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Hi! I´d like MUSES A GOGO to be a little ** ART-BOOK** that will collect the drawings I do in my spare time. Small-sized full color illustrations, some of them more likely sketches, around A5 size that I keep in several sketchbooks of my own. Some of the drawings are highly detailed, the others are more sketchy and vibrant. Most of them using a mixed technique. These little drawings are useful to me when I want to get used to new drawing tools: watercolors, markers, goucache, etc. When I buy a new brand of, let´s say, markers, the first thing I do with them is one of these drawings.

My muses. When I draw for pure fun, almost always I end drawing the female figure. I try them to be suggestive, not in an explosive way, just natural. I´ve tried to work over several beauty standards, a wider range from what I show in my more commercial work. This book doesn´t include any kind of sex between characters or pornography, but those are tricky concepts, so please be aware of what to expect: several female nudity, maybe including a very minority of explicit poses. Obviously this is an adults-only book. All drawings are not painted from life, but based in my own style and capabilities as artist.

Aprox A5. Around 120 - 140 pages. 70 of the pages are for drawings already done in my current sketchbooks. The rest will be for the drawings specially made for the rewards of the project. Despite I´m working for important comics publishers, this book will become my own little project and I´d like it to have a good edition. This includes offset full color printing, hardcover, cloth spine, and maybe some special ink on the cover. Print run of 1000 copies, but that will depend on the success of the project. The little book inserted in the image at the top is not definitive, cover design not final.

With Verkami I´d like to get funds for the printing -which will take about two thirds of the amount-, transportation, shipping costs and fees. I don´t get any money for the work spent in doing the drawings or designing the book. If we get a higher amount than expected, or the costs are lower, the book will get a better printing, or more pages, or there´ll be aditional rewards.

I´ve released another artbook not long ago and the resulsts were not as good as expected, at least for me. That one were supposed to be more commercial than the one we´ve got here, so I´ve decided not to go with any mainstream circuit, and just do it personally with self-publishing and crowdfunding. Besides, I appreciate that by doing this I avoid any kind of censorship.

If the project is eventually done, the book won´t be distributed to bookstores. The only way to get one, if there are books left after shipping the rewards, will be contacting with me personally, but there´ll be no possibility of appearing in the acknowledgements, or interact with the content of the book, and for sure it will be more expensive, as a reward to the backers of this project. The message is: if you want one, pick it now, please!

The book itself is the base of all the rewards. You´ll get it with your name printed in the acknowledgements page, and also dedicated to you by hand. For some euros more you can get an sketch, drawn specially for you, next to the dedication.
If you want go give more support and get more involved in the making of the book, take a look at the next rewards. They may be funny for both you and me and will make the book an open and collaborative project.

For 65 euros: In addition to the signed and dedicated book, with a sketch and your name printed in the acknowledgements page, YOUR NAME WILL BE INSERTED IN A CREATIVE WAY IN ONE OF THE DRAWINGS OF THE BOOK. ¿How? For example, on the teeshirt one of the girls is wearing, or tattooed on her body, or in a graffitti at the background. There are several ways! It may be your name, nickname, or the name of anybody you want, just please keep it short: name+surname. No long sentences or love declarations allowed! I´ll decide how to insert the name, depending on what it inspires to me, if it´s a girl or a boy, etc. All this means one of the drawings will be specially made for you and your name!

For 120 euros: All the previous, plus YOU´LL GET THE ORIGINAL ART OF THAT DRAWING. Directly removed from my sketchbook, with your name on it. It will be full color, small size (A5), and highly detailed. It will be a little illustration rather than a quick sketch.

For 195 euros: In addition to the signed and dedicated book, with a sketch and your name printed in the acknowledgements page, I´LL DO A DRAWING FOLLOWING YOUR INSTRUCTIONS. THE DRAWING WILL BE PRINTED IN THE BOOK AND YOU´LL RECEIVE THE ORIGINAL ART AS WELL. You can include your name, or anybody´s, in it.
There´ll be some rules:
1 - Just female figures. One, two, three… Ideally one or two so they can be larger.
2 - Respect copyrights. Do not ask for, let´s say, Supergirl. That’s a copyrighted character. If you want to ask for “a blonde girl in a blue outfit with a red cape” it´s up to you, the result may look cool, but it may differ from, you know, Supergirl.
3 - Reasonable demands. An army of horsewomen amazons wouldn´t be reasonable.


