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The musical group KAMBAK was born in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Through music, young people of different nationalities call on the Peoples and all those who want to support the defence of life. You can help make the recording of their first album, MUSKUY.


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Puyo, Ecuador
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What do we propose?

Through this project we want to perform recording, mixing, mastering and release of our first album, called MUSKUY.

Who are we?

We live in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We are an intercultural group formed of young people of the Kichwa Nationality, with a distinct touch of Basque. In January 2013 we decided to form the group KAMBAK motivated by our gratitude with life and our disagreement with the unbalanced social, environmental and cultural situation we Amazonian peoples and the society in general.

We decided to call the group “KAMBAK”, which means "yours," or "for you" in Kichwa language, so that different originating nationalities identify with the music, with its history, with its territory...

Our goal is to strengthen the cultural identity of the peoples and nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon, which are at a disadvantage against the devastating globalization. Likewise, we combine our efforts to promote the defence of Sacha Mama (Mother Jungle) and the cultural richness that is here.

We tell you more...

Since the KAMBAK group was born, we have been present in every corner of the forest and Ecuadorian cities, carrying messages of hope and unity.

We have long been hoping to record an album, and through it, to get to the heart of communities and indigenous peoples. It is our desire; that is why we will name the album “MUSKUY” (Dream, in Kichwa). Similarly, it is our purpose to get our songs to the rest of the world, with the intention that the language of music will make visible the reality of the peoples of the Amazon.

How about the album?

MUSKUY tells the stories of our grandparents and sings the most beautiful melodies with scent from the jungle. The traditional rhythms take us back to our roots and remind us what we always were. The fusion with the rhythms and contemporary instruments also puts us in a current picture, because the album also makes reference to the present reality, changes and difficulties that the Amazon and its peoples are experiencing. MUSKUY hails the strong and wise woman of the jungle, to the love, to the spirit advocates of life, to the dreams and the warmth of the community.

What is our purpose?

We aim to be a benchmark for Nationalities and Indigenous peoples and minorities, especially in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where the indigenous music is disappearing towards the more commercial and vacuous music. This is why we consider the recording of MUSKUY to be fundamental.

The album recording of MUSKUY will be a first step for KAMBAK; the first step of a long way to go; a path with heart, which will reach young people, children and adults from all corners. This is just the beginning of a life purpose, which is to strengthen minority and disadvantaged people, so that together we can be the protagonists of the aid of a territory. All thanks to a dream, thanks to MUSKUY.

Where will your contributions go?

If we reach the set target of 3,000 euros, your contributions will be allocated to:

  • Recording, editing, mixing and mastering of the album MUSKUY in the town of Cayambe.

  • Recording copies of the CDs.

  • Presentation and album release.

  • Development of crafts and shirts through a local and community production.

About the rewards

Based on our principle of "randy-randy" (reciprocity), and thanks to your help to fulfil this dream, I want to invite you to be part of this project that we are devoting body and soul. Behold the rewards we offer and choose the one that most interests you.

With your contribution of € 20 (25$), you will receive:

  • A signed copy of our first album, MUSKUY

With your contribution of € 30 (37$), you will receive:

  • A signed copy of our first album, MUSKUY

  • Amazon Crafts (choose from: earrings, necklaces, bracelets)

Contributing € 40 (50$), you will receive:

  • A signed copy of our first album, MUSKUY

  • Amazon Crafts (decorative household items)

Contributing € 55 (68$), you will receive:

  • A signed copy of our first album, MUSKUY

  • Amazon Crafts (choice of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or decorative home items)

  • A KAMBAK T-shirt

What will we do if we exceed our target?

If this happens, we intend to provide the group with new instruments and sound equipment necessary to continue creating new songs and to continue taking them to different scenarios.

Expected timetable

MUSKUY will be recorded in the town of Cayambe - Ecuador.

Expected schedule as follows:

  • January 2015:

Recording of the album

  • February 2015:

Editing, mixing and mastering of the album. Recording the copies of the CDs.

  • March 2015:

Release of the album and presentation of it in the city of Puyo (Ecuadorian Amazon)

Delivery of the rewards

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