9 years

    Hola buenas, pone que el día 2 salen los paquetes, pero no tenéis mi dirección, como lo vais hacer??

  • HappyWeek


    over 9 years

    jajajaj Lo tendremos en cuenta, aunque por ahora nos tenemos que centrar en HappyWeek como lo proponemos.

    María, infinitas gracias de verdad :) Gracias a gente como tu ha sido posible este proyecto. Que lo comentes con tu entorno es lo que hace que HappyWeek haya conseguido su objetivo.

    Nosotros tambien estamos emocionadísimos. Mañana empezamos a montar todo! Lo puedes ver en nuestro facebook & twitter.

    Infinitas gracias de verdad :)

  • Maria


    over 9 years

    Estoy emocionadisima con recibir el mio y comentandolo con mi grupo de amigas, resulta que hay muchas sin pareja pero con niños peques en plan madres solteras y nos pareceria super chulo que lo editarais tambien en mas temas no solo parejas 😋😋😋😋

  • HappyWeek


    over 9 years

    Hola Marta,

    Muchas gracias por tu interés.

    Lo puedes comprar en la siguiente dirección:


#07 / ¡La mejor manera de tener tu HappyWeek!

¡Hola de nuevo mecenas!

Esta vez os escribimos para informar de que el próximo jueves 12 de febrero, vamos a estar en un bar de Barcelona celebrando el éxito de la campaña de crowdfunding. Nos hace mucha ilusión invitar a todos los que habéis hecho posible este proyecto. Así nos podremos conocer, os explicaremos todos los detalles y os podréis llevar vuestro HappyWeek en mano.

No hay mejor forma de tener tu HappyWeek, conociendo al equipo fundador y puede ser la primera actividad sorpresa para tu pareja ;)

Si quieres evitar los típicos problemas de Correos y asegurarte de tenerlo en mano esta semana, os proponemos esta nueva opción. Recordad que sólo podemos ofrecer un HappyWeek esta semana a los primeros 500 mecenas que lo compraron.

Si no puedes pasar por la fiesta, no te preocupes que este lunes que viene enviaremos tu HappyWeek.

Si os pasáis por la fiesta, por favor, confirmad vuestra asistencia con un mail a [email protected]read more

#06 / ¿Quieres saber cuando te llegará tu HappyWeek?

Hoy lunes, resaca de un fin de semana muy muy ajetreado, queremos decirte que cada vez estamos más cerca de enviar tu HappyWeek.

Pero también te queremos comentar que estamos desbordados por dos razones:

  • Nunca nos hubiésemos pensado vender tantas unidades de HappyWeek. ¡¡Nuestro objetivo era llegar a 200 unidades y ya hemos vendido más de 750!!

  • Hemos estado todo el fin de semana de montaje. Montar las cajitas que contendrán las pistas secretas, dos por cada HappyWeek, nos ha sobrepasado. Este fin de semana -3 personas todo el sábado, madrugada incluida, y 4 personas todo el domingo- nos ha servido para montar 600 de las 1000 cajas…

Así que necesitaremos el fin de semana siguiente para montar las cajitas restantes y preparar todos los envíos. Así que, aunque pensábamos que enviaríamos los primeros 500 HappyWeeks… read more

#05 / Lee las últimas novedades de HappyWeek porque, sencillamente... ¡Te encantarán!

La campaña acaba en sólo 3 días y continuamos trabajando para que el HappyWeek que te llegue a casa sea el mejor juego para parejas EVER y para que cuando se lo des a tu pareja, el simple hecho de abrirlo y tocar las tarjetas+tablero se convierta en toda una experiencia.

Imagínate, abriendo la bolsita de tela, con dos cajitas monas que contienen 20 tarjetitas sorpresa cada una, hablando con tu pareja e intentando adivinar "¿Qué porras será la actividad que se esconde detrás de esta tarjeta?" Momentos mágicos...

