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    "Tengo una debilidad" es una comedia romántica con boleros. Cuenta la historia de Ana y Lucas, dos actores que se enfrentan al último ensayo antes del estreno de una obra de teatro y de Claudia y Rober, los personajes que interpretan en esa obra.
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    After six years of its creation as a music group The Amsterdammers starts to work on its first recording. These last years have been full of creativity and live concerts, but now the time to launch our first presentation EP has arrived.
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    ¡Mi primer disco! Por fin me voy a lanzar a grabar mi primer disco. Después de 20 años trabajando en la música y haber compartido el flamenco con tantos estilos, voy a crear un disco que tendrá pinceladas de flamenco, latin, jazz y afro.
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    INDIAN WAY is a “road movie”, a film with Indian actors, spoken in Tamil, Hindi, English and Spanish. The story: two Indian men crossing by feet Tamil Nadu from East to West. The premise: the birth of a friendship between them, helping each other to survive.
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    I HAVE FINISHED MY ALBUM! Order your copy now to help me put it out. I am really proud of the results, especially the collaborations by so many great artists who I adore and admire. With your help I´ll be able to pay for the mixing, mastering, copies and graphic design. Thanks for sharing :)
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    Only 39 days left
    “Els Mars del Sud” és el nostre segon disc. Hem volgut tornar als inicis d’Oasi al Mar fent un viatge més extens: a més de Catalunya, Portugal, Brasil i Galícia, ara, viatgem també a Mallorca, Andalusia, Itàlia, Cuba, Argentina, Uruguai, Perú i Cap Verd. Esteu a punt per aquest viatge tan intens?

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