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Artbook - Push ups - Vol. I (Sketches, drawings and dreams)

I'd love to publish an artbook with all the best sketches, illustrations and studies (I call them: "push ups") during the past years, in a format that emulates a sketchbook with a stunning print quality at a reasonable price.

Aleix Gordo Hostau

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This book is a compilation of the best pages of all the sketchbooks that I have filled during these years. The result of creative freedom and quitness (or not), just drawing for the sake of drawing, prime reason why I decided to make all this my profession.

The book will have a format of 15x21cm, 144 pages with a great paper quality and hardback cover in black cloth. The idea is to make a facsimile, as close as possible to the format and appearance of the sketchbooks I normally use for drawing. Its content includes pencil sketches, character designs, oniric scenes, ink studies, ideas and drawings from several trips I made, specially the one to Japan two years ago.

How will I use your donations?

The advantage of selfpublishing is that nowadays there are no artbooks in this format, this printing quality and this amount of work published in the market at this price. As the percentages of the publisher and the distributor (only for this campaign) don't exist in the equation, it's a win-win situation for everybody.

The integrity of the donations will be destined only to cover the costs of the offset printing of 750 copies and to cover the added costs of other rewards and its shipping cost.

The remaining copies, that will be able to be purchased through the collaboration in the campaign, will be distributed to specialized comicbook stores in Spain, worldwide through Montana Colors distribution channel and comicbook distribution channel in Spain with the intent to raise awareness of the project.

The Rewards:

The Artbook:

The artbooks will be all numbered, along with a handwritten signature and a personal dedication, addressed to the backer.

All the artbooks will also be accompanied by an exclusive printed postcard of one of my illustrations also signed specifically for this project. The postcard wil be in 10x15cm format.

The Prints:

Title: "The End of the World" Take an original digital print (300grs Splendorgel Fedrigoni paper) in A3, signed and numbered. Serie of 100 copies.

Title:"Roses" Take an original silkscreen print (370grs paper, special for engravings) in A3, signed and numbered. Serie of 50 pieces.

Do you want a mural?

For this project only, I would paint an outdoor or indoor wall between 3-5m wide by 3m high. Transportation, accomodation and subsistance to produce the mural would not be included.

Additional objectives:

The more rewarders the better!

As we collect an amount higher than the one initially marked, I will unblock the following additional objectives:

  • 4.000€: Augmentation of the printing copies to a 1.000 and a letterpress stamping of the logo on every artbook cover.

  • 5.000€: I will include one exclusive silkscreen print for this project in 15x21cm, signed and numbered, for all the rewards higher than 20€.


If everything works properly I could print and bind the artbook in a week, ten days after completing the campaign. I will be able to send all the packages in the next two or three weeks. All ready for Christmas!

About me:

I draw almost every day since I was only a few months old, it was all because of my grandmother. For years I also draw during my spare time besides my workday as a professional artist. Three or four years ago I began to fill sketchbooks compulsively with my drawings. I was hooked. I was hooked because I realized it was a time of the day, usually at night, where I could be free. These drawings had nothing to do with comissions, nor were they subject to any particular project, it was drawing for the sake of drawing, just for pleasure, to vent. I guess part of that frenzy began because I wanted to become a better artist.

As I drew every day and posted the pictures in my social media I had to invent a name to tag all those pictures to make a difference from the others that could be part of momentary commissions, etc... Hence it arose the idea of "Push ups". For me, all these drawings, all of these studies, ideas, were like if an athlete doing exercises to prepare himself/herself to better face a competition.

Thank you all for your help and for trying to make this project happen!


You can follow any of my new works at:
My Website
My Facebook Page
My Behance
My Flickr
My Twitter
My Instagram
@aleixgordo (Twitter/Instagram)


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  • Aleix Gordo Hostau

    Aleix Gordo Hostau

    over 8 years

    Hola, en principi seria només una frase del tipus "amb afecte a Fulanito de tal" o similar, però per aquells que vinguin a la presentació, i si hi ha temps, no tinc cap inconvenient en fer-hi un dibuixet. Gràcies a tu!

  • Òscar


    over 8 years

    Hola! Quan dius que el llibre estarà dedicat, vols dir una frase del tipus "amb afecte" o vol dir que hi faràs un esbós? Gràcies!

  • Aleix Gordo Hostau

    Aleix Gordo Hostau

    over 8 years

    Gràcies Laia, tota ajuda serà benvinguda! Una abraçada.

  • Laia sampere

    Laia sampere

    over 8 years

    Hei aleix, soc la laia ex-tropografik !! He vist publicat el teu verkami al facebook d' una amiga meva que es diu fernanda Ole,y ole ! Com que soc pobre , comparteixo a facebook a veure si començen a posar pasta els potentats :-) abraçada, laia


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#06 / ¡Ya queda muy, muy poco!

Queda muy, muy poco para que termine esta campaña de verkami para publicar mi primer artbook! Si todavía no tienes uno, participa!

agradecería que me ayudárais a difundir la campaña estos útlimos días que quedan.

Aquí el link del proyecto:




#05 / Ya tenemos 2275€!!

Ya queda muy poco para conseguir que la campaña sea un éxito! A ver si conseguimos más y podemos intentar llegar el siguiente objetivo que mejorará algunas de las prestaciones del artbook! Ayúdanos a difundir la campaña. Muchas gracias a todos!

We are about to succeed with the campaign! Let's see if we get more and we can achieve the next objective that will improve some of the features of the artbook! Help us to spread the word about th campaign. Thank you all!

#04 / 1500€ en nueve días ! / 1500€ in nine days !

Llevamos nueve días y ya tenemos recaudado 1.500€ en mi campaña de Verkami! Muchas gracias a todos! Ya queda menos para hacer este proyecto realidad!

In only nine days we got 1.500€ in my crowdfunding campaign! Thank you very much to you all! We are closer to make this project posible!

#03 / Ya tenemos video! / We have a video!

Finalmente aquí podéis disfrutar de una pequeña pieza realizada por Goho Estudio para la campaña. Por favor difundidlo tanto como podáis! Gracias.


Finally, you can enjoy a small video, made by Goho Estudio for this campaign. Please share as much as you can! Thank you!


Video credits:

Direction: Aleix Gordo Hostau

Realization: Gustavo López Lacalle

Editing: Gustavo López Lacalle

Production: Goho Films (Goho Estudio)

Music: "Shoot the runner", Kasabian.

Social Media Campaign: Estefania de Pouplana

Agreements: Estefania de Pouplana, Gustavo López, Françs Gori, Óscar Martin, Ominiky Ediciones, Miguel Ángel, Marta Puparelli, Verkami and to all those who made this campaign possible.

read more

#02 / 799€ en dos días!/799€ in two days!

Llevamos dos días y ya hemos recaudado 799€! A ver si seguimos así un poco más y hacemos de esto un proyecto serio...hehehe. Muchas gracias a todos!

In only two days we got 799€! Let's see if we can make something serious out of this.... hehehe. Thank you very much to you all!

#01 / Ya sonó el disparo de salida! / We finally started!

Hola a todos! Hoy mismo empieza la campaña de crowdfunding en Verkami para publicar mi primer artbook “Push ups - Vol.I“ con los mejores bocetos, ilustraciones y dibujos de los últimos años. Me encantaría que me ayudarais a hacer este proyecto posible y que compartiéseis este post en vuestros muros. Muchísimas gracias a todos!

Today starts the crowdfunding campaign to publish my first artbook “Push ups - Vol.I“ with all the best sketches, illustrations and drawings during the past years. I’d love you to help me make this project possible and that you could share this into your FB profiles. Thank you all!

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