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Yurgaki Trio

Yurgaki trio es un proyecto de Jazz experimental latino iniciado en Colombia y desarrollado en Barcelona.En él se mezclan diferentes tendencias y culturas. Es un proyecto independiente que busca apoyo para la difusión y promoción de su música a nivel internacional a través de esta plataforma


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The Yurgaki project first began in 2005, and was founded by the Colombian musician Nicolas Cristancho. With the support of the NGO "Gestarte", Yurgaki’s first album OJO X DIENTE was produced, which was deeply-rooted in the popular salsa tradition.

In 2009 Nicolas relocated to Barcelona, and in collaboration with Felipe Varela and Fidel Minda, he reinvented the project as the Yurgaki Trio. The intention of this project was to maintain the use of folkloric themes and energetic salsa rhythms, but to expand on these key elements through the use of experimental improvisation, and explore the affect of groove and modern jazz influences– presenting a distinct sound that was to represent the musical environment that the trio was surrounded by.

With this in mind, the trio started to perform in various venues around Barcelona and found an audience who was open to their ideas, and brought with them a curiosity about the trio’s experimental sound and dance-like feel.

In 2011, the Yurgaki Trio competed in the Jazz Festival of Barcelona, coming first place and winning the opportunity to record an album. The resulting 8-track album (sample below) reflects the creative process that the trio has undergone since the project’s inception.


As the prize only covered the costs for the recording of the album, the trio has been raising the rest of the funds through live performances and by making their own contributions. At this stage the tracks are recorded and mixed, but the aim now is to find the funds to distribute and promote the album independently through the Verkami platform, allowing the trio to interact directly with their public.

The funds collected will contribute to the mastering of the album, the cover art, the duplication of the CDs, printing of band T-shirts and distribution of all this material amongst their fans.


The trio has only 40 days to reach this goal, so if you have an interest in this project, get involved! Support us! And help us spread the word to all your friends around the globe.

We will be holding promotional events during the 40 days of the campaign in Barcelona. For updates of when and where, check out our campaign blog.

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  • yurgaki


    over 8 years

    si claro!!!!!

  • nancychavezrada


    over 8 years

    Se puede consignar mas delos 2000 Euros? es decir se pueden pasar de los 2000 euros?

  • Jessica Diaz

    Jessica Diaz

    over 8 years

    Ke bakan, locazoooo!!!!, Fideliño saludos a la distancia

  • yurgaki


    over 8 years

    Si se puede, se debitará al final del proyecto

  • ricardo polo

    ricardo polo

    over 8 years

    se puede aportar con tarjeta debito ? el aporte en tarjeta se debita enseguida o al fianl del proyecto ?

  • ricardo polo

    ricardo polo

    over 8 years

    Vijo Nicoun par de amigos mi han preguntado si existe un mecanismo complementario al de la tarjeta de credito para apoyar el proyecto como cuentas bancarias, etc. Lo segundo es, en que momento hacen el debito de la tajeta de crédito, al final ?

  • yurgaki


    over 8 years

    El dinero se cobra al final y esta el presupuesto calcuclado justo para distribuirlos

  • bertha quintero

    bertha quintero

    over 8 years

    Me parece muchos discos que entregas por los aportes, este dinero ya lo cobraron?, no te preocupes que vamos a lograr los 2 mil, y el costo de envíos quien lo asume? adelante!

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