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Fillin Lamp

Become a light alchemist! Fillin lamp has been made with sustainable materials and using methods of traditional and local craftsmanship. Its glass lampshade can be filled with different materials to create your own, personalised light. Create your own lamp!

Many Grains of Sand — Molts granets de sorra

In a world of 7 billion people, with desperate problems and distant leaders, what's the best way to make our voices heard? Studies show non-violent action is the most effective way to make a change. "Many Grains of Sand" is a sourcebook of ideas, tried and tested by Catalan independentists.

New CD Ximo Vicedo. LO SOÑADO

LO SOÑADO is the first solo CD Ximo Vicedo. This work is dedicated to the repertoire of trombone accompanied by different formations. Note that all works are written and dedicated to Ximo Vicedo by Spanish composers. Don't miss it !!

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