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Arròs Movie

Arròs Movie, una road movie hecha con tu granito de arroz, licencias libres y amor a la paella!

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We are going to make a road movie. American style but with mediterranean

flavour. Tomás is running away from a brutal murder in a rave, starting

an unexpected journey where he will find several characters and

situations that will make him arrive to his heart and the heart of those
around him. We want to depict our daily reality.

If we are making a movie is to create a common place, a set of experiences,

affinities... Or what’s the same, to create a family. But we want to do

it from the same day the project starts, not the day of the premier. A

community with diffuse boundaries which is not restricted to the love

for “paella” but a community that shares those things that bonds us,

this sense of family, this will to share everything.

We want to start an on-line a community born from the joy of this moment to arrive to the bodies, to touch, hug each other.

We need 8000 € that will be used to fund part of the shot of the movie,

the preproduction starts in March and the shot will be in May.

As in every road movie, the nature of it’s landscapes, it’s people, and

the paths walked are fundamental. And we want to transpirate a sense of
“valencianity” in every frame. Moreover, “paella” embraces a moment of

party, of joy, of sharing, of pleasure.


Note: here you can visit the web page of our photographer ROC HERMS


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