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    €7,923 raised  
    €7,923 of €10,768 raised
    Only 20 days left
    Desde los Movimientos de Liberación Gráfica de Madrid y Barcelona lanzamos un libraco que cuenta cómo, entre todas, ganamos las elecciones. Un útil para pensar y actuar hoy en día. Un compendio de relatos, análisis e historias con muchas de las maravillas que desbordaron la campaña de mayo 2015.
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    €7,620 raised  
    €7,620 of €8,000 raised
    Only 4 days left
    Gravació i edició d'un CD amb la música i les cançons dels Pastorets de Mataró
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    €6,340 raised  
    €6,340 of €7,000 raised
    Only 11 days left
    Oldman is a story about perseverance and triathlon; a tale between parents and sons. Manuel Cruces, aged 72, founded one of the firsts clubs and in 2016, he is still competing. Neither the age nor the injuries have slowed his eagerness to succeed. With: Gómez Noya, Raña, Saleta Castro and David C.
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    €5,895 raised  
    €5,895 of €20,000 raised
    Only 27 days left
    Andrea Jaurrieta's debut as film director. Ana is a formal girl who discovers that a doppelganger has filled her place in this world, so she decides to run away a looking for her own limits and freedom, tanking advantage her new status of anonymity. Starring Íngrid García Jonsson and Alex Brendemühl
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    €5,745 raised  
    €5,745 of €15,000 raised
    Only 28 days left
    Help us finish this documentary about the U. C. Ceares and the true values of football.
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    €5,600 raised  
    €5,600 of €22,500 raised
    Only 28 days left
    To direct the therapy to the affected area of patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis intestine could result in an improvement in the management of these incurable diseases, thus reducing therapy dosage, side effects and drug distribution to the rest of the body.
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    €5,343 raised  
    €5,343 of €5,000 raised
    Only 33 days left
    Después de llenar mi espalda de kilómetros para enseñar mis canciones en cada ciudad de la península, siento la necesidad de grabar mi primer disco que estará formado por canciones que me han acompañado durante esta gira y otras nuevas que guardo en mi cabeza y que pronto serán de ustedes. Salud.
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    €5,330 raised  
    €5,330 of €3,700 raised
    Only 4 days left
    Construcció d'un capgròs de la figura d'en Fabià Pont Pedrós, "homenot" de la Segarra que va ser tot un militant cultural, polític i gastronòmic.
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    €5,035 raised  
    €5,035 of €4,500 raised
    Only 6 hours left
    After surviving breast cancer, Ainhoa makes the decision to reconstruct her body with a tattoo. It is a process through which she seeks to empower herself in her new trans body. Arreta focus on the body and the changes that it goes through, of which illness and death are a part of life.

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