2015 — VERKAMI: 5 years of crowdfunding
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Thank you so much to all of you who supported this beautiful dream that will start in just a few weeks! We are very grateful and happy to see that there are so many people who believe in change, who believe a better world is possible, who believe in women and who dear to dream together. :-)

This money will help us increase the reach of the caravan and make it more inclusive and powerful. If you want to keep supporting us materially, you can keep sending us your contributions directly to our bank account:

FR76 4255 9000 6941 0200 3557 333

Thank you, thank you & thank you !


the caravan dream team

Women who are FED UP with racist, sexist, classist, fascist, violent, misogynistic, militaristic and capitalistic colonial patriarchy are making her story!

We want to build solidarity and sustainability of women's struggles and movements across the European continent in order to also make links with women’s struggles globally.

We intend to start from March 8th until October 17th, 2015 - as the World March of Women - to link grassroots feminist movements, struggles and resistances in a Feminist Caravan.

The Caravan will begin in the East of Turkey, Kurdistan, and travel North, West, East and South to end in Portugal.

Our aim is to bring visibility to our various political, economic, cultural and social struggles and resistances as part of the World March of Women's 4th International Action.


From 8 March to 17 October 2015.


During the Action, a high number of feminist events will be organized at the local, national and regional level. In the places where national coordinations of the WMW exist, the activities around the caravan will be organized by them or with their support. We are working in alliances with various women groups, progressist organisations, collectives and networks. The Caravan will make links between these women and these struggles, collecting memories, priorities and strategies, spreading info about Women's resistances. The events will be diverse and multiple, as are our alternatives, and as are women in Europe.

The caravan will consist in several vans/cars, but we plan to complete some streches on bicycles or walking, depending on the number of women participating at each stage, on the local organization and on our energies. We hope to meet a lot of women on the road, a lot of resisting people who will host us for an evening and/or join us for a few stop-overs. Together we will share our realities, our utopias and our strategies of resistance. Our scope and the number of women who will take part in this great experience depend on our resources, and this is what makes your support so crucial!


Our 8 months trip will begin in Kurdistan, Turkey, with a big Opening Event organised by the Kurdish women movement and the Turkish Coordination of the WMW for 8th of March.

Then we'll take the road through Greece (Thessaloniki) end of March, to the Balkans (april), to Italy and Switzerland (May).

Then we'll cross north of France (June), Belgium and Germany (July) and stop in Poland for an International Feminist Camp (August).

We'll return South through Hungary and Austria to Roma, Italy (August), then cross south of France, and go to Catalunya, Bask Country and Galicia (September), to arrive in Portugal for another big Closing Event on the 17th of October.


BECAUSE there are too many oppressions dividing women and women's struggles world-wide and we must connect our struggles, demands, realities and strategies across the local, regional and global spheres!

BECAUSE there are not enough resources available to us as women to learn our HERstories of oppression and resistance, and we must document our own lives in order to resist together!

BECAUSE we must make visible alternative ways of life and resistances against capitalism and patriarchal reality created by women, saying high and loud that Another World is possible.

BECAUSE poverty, xenophobia, racism, increased loss and dispossession of our rights, austerity, and the rise of fascism make women's lives unlivable, and we must connect these intersecting oppressions in order to link and strengthen our resistances and liberation struggles .

BECAUSE our diversity is our strength. We must continue to work in solidarity, communicating our feminist alternatives to the world and to the sisters of our movement, building our networks and strengthening our alliances and our feminist political practices.

                            **No one is free until all women are free!**

In resistance to patriarchal violence, often perceived as natural and legitimate, and further aggravated by inequalities of class, race and nationality we intend to build a feminist solidarity-based economy, one that alters existing patterns of production and reproduction, distribution and consumption, in addition to recognizing and appreciating domestic and care work as crucial to the sustainability of human life.

We connect women's struggles with the struggle for food sovereignty. We declare that women's self-organization is our strategy for strengthening women as political actors and building a global force in alliance with social movements that share our anti-capitalist and anti-patriarcal fight for a society based on the values of freedom, equality, justice, peace and solidarity.

What do we need the money for?

We need your help to have a powerful caravan, to be able to reach many women in many countries and to develop different kinds of collective resistance. With the money raised, we will be able to cover the costs of transportation and living for the women who will travel and live in the Caravan (mostly food & gas).

All money raised will permit us to kickstart the Caravan in order to have more women join the Caravan at different moments on the road, and to have the possibility of a bigger international feminist women’s space inside the living Caravan.

Our budget is 40,000 Euros, which is why we are looking to exceed the amount we are asking for here and find more ways to raise funds. The 12,000 we are asking for initially will help kickstart the Caravan and it is the crucial first step you can be a part of by helping us reach our goal!

When are we going to send you the rewards?

The majority of the rewards will be sent during the caravan, as we pass through different countries and as we make them. The calendar for 2016 will be sent after the end of the caravan, but before the end of the year.
We are cool about rewards and may have other things to propose that we'll find on our way : )

Who is the World March of Women?

The World March of Women has been active in the women's struggle since 1998, marching to eradicate the root causes of violence and poverty in women's lives.

