2015 — VERKAMI: 5 years of crowdfunding

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    €2,068 raised  
    €2,068 of €3,800 raised
    Only 27 days left
    CLEMENTINA is a new Catalan-Mexican band that started when its two members, Carlos Montfort and Gina Margarit, met by chance in Barcelona’s subway. A year later, we’ve taken the plunge to produce our first album! Our goal is to raise 3800€ in order to cover PART of the project costs!
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    €3,595 raised  
    €3,595 of €8,000 raised
    Only 21 days left
    Eugenio Canevari’s 2nd film revolves around Valeria and her mother, who suffers from ALS. Facing a lack of resources and the advance of the disease, Valeria, alone, must care for her mother. Her exhaustion leads her to take refuge in partying, in the night, though she risks losing control...
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    €1,735 raised  
    €1,735 of €3,200 raised
    Only 12 days left
    Shake!, The band of Soul'n'Roll based in Barcelona and formed three years ago, has decided to record their first album. It is estimated that this work, entitled "Soul'n'Roll" will come out in early November.
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    €1,468 raised  
    €1,468 of €1,000 raised
    Only 12 days left
    L'associació Costumari de Catalunya Nord organitza a Prats de Molló una exposició intitulada : "Una mirada sobre l'ós", presentant el fotoreportatge, realitzat al Febrer 1952, per Jean Ribière. Aquest treball serà acompanyat per l'edició d'un catàleg amb la totalitat de les imatges exposades.
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    €290 raised  
    €290 of €3,000 raised
    Only 16 days left
    Verkami destinat a posar el nostre granet de sorra a concloure com es mereix la faraònica obra musical de Toni Ribas "Tetralogia".
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    €1,915 raised  
    €1,915 of €4,000 raised
    Only 33 days left
    Antologia poètica de David Mira és un llibre únic. 38 anys i més de 50 poemaris condensats en una obra amb motiu del 60 aniversari del poeta, escriptor i periodista tan amatent a la llengua, a les persones i a la terra. Les amigues i amics hem volgut fer-li aquest homenatge, més que merescut.

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5 years of crowdfunding

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100% recaudado Conseguido!
€15,750 of €15,000 raised
Subbuteopia is a unique documentary about Subbuteo, the legendary table-soccer game that left a trace in many generations. Leer más...
Idea by POPCult
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