  • Want to do a tattoo and with a personalized drawing from me?
  • Want my drawn version in my style of your girlfriend/that girl? Maybe give it to her?
  • You are a girl and want a drawing of yourself? A lovely drawing with your pet? A hot drawing with a tiger?
  • A drawing of your dream girl driving your car?
  • Like playing RPG and want to have a proper drawing of your she-elf character? Or a she-dwarf!
  • You don´t mind the drawing, what you want is to include a love declaration in it. Or a hate declaration.
  • Etc… Just kidding about the hate declaration.

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NOTE about SHIPPING outside Spain:
If you´re reading this in english (sorry for the writing mistakes) you´re probably based outside Spain, so you´ll have to pick one of the shipping fees available. I see the shipping cost are quite high. Sorry for that, there´s not much I can do, the book will be a bit heavy. Shipping includes certified mail with tracking number, that I will provide to the backers. I think it´s important it´s certified, specially for the shipments that include original art. Hope if you´re interested maybe you can find some friends so you can combine several books in one shipment. Let me know any question you may have. Thanks!

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Descripción del proyecto

![Muses a Gogo:Camiseta gratis](

"Muses": en inglés, francés y catalán, musas.
"A gogó": en abundancia, a tutiplén.

Si consigo llevarlo a cabo, MUSES A GOGO será un LIBRO DE ILUSTRACIONES que recogerá pequeños dibujos que hago en mi tiempo libre. Ilustraciones a color en pequeño formato, algunas más bien bocetos, la mayoría de un tamaño similar a A5 y que voy acumulando en varios sketchbooks. Las hay más detalladas, otras más enérgicas y espontáneas. La técnica suele ser mixta y varía de un dibujo a otro. De hecho estos pequeños dibujos me sirven como campo de pruebas para familiarizarme con diversas herramientas: acuarelas, rotuladores, gouache, bolígrafos, etc. Cuando compro una nueva marca de, pongamos, rotuladores, lo primero que hago con ellos es uno de estos dibujos.

Mis musas. No puedo evitarlo, cuando dibujo por pura diversión, casi siempre termino dibujando una figura femenina. Sugerentes, cada una a su manera. He intentado explorar múltiples cánones femeninos, alejándome de mi trabajo más comercial. El libro no pretende incluir ningún tipo de pornografía, pero éste es un concepto subjetivo, así que vaya de antemano este aviso a navegantes. En cualquier caso claramente tendrá contenido no apto para todos los públicos, incluyendo multitud de desnudos y quizá una minoría de poses explícitas. No están basados en apuntes del natural, sino en mi propio estilo y capacidades como dibujante.

Aproximadamente A5. Alrededor de 120 - 140 páginas, 70 de las cuales para dibujos ya realizados más un margen flexible para los dibujos que se puedan hacer ex profeso para esta iniciativa. Aunque actualmente estoy trabajando para conocidas editoriales, este libro pasa a ser mi pequeño proyecto personal y al que me gustaría darle un plus en la edición. Esto incluye impresión a color en offset, tapa en cartoné, lomo de tela a color, posiblemente una tinta especial en la cubierta y/o en las guardas. Tirada de alrededor de 1000 ejemplares, dependiendo de la acogida que tenga. La pequeña imagen de un libro en la cabecera de este proyecto es sólo orientativa.

Con Verkami pretendo financiar la impresión de la tirada, que se llevaría unas dos terceras partes del importe. El resto se dedicará a transporte, gastos de envío y comisiones. A priori no se incluye ninguna retribución por el trabajo dedicado a la realización de las ilustraciones, ni a las ya existentes ni a las realizadas ex profeso, ni al diseño/maquetación del libro que correrá por mi cuenta. Si se consigue una cantidad mayor de la esperada, o los gastos resultan ser menores, redundará en una más cuidada edición, o más páginas, o recompensas adicionales.

He publicado con anterioridad otro libro de ilustraciones a priori más comercial y los resultados no han sido buenos, al menos para mí. Si a ese precedente le sumamos que este proyecto difícilmente tendría cabida en el circuito habitual, el crowdfunding y la autoedición es la única vía para llevarlo a cabo. Otro factor que aprecio es que así además eludo cualquier tipo de control editorial o censura.

