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  • Thb
    €6,865 raised  
    €6,865 of €6,000 raised
    Only 2 days left
    Madre Fuego is 13 songs and an arrow launched into infinity that represents music, voice, words and the dance of order and chaos in the Mystery. We invite you to participate in this project by listening, so these songs can flourish in the heart of the family. Thank you very much!
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    €5,200 raised  
    €5,200 of €5,000 raised
    Only 6 hours left
    Els Xiquets de Reus volem ampliar gamma de castells. Per aconseguir-ho ens cal introduir la xarxa als nostres assajos. Amb la teva aportació ens ajudaràs a fer front al cost de disseny i instal·lació d'una xarxa pensada per l'assaig casteller. Ajuda'ns a créixer, fés xarxa, enxarxa´t amb XdR!
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    €4,965 raised  
    €4,965 of €5,300 raised
    Only 7 days left
    What good is living in a perfect house if we don’t have a home? In CASA we live beside two lonesome people from completely different worlds, who inhabit the walls of a fancy and luxurious house. We'll understand that the most important thing isn’t having everything, but being able to share it.
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    €4,880 raised  
    €4,880 of €3,000 raised
    Only 11 days left
    A Metromuster ens fem cooperativa! T'hi apuntes?
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    €4,410 raised  
    €4,410 of €4,000 raised
    Only 46 hours left
    NÀDIA és una pel·lícula creada per Itsaso Arizkuren, Aina Gasull, Elisenda Gorgues, Sandra Illa, Pau Matas i Anna Serrano. El projecte surgeix com a treball final de carrera del grau de Comunicació Audiovisual de la UPF, i està supervisat per cineastes com Isaki Lacuesta, Mar Coll o Javier Rebollo.
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    €4,000 raised  
    €4,000 of €3,500 raised
    Only 3 days left
    “SOS 3” vol mostrar la realitat dels sense sostre, de les famílies desnonades i dels que construeixen entorns quotidians a una mesura més humana.
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    €3,942 raised  
    €3,942 of €3,400 raised
    Only 25 days left
    Aligats is a photographic project that aims to capture the emotions, experiences and feelings of the participants in the "Salt de l'Aliga" of La Patum of Berga (Barcelona, Catalonia), traditional celebration declared masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2005.
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    €3,825 raised  
    €3,825 of €7,000 raised
    Only 14 days left
    Ajuda'ns a distribuir la pel·lícula: Vine a la preestrena. Aconsegueix descomptes a la Sala La Planeta i Sala La Cate. Dóna suport al cinema fet en català.
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    €3,775 raised  
    €3,775 of €3,500 raised
    Only 3 days left
    To mark the centenary of the death of the famous composer Enrique Granados (1916-2016), we are recording our FIRST CD next June, of most of his chamber music works.

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