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    EMIGRA2 is a documentary film about the emigration issue of spanisch people in Europe, directed by the filmmaker Álvaro Delso, also emigrated from Spain.
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    Cobertura y documental de la Semana Santa en Alicante. Historia, arte, tradición y fraternidad ciudadana contada por tres periodistas "de la terreta". Reconocida como Interés Turístico Autonómico, la cobertura mediática ha quedado mermada por la desaparición de varios medios de comunicación.
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    Ricardo Garcia Vilanova, freelance photojournalist, has spent 194 days in Syria kidnapped and has received no income since then. All profits from the publication of his work LIBYA CLOSE UP will go to ensure his economic security until recovery.
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    We are in Cairo after the first uprising of the Arab Spring. Here, the portrait of a group of people going through a period of political and social confusion will reflect the feelings of human beings struggling in a society oppressed by misery, ignorance and corruption.
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    La Rella, des de l'any 2000, impulsa un projecte comunicatiu al Lluçanès: una revista quinzenal gratuïta i l'edició comarcal de Vilaweb, Front a la crisi, noves apostes: 1/ Consolidar l'associació 2/ Reduir despeses i renovar l'equip 3/ Capitalitzar l'entitat per garantir el futur.
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    100% recaudado Conseguido!
    €4,160 of €2,500 raised
    Amb la campanya "El món ens mira", Sobirania i Progrés recapta fons per editar en DVD el documental "Spain's Secret Conflict" i per enviar-lo a les 50 principals biblioteques del món i a 100 personalitats mundials.

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