Si el proyecto se lleva a cabo, el libro no será distribuido de forma convencional a librerías o tiendas de cómic. Si hay un excedente de tirada una vez enviados los ejemplares a los mecenas, sólo se podrá conseguir a través de mí, personalmente, aunque ya no habrá posibilidad de aparecer en agradecimientos y el precio será mayor, además de que no habrá posibilidad de "interactuar" con el contenido del libro. ¡La mejor forma de colaborar en este proyecto es aquí y ahora!

La base de todas son el propio libro, que es lo que da sentido al proyecto. Puedes tener el libro dedicado y con tu nombre impreso en los agradecimientos, y por algo más, llevarte un sketch dibujado especialmente para ti junto a la dedicatoria.
Si quieres colaborar en mayor medida en el proyecto, he pensado en diversas maneras que pueden resultar divertidas y que harán el libro más participativo:

Por 65 euros: Además del libro firmado, dedicado junto a un sketch y con tu nombre impreso, TU NOMBRE SERÁ INSERTADO DE FORMA CREATIVA EN UNO DE LOS DIBUJOS IMPRESOS EN EL LIBRO. ¿De qué forma? Pues por ejemplo, en una camiseta que lleve alguna chica, o en un tatuaje, o quizá en un graffitti en el fondo. Hay muchas posibilidades. Puede ser tu nombre, o tu apodo, o el nombre que tú quieras, pero limitado a un nombre + apellido. ¡Nada de frases célebres o testamentos inacabables! Yo decido cómo insertarlo, según lo que me inspire el nombre, si es chico o chica, etc. Todo esto significa que un dibujo se habrá hecho especialmente para esa dedicatoria.

Por 120 euros: Todo lo anterior, pero además recibirás EL ORIGINAL DE ESE DIBUJO. Es decir, tendrás en tus manos el único original del dibujo que lleva tu nombre, directamente extraído de mis cuadernos. Será de pequeño formato, aprox. A5, a color, muy detallado y seguramente dibujado hasta el borde de la hoja, a sangre. No se trata de un sketch rápido sino de una pequeña ilustración.

Por 195 euros: Además del libro firmado, dedicado junto a un sketch y con tu nombre impreso, PODRÁS DAR TODAS LAS INDICACIONES QUE QUIERAS QUE SE SEGUIRÁN PARA ELABORAR UNO DE LOS DIBUJOS DEL LIBRO, Y ADEMÁS RECIBIRÁS EL ORIGINAL DE ESE DIBUJO. Puedes incluir tu nombre, o no. Para establecer las reglas del juego hay varias condiciones:
1 - Únicamente figuras femeninas. Una, dos, tres... hasta las que quepan. Lo ideal son 1 o 2. El formato será aprox. un A5.
2 - No infringir copyrights. Es decir, no vale pedir a "Supergirl", por poner un ejemplo. No puedo publicar dibujos de personajes que no son míos. Aunque si quieres pedir una "chica rubia con traje azul y capa roja" puedes hacerlo, y a ver qué sale, ¡y con esto no estoy animando a nadie!
3 - Ser razonable con lo que cabe en un A5. Un ejército de amazonas cruzando a caballo la Quinta Avenida, por ejemplo, no sería razonable.


  • Vas a hacerte un tatuaje y quieres un dibujo personalizado.
  • Quieres ver una versión dibujada a mi estilo de tu novia/amiga/esa chica, y quizá regalársela. O de ti misma, sola o con tus amigas.
  • ¿Dibujar una chica conduciendo tu coche?
  • Juegas a rol y así podrás tener a tu elfa dibujada. ¡O a tu enana!
  • Cualquier dibujo te parece bien, ¡lo que en realidad quieres es incluir tu frase célebre o un testamento inacabable! O una declaración de amor. O de odio.
  • Etcétera. Lo del odio era broma.

¡Haz tu aportación y participa en este proyecto!

Para saber más de mí:
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  • Hola, Guillem. Quisiera saber cuál es el estado del proyecto ahora mismo. No quiero parecer impaciente pero es que pasa el tiempo y empiezo a dudar que haya algún problema con el envío o que no hayas recibido mis datos. Gracias.

    Hola. Acabo de contestar en el blog del proyecto. No tienes de qué preocuparte. Un saludo!

  • Congrats on getting the funding for your book! I got the 195 euros option and was wondering when I would be contacted about what kinda sketch that I wanted. Thanks for your time!

    Made by scotthbohler

    I have already contacted all the backers, and waiting for some replies. Please check the spam folder to make sure you don't have any email from Verkami. If you don't, please send me an email from the same email account you use to log in at Verkami. To The same for anybody else that may have this problem. Thanks!

