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Canción Maleva, new tango disk of Sandra Rehder

The Argentinean singer celebrates her fifteen years in Barcelona with her seventh record production. A de luxe edition, with arrangements and musical direction of Gustavo Battaglia and Marcelo Mercadante, which calls for the participation of high-class guest artists.

Sandra Rehder

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Canción Maleva

New tango disk of Sandra Rehder

To celebrate my 15 years in Barcelona, I have decided to make my seventh disk. This disk will have the arrangement and musical direction of two great musicians: Gustavo Battaglia, virtuoso guitar player with whom I have shared an intense musical journey for 10 years, and Marcelo Mercadante, an indisputable reference figure of the bandoneon in Spain.

This sparkling edition, moreover will also include the following musicians of class: Horacio Fumero(bass), Olvido Lanza (violin), Emiliano Roca (bass) y Álvaro Pérez (percussion).

The photography and design will be the responsibility of Fernando Prats, and the artist María Verónica Ramírez is collaborating with the drawing.

The excellence will also extend to the technical side of things, where the recording and mixing technician, Pere Aguilar (La Nau, Barcelona), will put his seal. And the mastering will be done by Fernando Martínez (Estudio Moma, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

It is a pleasure for me to be able to count on this team.

The result of this remarkable combination of strengths will be a recording with a strong tanguero flavour, including music of Carlos Gardel, Celedonio Flores, Rosita Quiroga, Enrique Cadícamo, Homero Manzi, Aníbal Troilo, Héctor Stamponi, Rubén Juárez, Astor Piazzoll*a and *Raúl Carnota, to name just a few.

This new musical work will also include compositions of my friends: Pablo Fraguela and Fulvio Paredes, and I will premiere two tangos and a tonada with lyrics created by myself.

The disc is presented on Saturday, April 1, in the concert hall of La Nau, carrer d'Àlaba, 30. Barcelona.

Why crowdfunding?

Producing a disk requires such high expenses that it is difficult for me to tackle alone. These expenses include the recording in the studio, mixing, fees, mastering, and merchandising, etc.

It would be of great help if you were to become involved in this mini-sponsorship crusade!


The sums collected on through our sponsors will be destined to the following concepts:

  • Recording, mixing and mastering.

  • Fees for photography, design, arrangements and musical direction.

  • Expenses for printing press programs and shipment of the rewards.

  • Verkami's costs + IVA.

  • Pay Pal commission.


Pre-production planning: September to December 2016

Recording and post-production December to March 2017

Delivery of rewards and first performance: April/June 2017


Sandra Rehder: Voice, Production Executive and Director General. Web
Página Facebook - Account Facebook
Blog personal

Gustavo Battaglia: Guitar, Arrangements, Musical Director.web

Marcelo Mercadante: bandoneon, Arrangements, Musical Director.web

Horacio Fumero: bass web

Olvido Lanza: violín web

Emiliano Roca: bass web
Álvaro Pérez: percussion web

Pere Aguilar: Sound technician, mixing. La Nau, Barcelona.web

Fernando Martínez: mastering. Buenos Aires, Argentina.web

Fernando Prats: photography and design web

María Verónica Ramírez: Atwork web Fb


In the last ten years Sandra Rehder has undertaken and performed in various cultural productions and numerous concerts. Among those that stand out are:



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#04 / The latest news of the project

Dear Sponsors

We would like to share the latest news of the project:

The "Canción Maleva" disc has reached the audio mastering stage, meanwhile we are working on the design, and will then move on to production.

Remember the time and place of the launch: Saturday 1st April at 9pm, at
“La Nau”, c/ de Àlba 30. http://www.lanaubarcelona.es/

The event will be a concert and milonga, with DJ Pablo Maidenik.

For those who are not able to attend on that day to receive their CDs, they can do so at Sandra Rehder’s future shows.

For those who arranged to receive their CDs by post, shipment will take place at the beginning of April.

Soon we will have more news.

Many thanks


#03 / Algunes novetats del projecte

Benvolguts Mecenes,

Desitgem compartir algunes novetats del projecte:

El disc "Canción Maleva" està en l'etapa de masterització, mentrestant es realitza el disseny. Després passarem a la fabricació.

Recordem lloc i data d'estrena: La Nau (c/d'Àlaba 30), dissabte 1 d'abril, a les 21h. L'esdeveniment que serà concert & milonga, tindrà com Dj a Pablo Maidanik. http://www.lanaubarcelona.es/

Para aquells que no puguin assistir aquest dia, i així retirar el/els Cds, ho podran fer en les successives presentacions.

Pels quals tenen Cd + enviament postal certificat, comuniquem que els enviaments es realitzaran a principis d'abril.

Seguirem informant!

Moltes gràcies

Una abraçada

#02 / Algunas novedades del proyecto

Queridos Mecenas,

Deseamos compartir algunas novedades del proyecto:

El disco "Canción Maleva" está en la etapa de masterización, mientras se realiza el diseño y luego pasaremos a la fabricación.

Recordamos lugar y fecha de estreno: La Nau (c/d'Àlaba 30), sábado 1 de abril, a las 21h. El evento que será concierto & milonga, tendrá como Dj a Pablo Maidanik. http://www.lanaubarcelona.es/

Para aquellos que no puedan asistir este día, y así retirar el/los Cds, lo podrán hacer en las sucesivas presentaciones.

Para los que tienen Cd + envío postal certificado, comunicamos que los envíos se realizarán a principios de abril.

Seguiremos informando!

Muchas gracias

Un abrazo



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