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Yes, we fuck! is a documentary that seeks not only to address sexuality in people with functional diversity, but also a project where people participate to communicate their ideas and, above all, question themselves. Social networks are fundamental. The elaboration process is also being useful to establish connections with different groups and collectives that are working on political problematics related to body and sexuality (functional diversity, feminisms, transfeminisms, LGBT, queer, intersex, fat activism, etc.)


This documentary shows 6 stories about sex and functional diversity. They are real stories where sex becomes a pleasure weapon for the individual and collective people rights.

-1st story: Post-op
The Post Op collective, interdisciplinary group related to gender investigation and post-pornography carries out a workshop on post-porn and functional diversity.

-2nd story; Miriam and Pama
Miriam, a person a wheelchair, opens the doors of her house to show us her love story with her partner Pama, born in India.

-3rd story; Oriol y Linda
Oriol , diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is always trying to explore new things and enjoy life fully. On this occasion, he contacts online with Linda, who offers BDSM services. They both live their first experience: Oriol with BDSM and Linda with a person with functional diversity.

-4th story; Mertxe
Mertxe is a blind person who has been all her life interested in sexuality and in feminist movements. She finds out about a workshop in Madrid on “cunts ejaculation”, and she obviously takes part in it. She meets there Kani, a boy who was diagnosed feminine sex when he was born.

-5th story: intellectual diversity
A group of boys and girls with intellectual diversity talk about their preferences and worries around sexual practices. At the same time, their parents explain how they have influenced on their children’s sexual life.

-6th story; ?
We have not filmed our sixth story yet, it is offered to people who would like to explain their own stories. Yes, we fuck! is a project that contributes people to empower themselves through their body and their sexuality. This last story would be the first one coming after the documentary; people with a hand-held camera empowering themselves: showing their own reality.

Yes, we fuck! origins

It all started in the summer of 2012 from a conversation between Antonio Centeno and Raúl de la Morena, documentary maker and author of the film “Editar una vida” (2005). This documentary compares life in an institution with an independent life. Crushing. It is equally devastating a few years later. It could be released again and still prevail, although there was an important progress in the 2006 law on personal autonomy and disabled people’s rights.).

It made us conclude that a big part of the problematic is related with things which are not presented in a written form, but in a collective imaginary that still remains anchored to the past. An imaginary that still sees the confinement in institutions as a possible solution. An imaginary that makes people with functional diversity more childish, as it still sustains that biology makes them “naturally dependent”. In an scenario such as this, dignity can only be reached by dying (Ramón Sampedro), regaining health (Christopher Reeve) or being a hero (Stephen Hawking).

For all these reasons, it is clear to us the need to break the pairing childish-dependent, terms that turn into a vicious cycle and make impossible any ideological or legal improvements. In this sense came out the idea of filming a documentary on sexuality and functional diversity: “Yes, we fuck!”

Obama’s Campaign “Yes, we (can) fuck!”

“Yes, we fuck!” The title parodies the famous Obama’s campaign that brought him to the White House. It is a declaration of interests: it is not about describing a piece of reality, it is more about blowing up the collective imaginary that visualizes people with functional diversity as non-sexual beings. Our strategy is to show real stories with explicit images that reveal people with functional diversity as sexual beings, as bodies which desire and are desired. We want these images to break our notion of being normal and challenge our ideas on desire, pleasure and beauty. It is all filmed in ordinary moments of our lives to help us understand the way of living, personal freedom and sexuality. Following intuition: you fuck how you live, and you live how you fuck.

Yes, we fuck! more than a documentary

Beyond the final result, the process of elaboration and production is being very rewarding in relation to social activism. The word “we” in the title has been meeting and discovering different groups that have in common our political work on and from our bodies (feminisms, transfeminisms, queer, functional diversity, fat activism) The word “fuck” has become more complex, as the idea was not to fit the norm, but to demolish it and make a valuable contribution to the required transformation of how we represent and experience human sexuality.

Be part of the documentary Yes, we fuck!

Be part of the documentary Yes, we fuck! Send a short video (webcam) telling us what sex is for you.
Duration max. 10 sec.
Contact: yeswefck@gmail.com
We'll get in touch with you to use it in the documentary Yes, we fuck!

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Yes, we fuck! in the media

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Project Steps Yes, we Fuck!

Step 1. Spread the word about our project in social networks
Step 2. Film the documentary Yes, we fuck!
Step 3. Broadcasting and media campaign.
Step 4. Consolidate ourselves as a platform to promote the creation of visual contents and discussions on sexuality, body and people with functional diversity.

We are right now in Step 2, and we expect to reach Step 3 in the first quarter 2015.

What are your contributions for?

Your contributions will help with the production and postproduction of the documentary, and to succeed in the two final steps of our project with a big media campaign in audiovisual festivals and other places of interest.
In the final stage of our project, Yes we fuck! wants to consolidate as a platform to promote the creation of visual contents and discussions on sexuality, body and people with functional diversity.

Expected Schedule

We have planned to finish the documentary in the first quarter 2015, and then continue with our project in Facebook and in our website.

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  • He llegado tarde al Crowdfunding, pero me gustaría compraros una camiseta. Cómo puedo hacerlo? Gracias

    Made by Eduardo

    Envíanos e-mail a yeswefck@gmail.com y lo comentamos.

  • Una duda, ¿el documental (DVD) incorporará subtítulos? Soy una persona sorda, por lo que según se incorporen o no, realizaré una aportación. Gracias!

    Made by Mónica

    Hola Mónica, sí el documental incorporará subtítulos en castellano, inglés, subtítulos para sordxs y audiodescripción en castellano.