The strategies we use are based on discussions and international alliances, reaffirming ourselves through resistance, confrontation and the construction of alternatives to the patriarchal, capitalist, racist, lesbophobic and colonial model.

The Caravan will use our realities as women across all age, race and class difference to connect and link women resisting against misogyny, austerity, fascism, patriarchy and all forms of violence against women, including poverty, in Europe.

We intend to build women's alternatives in the face of an increased imposition of militarist and masculinist reality, so that we may all live more dignified and peaceful lives. We affirm “Another World is Possible!”.

A few links if you want to know more about us:

World March of Women
Marche Mondiale des Femmes
Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres
Young Feminists Summer Camp/ Campamento de verano de jóvenes feministas/ Campement d'été de Jeunes Féministes

Help us spread the word and encourage others to donate!

We intend to make some of our resistances visible, and to inspire and be inspired by women’s strength and resistance confronted with a conservative, racist and sexist backlash. We'll collect memories and produce documentation and knowledge from our experiences, making them available via social networks, blogs, radio shows, theatre, pictures, films, etc.

Share your ideas!

We want to avoid as much as possible a capitalistic world and to find alternative ways of living, through networks of solidarity, material support (food, place to camp, old fourgons, etc.). If you have any ideas, contact us!

We will keep you updated about the life in the caravan and the events organized on the road through our website - which will be ready in February -, social networks and a monthly newsletter that will be sent to you and to anyone interested. The documentation produced during our journey will be published and shared on the web, so that anyone can acces it and benefit from it!

Check Femvan !


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  • nous sommes ok pour parrainer par envoi d un cheque 50E et pouvons aider pour hebergements sur le grand sud de la france lorsque vous aurez les étapes définies;nous créons du materiel bijoux etc pour 2015 .pouvons vous aider pour cadeaux


    Merci beaucoup, les copines! :)

  • Hola! Soy una compositora y pianista española; hago música para medios audiovisuales. Me gustaría colaborar como compositora/músico en los eventos que se realicen, ¿sería posible? Gracias!!

    Made by Carla

    Hola Carla,

    Gracias por tu propuesta, qué bueno que quieras colaborar con la caravana! :) De hecho, la música va a estar presente en cada paso de la caravana, formará parte de nuestras actividades y procuraremos hacer circular por donde vayamos músicas de mujeres de diversos lugares. ¡Incluso nos gustaría poder montar una coral! ¿Dónde vives y dónde te gustaría participar? Te propongo que nos escribas a femvan@marchemondiale.org para ver qué posibilidades hay.

  • ¿Pasáis por Madrid? Habla del norte de España, pero no menciona Madrid.

    Made by Susana

    Hola Susana,

    En principio el trayecto de la caravana no incluye Madrid. Llegaremos a la península apenas a finales de septiembre (a Cataluña) y nos quedará por recorrer País Vasco, Galicia, Oporto, Lisboa, Viseu y Coímbra, hasta el 17 de octubre. Hay poco tiempo en ese tramo final, muchas paradas y multitud de eventos... Pero si hay un grupo interesado en participar a la caravana, podéis subir a una de estas ciudades del norte en esas fechas o contemplar una caravana paralela en Madrid. En Andalucía también hay algún colectivo interesado (Granada, Sevilla, Málaga...) y tampoco nos dará tiempo a pasar por allí, pero quizás podáis organizar algo juntas? Si tenéis alguna propuesta o preguntas, escribidnos a femvan@marchemondiale.org. Gracias! abrazos

  • Hi even if the crowdfunding closed on Feb 7th is it still possible to send a donation?

    Made by Sandra

    Hi Sandra!

    Yes, sure, you can send your contribution directly to our bank account:

    MONCREDITCOOPERATIF.COOP FR76 4255 9000 6941 0200 3557 333

    Thanks a lot for your support!

  • Hola, soy un hombre de 28 años, feminista y me ha llamado la atención que en ninguna parte del texto se hace referencia a si los hombres pueden participar en la marcha. ¿Podria unirme a vuestro paso por España?

    Made by Joaquin

    Hola Joaquin, en todos los locales donde la caravana haga paradas habrá eventos locales. Más adelante tendremos definidas las paradas para varias regiones del Estado Español. La Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres es un movimiento de mujeres feministas, puedes encontrar más información aqui: http://www.marchemondiale.org/qui_nous_sommes/es/

  • Pour virer de l'argent pour la marche des femmes. il me faut l'adresse de la banque .Merci

    Made by Ursula Petzold

    Salut, ici tu peux trouver le RIB du compte en banque de la caravane :



  • J'aimerais l'ADRESSE et Iban dela banque Marche des Femmes Merci

    Made by Ursula Petzold

    Salut, ici tu peux trouver le RIB du compte en banque de la caravane :



  • Hola! Como Iris, quisiera hacer la donación a través mi banco. Para hacer el pago necesito mas información : Nombre del banco, lugar NPA, etc. Gracias!