Traemos noticias brutales (brutalmente buenas). La primera: Ya tenemos producidas todas las tarjetas y tableros de los primeros 500 HappyWeeks. Hoy los hemos ido a recoger y son... ¡Sencillamente Preciosos! Te va a encantar, palabra!

Estos pilones, son hojas de DIN A3, que tienen más de 20.000 tarjetitas. ¿Increíble, no crees?

read more

#04 / Hemos mejorado HappyWeek: añadimos marco + cajistas + sellos

No podemos estar más agradecidos. Nunca nos hubiésemos imaginado vender 300 HappyWeeks en apenas 3 semanas. No queremos que este agradecimiento se quede sólo en palabras y es por eso que estamos trabajando cada día en cómo mejorar el producto para que cuando lo recibas, estés más feliz junto a tu pareja (ya sabes que el objetivo de HappyWeek es crear momentos de felicidad). Y hoy podemos enseñarte dos cambios que mejorarán sustancialmente el producto que vas a recibir en pocas semanas:

  • Hemos añadido un marco gris al tablero de HappyWeek. Es un papel gris de gran gramaje que se añade al tablero que teníamos previamente, haciendo de éste un tablero más compacto y mucho más mono.

- Vamos a dar dos cajitas con cartón craft (compradas en Selfpackaging) en las que se guardarán por un lado las 20 tarjetitas… read more

#03 / ¡Empieza la cuenta atrás!

¡En menos de dos días llegan los Reyes Magos!

Si todavía te falta algún regalo, piensa en HappyWeek! Aquí podrás descargarte el VALE y un certificado por haber participado en una campaña de crowdfunding para que se lo des la mañana de Reyes a tu hermano/a, padres, sobrinos, amigos, suegros, padrinos, ahijados… ¡Cualquier persona con pareja puede disfrutar de un HappyWeek!

Por cierto…


¡Feliz domingo y HappyWeek!

#02 / Feliz Año Nuevo y con novedades...

Queremos desearos una buena entrada de año y esperamos que tengáis un 2015 cargadito de momentos felices :)

En HappyWeek no hemos cerrado por vacaciones y continuamos trabajando en construir el mejor juego para parejas EVER :)

Tenemos todo bien cerrado, pero como estamos superando nuestras expectativas, estamos hablando con proveedores de más calidad para ofreceros un producto aún mejor. Todo esto lo iremos desvelando durante los días que nos quedan de campaña, pero ahora queremos que veáis cómo serán nuestras tarjetitas por detrás y 3 diseños nuevos, aunque los colores todavía no son definitivos...:

Por último, queremos agradecer todo el apoyo e interés que estamos recibiendo. Más de 250 personas han comprado HappyWeek y aún queda más de la mitad de la campaña. Aún no nos lo creemos :P

Ya sabéis que estamos empezando y no tenemos muchos recursos, así que os agradeceríamos muchísisisisimo que pensarais qué amigos/familiares/compañeros tienen pareja y les habléis de HappyWeek.

#01 / **¡¡Papá Noel se ha adelantado!!**

El Sr. Papa Noel nos acaba de traer el mejor regalo que podíamos recibir esta Navidad:

                                      **¡FUNDAR HAPPYWEEK!**

¡¡Estamos taaan contentos!! Después de una semana muy intensa, trabajando infinitas horas y viviendo muchas emociones, hemos conseguido ¡el 100% de nuestro objetivo! En sólo una semana… No podíamos estar más felices con esta supernotícia. Ya te podemos asegurar que a principios de febrero recibirás tu HappyWeek en casa :)

            ¡¡¡Os merecéis todos un **GRACIAS** de aquí al Polo Norte!!!
                             Gracias por ser nuestro Papa Noel :)

                                               **¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!**


¡Por cierto! Si todavía te falta algún regalo para estas fechas, por 29€ puedes regalar un HappyWeek a cualquier pareja, a tus primos, tíos, sobrinos, vecinos…

read more

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