  • Hey Guillem, I own a comic book store here in the states and i'd LOVE to stock a couple copies of this book alongside "Cover Girls". Is there a way to make this happen? Thanks!

    Made by Rogue Comics

    Hello. I´m also very interested in selling to stores directly. Send me an email - -, or give me yours, so we can discuss how can we make that work for both of us.

  • Buenas, ya se que te esta dando más problemas que otra cosa, pero vas a ampliar la recompensa de "DIBUJO ORIGINAL QUE ADEMÁS ESTARÁ IMPRESO EN EL LIBRO REALIZADO SEGÚN TUS INDICACIONES"? Gracias. Un abrazo.

    Made by sebaselgris

    Hola Sebas, gracias por la pregunta. No. No voy a ampliarla. Si alguien quiere obtener un dibujo original, que opte por la recompensa de 120 euros. En caso de que también se agote, pensaré si ampliar la 120 euros, pero la del dibujo por encargo de 195 euros ya está cerrada definitivamente. ¡No esperéis ninguna ampliación!

    ENGLISH: Hi. The 195 euros reward will not be extended anymore. If you´d like to get an original drawing, please take the 120 euros reward. I might extend the 120 euros reward in the future, but the 195 euros option is definitely finished.

  • How large are you planning on making the sketch book? I have a copy of your Cover Girls book released earlier this year. Will it be similar in size and volume?

    "Muses a Gogo" will contain many more pages, almost double than "Cover Girls", but it will be a smaller book.

  • Hi do you have a time frame for when this will be shipped? I'm thinking of getting it as a birthday present.

    Made by Jim

    I´m still not sure about that, mainly because I don´t know how many drawings I´ll eventually have to do for the special rewards. I hope to finish the book in 2012 and have it printed in january/february 2013.

  • I've opted for the 65 euro option, what sort of sketch is it that will be next to the dedication?

    Made by adamdonald88

    Take a look at my personal blog for more examples of sketches. I´ll try to go for tasteful sketches, don´t want to put anybody´s name next to something disgusting for him/her.

  • approximately how large is custom piece of art, the 195 option?

    Made by mike

    The size I´m doing most of the sketches is 24 x 15.5 cms. That´s about 9.5 x 6 inches. Slightly smaller than a printed comic-book size. I see the 195 euros option has been quite successful, so I´m thinking to make all the sketches for this reward a little larger.

  • Do you have to make 2 different contributions? One for the book and then another one for the shipping? It won't let me do both at the same time. Thanks

    Made by scotthbohler

    Yes, that´s how Verkami works. Prices are fixed, so you just can´t add the shipping cost on them in the first contribution. You must make a second contribution to pay for the shipping. Sorry for the mess.

  • I would like to go for the €195 option.Would I be able to get this shipped to Scotland ?

    Made by Gary Macindoe

    Hi. Yes, shipping to Scotland is 11 euros. You must do the check out process twice, one for the book (195 euros) and one for the shipping (11 euros).

  • Hello,I live in the states and I just ordered the book but I didn't see any options for shipping or it didn't ask me for a shipping address so I'm a little confused to what my next step is?

    Made by supermandw1

    Hi. Shipping to US is 18 euros. If you have already ordered the book, now you must take the 18 euros "reward" and do the same process you´ve already done with the book. At the end you should have given your card number twice, one for the book, one for the shipping. No money is taken from you now. That will happen only if the project gets enough funding. Then you´ll be asked to give your name and shipping address info. Thanks.

  • Hi, to pay for the shipping to Canada, I would pledge 2 for the shipping and one for the book? Is that correct? Just want to make sure before I do it.

    Made by darthmental

    Yes, that is correct. In case you want more than one book you must pledge for each one, but only have to pledge for one shipping. For example, 3 books to Canada: 19 + 19 + 19 + 18.

  • Hello, great project ! I want to support but I have no creditcard. Do you take PayPal ?

    Made by Comicfan

    Hello. Verkami does not take Paypal. You can look for a friend with a credit card willing to order the book for you. That would be the best option. If you can´t, I can take Paypal from you right after the project is funded, but this way your contribution is not raising the funded amount so it´s not helping the project to get funded.

  • Hi, I live in France and I'm not sure to understand how to proceed to receive the book. Do I have to contribuate for 11€ in addition to the real contribution? Thanks

    Made by alx94

    Hi. Yes, you must add those 11 euros to the contribution to get the book in France. That means, for example, 19 + 11 euros. This includes certified shipping for a book over 500 grs. I´m sorry I can do much about the shipping costs. Merci!

