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The Asociación Aragonesa de la Ópera was born in autumn 2009 to give back a stable and quality lyric programme to the city of Zaragoza and its surroundings. At the moment we are working in a "Conference on Music and Holocaust" with the performance of the opera "The emperor of Atlantis" by Viktor Ullmann, a critic parody about Hitler and totalitarianism, created in the Terezín concentration camp. It is a scarcely performed opera with a great symbolic and musical value, for the topic it deals with an how it is presented. 5000 € are required to finish financing the project and be able to put the work to the stage.

The contributions we get will go straight to finance the production expenses, that is, to defray the musical costs of the orchestra, singers and technical crew. For our performance we count on a great musical team, leaded by the well known composer José María Sánchez-Verdú, who wil be responsible of the musical direction of the opera.

The day 24 october 2013, within the aforementioned conference, the performance will take place and the rewards intended as a way to thank our sponsors will be given.

Links with further information

Complete opera audio available on Youtube.
Information about Viktor Ullmann
Information about "Der Kaiser von Atlantis"


Here is the artistic cast that will take part in the performance that will take place next october 24 at 20:30 in the Teatro Principal in Zaragoza:

Kaiser Overall - Toni Marsol
Der Lautsprecher/Der Tod - Josep Ferrer
Ein Soldat - Walter Castillo
Soldat II - Iker Montero
Bubikopf - Martha Mathéu
Harlekin - Antoni Comas
Der Trommler - Claudia Schneider

Reino de Aragón Orchestra

Musical Direction - José María Sánchez-Verdú
Scenic Direction - Martha Eguilior
Set and Costume Design - Cristiana Baldetti
Lighting Design - Martha Eguilior y David Pujol


• for its singularity: according to the Operabase statistics, this opera is a very uncommon title, very seldom programmed by theatres in spite of its great artistic value and its tremendous historic significance. The occasions to see it performed live are, then, really few, and this performance scheduled in Zaragoza has without any doubt a great national and international interest in this way.

• for its moral and philosophic significance: in the context of a Conference on "Music and Holocaust" that will reflect on the topic of the degenerate music (Entarntete Musik), that is, about those composers and works the nazism thought should be forbidden, in spite of their great artistic value, just for the ethnic or ideologic origin of their creators.

• for the artistic team gathered for the occasion, where the figure of the composer José María Sánchez-Verdú stands out, a great musician, internationally recognized in the area of contemporary music. We also count on a first class spanish singers cast, with names like Toni Marsol or Martha Mathéu, among others, regulars in theatres like the Liceo in Barcelona. The scenic direction is in charge of Martha Eguilior, a young and promising name in this theatrical field.


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"The Emperor of Atlantis" by Viktor Ullmann

Representación de "El emperador de la Atlántida", ópera de Viktor Ullmann

"L'empereur d'Atlantis" de Viktor Ullmann

"Der Kaiser von Atlantis" (Viktor Ullmann)

"L'imperatore di Atlantide" di Viktor Ullmann

Raised €5,420
of €5,000
100% funded Conseguido!
On October 24, 2013 will be held in Zaragoza the performance of the opera "The Emperor of Atlantis" by Viktor Ullmann, a satire about Hitler and totalitarianism, gestated in the Terezin concentration camp. This opera is rarely staged and has great symbolic value and musical.
El 24 de octubre de 2013 tendrá lugar en Zaragoza la representación de la ópera "El emperador de la Atlántida" de Viktor Ullmann, una sátira sobre Hitler y el totalitarismo, gestada en el campo de concentración de Terezín. Es una ópera escasamente representada y con un gran valor simbólico y musical
Le 24 Octobre, 2013 sera tenue à Saragosse la représentation de l'opéra "L'empereur d'Atlantis" de Viktor Ullmann, une satire sur Hitler et le totalitarisme, composé dans le camp de concentration de Terezin. Cet opéra est rarement mis en scène et a une grande valeur symbolique et musical.
Am 24. Oktober, in Zaragoza, wird die Oper "Der Kaiser von Atlantis" von Viktor Ullmann durchgeführt werden. Diese Oper ist eine Satire auf Hitler und der Totalitarismus. Es ist ein Werk mit großem musikalischen, philosophischen und moralischen Werten.
Il 24 ottobre 2013 si terrà a Saragozza la rappresentazione dell'opera "L'imperatore di Atlantide" di Viktor Ullmann, una satira su Hitler e il totalitarismo, composta nel campo di concentramento di Terezin. Questa opera è raramente messa in scena e ha un grande valore simbolico e musicale.
Created in: Zaragoza

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on October 2, 2013.

  • Pledging €15
    13 PATRONS

    For those who can contribute only a small amount.
    The reward in this case is our sincere gratitude for your solidarity + A little surprise in digital format, once the representation has occurred.

  • Pledging €25
    19 PATRONS

    Mention as sponsor + Receiving the newsletter to be distributed to those attending the opera, with all its data and its synopsis.

  • Pledging €50
    45 PATRONS

    Mention as sponsor + Two tickets to attend the performance.

  • Pledging €100

    Mention as sponsor + Two tickets to attend the performance + A copy of the book (about 100 pages) to be released with all the content of the conference on Music and the Holocaust, including the opera libretto translated into Spanish. + Meet the artists.

  • Pledging €200

    Mention as sponsor + Two tickets to attend the performance + A copy of the book (about 100 pages) to be released with all the content of the conference on Music and the Holocaust, including the opera libretto translated into Spanish. + A copy of the only available CD recording of the opera, edited by Decca + Ability to attend the entire trial process.

  • Pledging €500

    We know there are extremely generous people, and more to a cultural project like the one we propose. So for those who support us with 500 €, we offer:

    The rewards provided to those who contribute with € 200 + Being named as honorary member of our association

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on October 2, 2013.


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