    Made by carolina

    Hola! Gracias! Puede hacer una donacion en nuestra cuenta bancaria: COORDINATION JEUNES MMF, IBAN: FR76 4255 9000 6941 0200 3557 333, SWIFT: CCOPFRPPXXX

  • Is there a possibility to transfer money without using a creditcard??? Do you have got a bank account? Thank you

    Made by Iris

    Hey Iris, YES ! You may also donate directly via our bank account: COORDINATION JEUNES MMF IBAN: FR76 4255 9000 6941 0200 3557 333 SWIFT: CCOPFRPPXXX Thanks for your support !!

  • me gustaría tener mas información

    Made by maria

    Pronto, un sitio web ! por cuestiones : femvan@marchemondiale.org

  • Bonjour, Je suis artiste femme. J'ai eu une proposition d'inaugurer une saison féminine le 26 septembre prochain à Roques sur Garonne (jouxte Toulouse) et j'imaginais un banquet "Féministe"... Vous croyez que je peux vous y convier? Bien à vous

    Made by Antoine Yaelle

    Bonjour, Merci pour l'invitation ! Il n'est pas sur que nous puissions l'honorer car le 16 septembre nous aurons déjà passé la frontière avec l'état espagnol ! Mais nous vous invitons à contacter le collectif local de la Marche Mondiale des Femmes à Toulouse. Plus d'infos : femvan@marchemondiale.org

  • Can women join in on the caravanne?

    Made by majikle

    Hi Majikle!

    Sure they can! We will send more information soon about different ways of joining the caravan. ;)


  • me gustaría recorrer un trocito de viaje con utedes!!!

    Made by maria

    Hola, María! Genial, pronto publicaremos información sobre cómo unirse a la caravana. ;)

    un abrazo

  • Bonjour, Si l'on souhaite participer à la caravane ou se joindre à l'une des étapes, comment peut-on vous contacter? Merci de votre réponse! Bon courage dans ce beau projet!

    Made by Laura

    Salut, Laura!

    Tu peux nous écrire à femvan@marchemondiale.org! À partir de février on aura aussi un site web avec toutes les informations de l'action et bientôt on vous enverra notre première newsletter. ;)

    En solidarité féministe, La Marche Mondiale des Femmes

If you want to know more, Ask a question.

Feminist Caravan 2015


Feministische Karawane 2015

Caravana Feminista 2015

Caravana Feminista 2015

Caravane Féministe 2015

Raised €12,630
of €12,000
100% funded Conseguido!
2015 is the 4th international action of the World March of Women ! In Europe, the Feminist Caravane will travel the continent to make links between women's struggles, strategies and resistances, and to spread our diverse realities, alternatives and utopias. We affirm that a better world is possible!
Nel 2015 si terrà la 4ª azione internazionale del movimento World March of Women! In Europa, la Carovana Femminista viaggerà per il continente per unire le lotte, le strategie e la resistenza delle donne e promuovere diverse realtà, alternative e utopie. Un mondo migliore è possibile!
2015 findet die 4. Internationale Aktion des Weltfrauenmarsches statt. In Europa wird eine Feministische Karawane durch viele Länder ziehen, um Verbindungen zu schaffen zwischen Frauen mit ihren unterschiedlichen Realitäten, Widerstandsformen und Utopien. Eine andere Welt ist möglich!
Na Europa, a Caravana Feminista vai viajar pelo continente para construir redes entre as lutas, estratégias e resistências de mulheres e para difundir e partilhar as nossas realidades diversas, as nossas alternativas e utopias. Nós afirmamos um mundo melhor é possível!
2015 es el año de la IV Acción Internacional de la Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres. La Caravana Feminista viajará por toda Europa para unir las luchas, estrategias y resistencias de las mujeres y difundir nuestras diversas realidades, alternativas y utopías. Afirmamos que ¡un mundo mejor es posible!
En 2015, c'est la 4ème Action Internationale de la Marche Mondiale des Femmes ! En Europe, une Caravane Féministe voyagera pour faire des liens entre les luttes et les résistances des femmes, et pour diffuser nos réalités diverses, nos alternatives et nos utopies. Un meilleur monde est possible !
Created in: Paris

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on February 7, 2015.

  • Pledging €5
    24 PATRONS

    Thank you video recorded by women participating in the caravan.

  • Pledging €10
    76 PATRONS

    Thank you video
    + Your name in our first newsletter

  • Pledging €25
    78 PATRONS

    A postcard (a picture taken during the caravan)
    + A small bag of traditional seeds from local producers, representing our struggle for food sovereignty .

  • Pledging €50
    54 PATRONS

    Un pochoir féministe fait pendant la Caravane OU un tee-shirt sérigraphié
    + un petit sac de semences de producteurs locaux

  • Pledging €100
    36 PATRONS

    A customized t-shirt AND a feminist stencil
    + A small bag of traditional seeds from local producers

  • Pledging €250

    Handmade jewelry from the caravan
    + A small bag of traditional seeds from local producers

  • Pledging €500

    A flag of the World March of Women OR a customized t-shirt OR a feminist stencil
    + A handmade jewelry from the caravan

  • Pledging €1,000

    All the other rewards
    + A calendar for 2016 with pictures taken during the caravan

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on February 7, 2015.


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