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We really happy to have achieved our goal! THANK YOU.

But we have realized that we need more support to make the exhibition the way we desire. With more money we will improve several aspects:

BUY FRAMES: We didn’t include them in the budget.
CATALOG: More pages and full color. The first idea was to make it like a fanzine and one ink. It would be much better if we can improve it.

The exhibition's idea came out talking with the curator Amanda de Pablo. We thought that a selection of our diaries was a good way to approach this project. Since then, we have been working in content selection, designing the installation and looking for sponsors.

The installation will be made with polaroids, prints in different sizes and unpublished diaries.


During the process we haven't found the necessary help to built the project as we want to, so that's why we are here to ask for your support.

Your contributions will be used to make the prints, a delicate catalog and postcards. We will also have a limited edition poster made by the artist Maria Prats** and nice details for the opening day.

We need to achieve the minimum amount that we ask to make this possible. In case that we overcome it we could make a better installation, catalog and opening party.

The exhibition will be held in Barcelona at the Gallery H2O in february of 2014.

The rewards will be send in early February. You will receive an email with the shipment details.


Alba Yruela (b.1989) lives in Barcelona. She documents her life with intimacy and rawness. Her photographs have been published in Dazed and Confused, Vice Magazine, Vogue Spain, Neon magazine and S magazine, among others.
Pogobooks (GER) edited a book with her work in 2011.

She has exhibited in UK, Paris and LA.

Rafa Castells (b.1989) lives in Barcelona. His work observe the movements that surround him and he has published in Neon Magazine, S Magazine, Vice and in publications like Minus Five (14-19), NTPDPDN#1, Tips for the waiter (Kaugumi), among others.

He has exhibited in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and LA.

Alba Yruela web

Rafa Castells web


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Alba Yruela and Rafa Castells' Exhibition

Exposició d'Alba Yruela i Rafa Castells

Exposición de Alba Yruela y Rafa Castells

Raised €1,775
of €1,000
100% funded Conseguido!
THANK YOU!! We have achieved our goal with less than 10 days, we are so excited! :-) We would like to keep your help flowing in order to make a better catalog and installation.
GRÀCIES!! Amb menys de 10 dies hem conseguit els diners i estem molt contents! :-) Ens agradaria que no deixessiu d'ajudar-nos perquè com més gran sigui la xifra millor serà el catàleg i l'instal·lació.
GRACIAS!! Hemos conseguido el objetivo en tan solo 10 días!! Estamos muy contentos :-) Nos gustaría que siguierais apoyándo nuestro proyecto para poder mejorar la instalación y el catálogo de la exposición.
Created in: Barcelona

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on November 30, 2013.

  • Pledging €10
    26 Patrons

    Special thanks in the catalog + 1 poscard
    (*Spain shipment only*)

  • Pledging €25
    11 Patrons

    Special thanks in the catalog
    + Pack 6 postcards
    + Digital catalog
    (*National/International shipment*)

  • Pledging €35
    14 Patrons

    Special thanks in the catalog
    + Catalog
    (*National/International shipment*)

  • Pledging €50
    6 Patrons

    Special thanks in the catalog
    + Pack 6 postcards
    + Catalog (National/International shipment*)

  • Pledging €100
    2 Patrons

    Special thanks in the catalog
    + Pack 6 postcards
    + Catalog
    + Poster A3 signed by the artists (National/International shipment*)

  • Pledging €250
    1 Patron

    Special thanks in the catalog
    + D-Print 18x24cm 235gr
    (National/International shipment*)

  • Pledging €500
    0 Patrons

    Agraïment en el catàleg
    + D-Print 30x40cm 235gr
    (*Enviament Nacional/Internacional*)

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on November 30, 2013.


Project creator

Foto de Alba i Rafa
Alba i Rafa
Rafa Castells i Alba Yruela, nascuts al 1989, són dos fotògrafs de Barcelona. Read more
Alba i Rafa has 0 other projects in Verkami. You can find more information at http://www.albayruela.com