If you want to know more, Ask a question.

Muses a Gogo

Muses a Gogo

Raised €10,511
of €8,700
100% funded Conseguido!
I´m a comics artist and I´d like to release a book with the ILLUSTRATIONS and SKETCHES I do in my spare time, plus those I´ll do specially for this project. The subject matter is female figures in suggestive poses, drawn in my own style with a wide range of techniques.
Soy dibujante y me gustaría editar un LIBRO de BOCETOS. La temática son figuras femeninas en poses sugerentes, dibujadas en mi propio estilo. I´m a comics artist and I´d like to release a SKETCHBOOK collecting my drawings of the female figure, some of them in suggestive poses.

Thanks!This crowdfunding campaign ended on September 30, 2012.

  • Pledging €11
    32 PATRONS

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INSIDE EU. This does not include the book. Pick this if you need the book to be shipped to a country in Europe. You can get more than one book with just one shipping fee.

    Aportando 11€
    32 MECENAS

    ENVÍO INTERNACIONAL UE. Esto no incluye el libro, añádelo para que cualquier recompensa se envíe a la UE. Puedes incluir varios libros en un mismo envío.

  • Pledging €18
    20 PATRONS

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE EU. This does not include the book. Pick this if you need the book to be shipped to a country outside Europe. You can get more than one book with just one shipping fee.

    Aportando 18€
    20 MECENAS

    ENVÍO INTERNACIONAL FUERA DE LA UE. Esto no incluye el libro, añádelo para que cualquier recompensa se envíe fuera de la UE. Puedes incluir varios libros en un mismo envío.

  • Pledging €19
    16 PATRONS

    BOOK signed and dedicated. Besides, your name will be printed in the acknowledgments. This only includes shipping to Spain.

    Aportando 19€
    16 MECENAS

    LIBRO firmado y dedicado. Además tu nombre estará impreso en los agradecimientos. Envío para España.

  • Pledging €25
    32 PATRONS

    BOOK signed and dedicated, plus your name in the acknowledgments + SKETCH DRAWN NEXT TO THE DEDICATION. This only includes shipping to Spain.

    Aportando 25€
    32 MECENAS

    LIBRO firmado y dedicado, con tu nombre impreso + SKETCH JUNTO A LA DEDICATORIA. Envío para España.

  • Pledging €65

    BOOK signed and dedicated, plus your name in the acknowledgments, plus sketch next to the dedication + YOUR NAME WILL BE CREATIVELY INSERTED IN ONE OF THE DRAWINGS INCLUDED IN THE THE BOOK. This only includes shipping to Spain.

    Aportando 65€

    LIBRO firmado, dedicado, con tu nombre impreso y un sketch + TU NOMBRE INSERTADO DE FORMA CREATIVA EN UNO DE LOS DIBUJOS IMPRESOS EN EL LIBRO. Envío para España.

  • Pledging €120

    BOOK signed and dedicated, plus your name in the acknowledgments, plus sketch next to the dedication, plus your name creatively inserted in one of the drawings included in the book + YOU´LL RECEIVE THAT PIECE OF ORIGINAL ARTWORK. This only includes shipping to Spain.

    Aportando 120€

    LIBRO firmado, dedicado, con tu nombre impreso, un sketch, tu nombre insertado en un dibujo impreso + EL ORIGINAL DE ESE DIBUJO. Envío para España.

  • Pledging €195

    Extension of the 195 euros reward to 10 more rewards. This includes exactly the same as the 195 euros reward.

    Aportando 195€

    Ampliación a 10 recompensas más. Incluye exactamente lo mismo que la otra recompensa de 195 euros.

  • Pledging €195

    BOOK signed and dedicated, plus your name in the acknowledgments, plus sketch next to the dedication + PIECE OF ORIGINAL ARTWORK MADE ACCORDING TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS THAT WILL ALSO BE INSIDE THE BOOK. This only includes shipping to Spain.

    Aportando 195€

    LIBRO firmado, dedicado, con tu nombre impreso, un sketch + DIBUJO ORIGINAL QUE ADEMÁS ESTARÁ IMPRESO EN EL LIBRO REALIZADO SEGÚN TUS INDICACIONES. Envío para España.

Thanks!This crowdfunding campaign ended on September 30, 2012.


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