  • Me gustaría saber la fecha del estreno en Madrid, si ya está fijada... No lo he visto por ningún lado. Gracias, y felicidades por el gran trabajo que estáis realizando.

    Made by Alicia

    Hola, todavía no hay fecha fijada, per nuestro propósito es que sea para Marzo, aunque no te puedo asegurar nada de momento.

  • Me gusta el documental y por los videos solo veo a personas que si tienen pareja y sexo pero no se habla de las que tenemos diversidad funcional y la pareja no nos acepta, queremos sexo con ell@s pero por fata de movilidad llegan a despreciarnos.

    Made by Ana

    En todo el documental se habla de eso mismo, pero a través de historias donde sí existe o está presenta en algún momento el sexo.

  • Me parece un proyecto muy interesante y pienso apoyaros. En lo que he leído hasta el momento no he visto (o al menos no lo he encontrado) que se hable de relaciones homosexuales. ¿Está previsto introducir alguna historia que lo refleje?

    Made by César

    En el documental no habrá ninguna historia de relaciones homosexuales como tal, si que en todo el argumentario del documental queda reflejado el aspectro amplio de la sexualidad humana. Esto no ha sido debido a que no hayamos buscado, sino a la dificultad de encontrar las historias que quieran salir en un documental, es por ello que queremos continuar con el proyecto más allá del documental y abarcar todos las historias personales posibles que en el documental no hemos sido capaces de conseguir.

  • Estoy interesado en hacer la aportación de 40€, pero me gustaría saber si van a subtitular el DVD acordándose de los que padecemos sordera ;) Un saludo y suerte con el proyecto

    Made by Rafa

    Hola Rafa, pues queremos hacer el documental lo más accesible dentro de nuestras posibilidades, y por eso vamos hacer subtítulos para sordos, audiodescripción y subtítulos en castellano y en inglés. Así que nos acordamos de lxs que tenéis sordera.;) Muchas gracias por tu interés.

  • Como puedo conseguir una camiseta

    Made by Yoni

    Una de las aportaciones es de 20€ que incluye,

    Camiseta Yes, we fuck (amarilla o azul) + Descarga Logotipo Yes, we fuck! para Póster + Agradecimientos títulos de crédito + Gastos de envío

  • Existe en México algun proyecto del mismo estilo? serias tan amable de contactarme con alguno? Gracias

    Made by Juan Carlos

    Que nosotros sepamos no, pero puedes contactar con la revista http://hysteria.mx/,son de allá de México, y te podrán decir más. Si nos enteramos te lo hacemos llegar. Gracias por seguirnos.

  • Acabo de poner Su Widget en mi blog http://discapacidadaccion.blogspot.com/ esta bien?

    Made by Carlos Blanch

    ¡¡¡Muchísimas gracias!!!!, ¡está perfecto!


    Made by WILLIAM DIAZ

    Hola William,

    si por "correcto" entiendes "oficial" tienes razón, "diversidad funcional" no está tan extendido en textos legales como "discapacidad". Palabras com "subnormal" o "minusválido" también fueron oficiales, así que la oficialidad no nos parece un valor en sí misma.

    Es un término que no pretende ser correcto, como el documental en general, pretende ser político. Traslada el eje de pensamiento de la tragedia personal de las capacidades del individuo aislado a una cuestión política sobre cómo la comunidad asume la diversidad humana.

    No tenemos interés alguno en "posicionar el término", ni en convencerte ni a ti ni a nadie de usarlo. Sigue llamándote discapacitado, si así te ves. Yo haré lo mismo, referirme a mi realidad como la veo, como persona con diversidad funcional.

  • Me interesó muchísimo el artículo y el proyecto,tengo una hija con parálisis cerebral que tiene novio, de 24 y 25 años,y me gustaría los conocieran para su creación.

    Made by sandra martins

    Hola Sandra, envíanos un e-mail a yeswefck@gmail.com y nos explicas un poquito más. Muchas gracias por seguirnos!!!!

  • Hola, soy una feminista mexicana que va en la carrera de Estudios Latiniamericanos de la UNAM, estoy interesada en participar de manera activa en el proyecto. ¿De qué forma -más allá de lo estipulado en la página- puedo acercarme?

    Made by Lucía

    hola Lucía ahora mismo puedes colaborar de estas 3 formas:

    Aportando dinero http://www.verkami.com/projects/10562-yes-we-fuck

    • Haciendo difusión en redes sociales, webs, blogs, foros, correo electrónico...http://www.verkami.com/projects/10562-yes-we-fuck

    • Grabando un vídeo de menos de 10 seg. explicando que es el sexo para tí, el cual formará parte del documental. Enviar a yeswefck@gmail.com

    A parte de estas 3 opciones el proyecto continuará una vez acabado el documental y queremos seguir debatiendo y generando imágenes. Tener un contacto estable en México puede ser importante para expandirnos....Mándanos un e-mail y estamos en contacto, ahora mismo estamos centrados en poder acabar el documental y la campaña de crowdfunding. Muchas gracias por tu interés y estamos en contacto!!!!!

If you want to know more, Ask a question.

Yes, we fuck!

Yes, we fuck!

Raised €12,950
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Yes, we fuck" is a project-documentary that seeks to address sexuality in people with functional diversity, called disabled.
Yes, we fuck! es un proyecto-documental que quiere abordar la sexualidad en personas con diversidad funcional, lxs llamadxs discapacitadxs.
Created in: Barcelona

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on January 28, 2015.

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    Your own story
    we film your story in one day for our webpage www.yeswefuck.org.

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Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on January 28, 2015.


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Yes, we fuck" is a project-documentary that seeks to address sexuality in people with functional diversity, called disabled. Read more
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